外研版 高一 (
  3) Module 1
Great European Cities
山东 翟纪友
gallery n. 美术馆;画廊 美术馆;
situated adj. 坐落(某处的),位于(某处)的. 坐落(某处的) 位于 某处) 位于(
Sydney opera House is the symbol of Australia.
Paris is located on the River Seine.
architect n. 建筑师
What can we do for the Hope Project?
A lot of sculptures will be displayed for the Olympic Games.
Athens is the birthplace of western civilization.
Ancient Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games.
Global understanding Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.
City Famous symbols mentioned Paris Situated on
  2. The Eiffel the River
  1. Tower Seine and the Louvre Location Important Features It is the
  3. capital and largest city of France. It is also famous for its
  4. restaurants cafes and theatres.
Barce lona
Situated on
  5. the northeast coast about 500 km east of Mardrid
The The
  6. second church largest city of Spain. of the Sagrada Familia The Uffizi Palace Famous for
  7. the Renaissance . Visited each year by about
  8. a million tourists.
The Parthenon
The capital of
  9. and Greece birthplace of
  10.. western civilisation
the Eiffel Tower
the Parthenon
the Uffizi Palace
the Sagrada Familia.
Detailed understanding II. Read the text carefully and choose the best answers.
  1. About of France’s artists and writers live in the largest city of France. A. one third B. two thirds C. half D. one fourth

  2. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Madrid is about five hundred kilometers west of the city, Barcelona. B. Gaudi worked on the project the Church of the Sagrada Familia for 44 years.
C. Athens was once the world’s most powerful city. D. Greece’s best writers whose works has influenced other writers ever since lived in modern Athens.

  3. The great artistic movement ? the Renaissance began , and ended . A. in Florence; in the 1600s B. in Florence; in the 1300s C. in Paris; in the 1600s D. in Paris; in the 1300s

  4. Michelangelo was a great artist who . A. designed the Parthenon B. designed the Eiffel Tower C. produced many beautiful sculptures D. designed the Louvre
Introduce your city and talk about your city’s landmark and famous buildings.
同步练习 I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示写出该单词的正确形式。 母或汉语提示写出该单词的正确形式。
  1. The g is having a show of French allery oil paintings.
  2. The white bird pigeon is a s of ymbol peace and freedom.

  3. We were impressed by the ruins of the a building, which was built ncient many years ago.
  4. Tom, who designed the great building, is considered to be a good a. rchitect
  5. The w of the book lived in the riter eighteenth century.

  6. This project(项目)seems to be very 项目) attractive.
  7. We saw (雕刻品)of 雕刻品) sculpture sculpture ancient Roman gods yesterday.
  8. Philadelphia is the (发 birthplace ( 源地) 源地)of the United States.

  9. That tall building is seen as a(n) (标志性建筑) in this landmark (标志性建筑) city.
  10. Chinese (文明 is one of 文明) civilization 文明 the oldest in the world.
II. 用适当的介词或副词填空。 用适当的介词或副词填空。
  1. He is considered to be the most famous play writer all time. of
  2. It was because the bad weather of that the football match had to be put . off
  3. The school is situated the heart of in the city.

  4. “Fe” is the chemical symbol iron. for
  5. Two fifth the land in that district of by / with is covered trees and grass.
  6. The Chinese Communist Party was founded the 1920s. in


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