1) 一、补全单词,填序号 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、hom )
  2、t__ __m )
  3、fi i h )4, d ar )
  5、th s A、d A、ue A、n A、a A、a o u B、a B、ai B、i e B、c B、o e C、e C、ea C、n s C、e C、e e
二,读下列单词,将划线部分读音相同的单词填入表格上下对应的空格中。 teacher apple rabbit letter
a cat
e hen
i river
e,ea Chinese
  1、( ) Yesterday, I to Sam and Amy’s school. B. go you come back? B. did C. dose C. going
A. went
  2、( )When
A. do
  3、( )
,I had an ice cream. B. Today C. Now
A. Yesterday 4,(
)Did you buy ice creams? B,No,I did. C,Yes,I did.
A.Yes,I do.
四、选择答语,填序号。 ( ( ( ( )
  1、When did you come back? )
  2、Where did she go? )
  3、Did they go home by bike? )
  4、Did they buy ice creams? A、Yes,they did. B、She went to London C、I came back last Monday. D、No,they didn't.They walked back home.
五,根据首字母及句子意思将单词或短语补充完整, 注意形式。
  1,There is our bus!H ,Jim.Run!..Wait for us! 2,I f my homework yesterday. did you come back? 3,W 4,Oh,no!I d my ice cream!
六,用括号内的提示回答下列问题。 1,When did you come back?( last Sunday) 2,Do you live in this city?(I live in London)
  3,Did you go home by bike yesterday?(walk)
  4,Where did you go ?(London)
七,选择适当的词将下面的书信补充完整。 Love ran went food friend with Dear bottles dropped home half a kilo
Daming, Yesterday,I to supermarket many .We had two ice creams, juice.Then we went home by bus.I cream. , Amy
,Lingling.We bought cheese,and three of my ice
to the bus.But I

二,将下列单词按划线部分读音填入表格。 nurse teacher ir,ur glasses duck bird ar,a arm mother u,o balloon a,er
三, 选择。
  1、( ) cheese do you want? A. How many
  2、( B.How much C. How
) Do you like cheese? A. Yes,I don't. B. No,I do. 一 C. It is. C. Yes,I do.

) 一 Five yuan,please. A. Give you.
B. Here you are.

)一 How much milk do you want?一 A.A kilo. B.Five bottles,please. apples do you want? B. How many C. How much C,Six ,please.

) A. How
Lingling's cheese apple banana half a kilo five six
Shopping List milk meat noodle three bottles a kilo two kilos

  1、How many noodles does Lingling need?
  2、How many apples does Lingling need?
  3、how much cheese dose Lingling need ?
  4、how many bananas dose Lingling need?
  30。(buy, how much,kilo,apple,)
Five yuan , please.
one kilo
Ms Brown


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