五年级下英语半期考试试题 年级下英语半期考试试题 半期
班级 姓名 得分
Listening part 听力部分(40 分) 一、Listen and circle.听音圈出你所听到的单词。 分) (10
  1、A dictionary
  2、A learn
  3、A do homework
  4、A rice
  5、A hamburger B delicous B learnt B do housework B ride B sandwich C library C learning C do taijiquan C write C sausage
二、Listen and tick.听音,勾出你所听到的句子(10 分)
  1、A We lived in a small house. B We live in a big house.
  2、A Where can you find out about fruit? B Where can you find out about animals?
  3、A Beijing is in the north of China. B Beijing is the capital of China.
  4、A She made a cake yesterday. B He made a cake yesterday.
  5、A She didn’t have a bus. B She didn’t have enough food. 三、Listen and circle.听问句圈答语,只圈番号。 分) (10
  1、A eggs and milk.
  2、A Yes, I am. B Yes, I can. C Yes, please. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
B visited my grandma. C Yes, I do .

  3、A On TV
  4、A Yes, I did.
  5、A In July.
B On Shelf C . B No, he didn’t. B Xinjiang.
C Yes, I do. C Yes, she did. C By bus.
四、Listen and match. (听录音,连一连。)(10 分)
  1. Amy
  2. Sam
  3. Tom
  4. Daming
  5. Lingling Writing part 笔试部分 笔试部分(60 分) 五、用“”勾出类别不同的一个单词。 分) (10
  1、A big
  2、A drank
  3、A rice
  4、A email
  5、A cat B drink B ate B bread B telephone B elephant C light C gave C cap C television C cake D heavy D eat D noodles D radio D monkey
六、写出下列字母的大写和小写形式。 分) (5 Y J M D G
七、图文搭配。 分) (10
A、We can find out about train imformation in the timetable. 、 B、Lingling did homework last night. 、 C、Daming and Tom are flying a kite in the park. 、
D、I watched TV last weekend. 、 E、She rode a horse. 、


八、情景英语。 (10 分)

  1、Thank you. 、 A You’re welcome.
  2、Happy Birthday! 、 A Happy Birthday!
  3、Pass me the rice. 、 A Here you are.
  4、You’re very clever! 、 A Thank you!
  5、What’s the matter? 、 A Sorry, you can’t. ( ) B Happy Christmas! ( ) B Thank you. ( ) B I am a pupil. ( ) B Yor’re welcome. ( ) B Nothing.
九、连词成句,并注意标点。 (15 分)
  1、had and she eggs sausages (.)

  2、too it’s
for big

  3、last I there went year

  4、 are books where about the computers (?)

  5、ate hamburgers Sam six (.)
十一、阅读理解。(10 分)
Dear Mum and Dad, I’m in New York now. I arrived yesterday. Grandma and Cousin Simon met me at the airport. It was very exciting. We went in a yellow taxi to the flat. New York is very beautiful. There are lots of tall buildings and lots of cars and people. Everyone speak English. Grandma made Chinese food for me. But I want to try American food. I want to find out about America. I will write again soon. From, Daming
  1) ( (
  2) (
)Where did Daming now? A Beijing )When did Daming arrive? A tomorrow B yesterday
B London C America
C today
  3) (
)Who met Daming at the airport? B Linda C Grandparents.
A Grandma and Simon. (
  4) ( (
  5) (
)Who wrote the letter? A Daming B Lingling C Amy )What food did his Grandma make? B Chinese food.
A English food.
C American food.



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