Module 1 单词拼写:
  1. At this ( 时刻 ), it is morning in New Year.
  2. Don’t get in, they are getting(穿衣服)
  3. At (正午), they have a break.
  4. (不管怎样), we must start now.
  5. Don’t (说)goodbye to me.
  6. He is (躺) on the bed.
  7. Please accept my (问候) from China!
  8. They are drinking( 咖啡)
  9. The students are starting their(课 ) at nine.
  10. They are (跑 )in the street. 完成句子.
  11. 世界上不同地方的人做着不同的事 Peopleare doing different things.
  12. 他们在家里或在餐馆里就餐. They areor in restaurants
  13. 我正在给你写明信片. I am
  14. 他们正在北京拍照. Theyin Beijing.
  15. 她没在买礼物. She now. Module 2 单词拼写:
  1. There are two( 节日) in this month.
  2. He can draw ( 龙)very well.
  3. Please(带来 ) your homework here tomorrow.
  4. How many(餐,饭 ) do you have each day?
  5. We want to (涂 ) the house red and yellow.
  6. The girl likes(装饰 ) her room.
  7. (每个人 ) in our classroom loves Chinese.
  8. What do you ( 意思) by saying that?
  9. It’s very(甜的 ), we like it.
  10. They are (切 )the paper in pieces. 完成句子.
  11. 孩子们通常对圣诞老人很感兴趣. The children Father Christmas
  12. 她妈妈是一个长头发的高个子女人.
His mother is
  13. 这种树全年都长得快. This kind of tree grows fast
  14. 你准备好了去参观农场吗? visit the farm?
  15. 我家屋子前有几棵树. trees in front of my house. Module 3 单词拼写:
  1. His wife is a good (厨师 )
  2. He loves to stay in a (外国的 )city.
  3. His( 孙女) is very lovely.
  4. We are going to do some(游览 ).
  5. Would you like to go (购物 ) with me this afternoon?
  6. The ( 妻子)in that city love to stay at home.
  7. He loves to lie on the (海滩)in summer.
  8. He works hard to try to pass the English( 测验)
  9. I am (复习 )for my lesson.
  10. I will buy some (衣服 )for my son. 完成句子.
  1.他不喜欢周末外出。He doesn’t like
  2.星期天晚在广州有一场足球赛。 There is in Guangzhou
  3.星期五将天晴。It on Friday.
  4.我们将坐飞机去上海。 We to Shanghai
  5.他们去朋友家参加聚会吗? Are they? Module 4 单词拼写:
  1. We are having a happy(生活 )
  2. The teacher won’t write on the blackboard with ( 粉笔)
  3. Sometimes the seas are( 粗暴的)
  4. There will be( 大的)winds.
  5. In the future we will have long ( 假日)
  6. Farm (技术)is so important than a lot of students learn it.
  7. In ( 秋天),the leaves turn yellow.
  8. He is (弱的 ) than her.
  9. To climb up that mountain is his(梦想 )

  10. (每个人 )loves to have a trip there. 完成句子.
  1.我们学校用太阳能热水。 In our school ,we
  2.明天将刮大风,下大雨。 There tomorrow
  3.那个工厂的工人有大量的空闲时间。 The workers in that factory
  4.一百年后将不会有便宜的石油。 cheap oil in a hundred years
  5.将来没有人做粗重活。 In the future Module 5 单词拼写:
  1. His (家乡 )is a very beautiful village.
  2. I study in a school which is hundreds of( 公里)away from my home.
  3. The teachers in our school are much( 忙的) than those in that school.
  4. How big the (人口 ) is in that city!
  5. There are many (教堂 )in that small town.
  6. The ( 山脉)are very high over there.
  7. This is a (宽的 ) river than that one.
  8. Please listen to her , she is ( 回答)your question.
  9. The temperature is very ( 底的) tonight.
  10. Guangzhou is in the(南方 )of China. 完成句子.
  1.广州和深圳是中国南海岸的大城市。 Guangzhou and Shenzhen are China.
  2.我们教室的窗户比他们教室的亮。 The windows of our classroom
  3.伦敦是一个有着七万人口的大城市。 London is a big city
  4.他的衣服从来不会太便宜。 His clothes are
  5.那些山大约一千米高。 Those mountains are Module 6 单词拼写:

  1. The students are doing their homework( 安静的)
  2. It’s very (危险的 )to stand like that.
  3. Living in such a beautiful village must be very (放松的 )
  4. Every year , millions of ( 参观者)will go to that village.
  5. The book is expensive (然而 )it’s worth it.
  6. Rowing is very exciting, but it’s (不流行的 )in our city.
  7. When will you (到达 )?
  8. He drives so(粗心的 ) that he has many crashes
  9. It’s (安全的 )to be in the car than to be in the bus.
  10. All the children listened to his (冒险 )carefully. 完成句子.
  1.他正在启程去上班。He is
  7:30 才开始上课。 Classin our school
  3.她每天很早到达那里。 She every day.
  4.他喜欢坐在教室的后面,因为他喜欢安静。 He likes sittingthe classroom, because he likes to
  5.他们班的人数超过 50 人。 There are fifty students in their class. Module 7 单词拼写:
  1. In the ( 现代的) world ,English is more and more useful.
  2. Don’t walk ( 靠近的) to me any more.
  3. His home is the (远的 ) of us.
  4. This is an international (航线 )
  5. It takes us a few( 小时)to finish the work.
  6. He is one of the most famous film( 明星)
  7. What is the cheapeat(方法,道路 ) to your hometown?
  8. There are more and more ( 出租车) in our city.
  9. There were twenty(乘客 )in the bus.
  10. He does(最好 )in English in our class. 完成句子.
  1.他对那个城市很了解. He that city.
  2. 坐船比坐公共汽车慢很多. than taking a bus.
  3. 从这里到北京的火车费用是 400 元. from here to Beijing is 400 yuan.

  4.学游泳最容易的方法是什么? to learn swimming.
  5.请把球从一个学生传给另一个学生. Please pass the ball Module 8 单词拼写:
  1. In the (过去 ) ,my hometown was very poor.
  2. A group of (科学家)are going to our factory.
  3. He looks very (严厉的)
  4. He showed me an (不友好的)smile.
  5. There are many(商店)in the street.
  6. (棒球)isn’t popular in China.
  7. I love to stay in my(花园)to enjoy the sun.
  8. There is some (鱼)on the table.
  9. His brother is much more(淘气的)than him.
  10. Today is April the (
  11). 完成句子.
  1. 你的第一所学校的名字是什么? What’s school?
  2. 他于 1990 年 9 月 1 日出生于南海. He was born.
  3. 你期望哪个月来我们学校? are youvisiting our school?
  4. 昨天学生有很多作业要做. There for the students yesterday.
  5. 我家有一个很多鱼的大池塘. My family has a big pond. Module 9 单词拼写:
  1. The little girl was very ( 累的)after a long walk.
  2. He ( 数)all the ducks yesterday.
  3. Don’t ( 破坏)the forest any more.
  4. He is easy to fall (睡着的 )at night.
  5. That’s an ( 不高兴)story.
  6. He looked ( 四周), but nobody was there.
  7. There were some(熊 )in the old village.
  8. Look! How nice the ( 金黄色的)sky!
  9. He (尝试 )but he failed.
  10. The tree is going to( 死)
  1. 从前,有一个皇帝住在皇宫里. ,there was an emperor living in the palace.
  2. 放学后,他急急忙忙来到了医院. After school, he the hospital.
  3. 他决定放松一下自己. He himself.
  4. 小鸡在啄玉米. The chickens are corns.
  5. 不要这样指着别人,这是不礼貌的. Don’t like this, it’s not polite. Module 10 单词拼写:
  1.I had(没有)cell phone at that time.
  2.He(骑)a bike to school yestoday.
  3.I like watching(电影).
  4.Do you know something about Lu Xun’s(生平)?
  5.He works in one of the famous(公司).
  6.He is a(成功的)scientist.
  7.Welcome to(加入)us.
  8.(二月)is my favourite month.
  9.Their families(搬家)to our town last July.
  10.October is the(第十)month of year. 完成句子:
  1.去年夏天,我们做火车去拜访我奶奶. Last summer,wemy grandmother.
  2.十五岁时他就完成了他的学业. He finished school.
  3.富人应当帮助穷人. should help the old.
  4.林涛的很多诗都是用英语写的. are in English.
  5.“走开,我讨厌你!”她生气地说. “,I hate you!”she said angrily. Module 11 单词拼写:
  1. The (国家的)flower of Japan is cherry blossom( )
  2. She sits in the (中间的 )of the classroom.
  3. There are many TV( 节目)today.

  4. What’s the (最近的 )news about him?
  5. ( 俄语)is not so popular
  6. He is one of the famous(工程师 )
  7. Japan showed the white(旗子 )
  8. There are many science( 博物馆)in the city.
  9. I have ( 超过)one hundred pairs of shoes.
  10. The farmers( 建造)the school last year. 完成句子:
  1. 鲁迅是干什么的?
  2. 算出这个数学难题很难. It’s very the math problem.
  3. 他们为什么不加入这个公司? Why the company?
  4. 广东以广东菜而闻名. GuangdongGuangdong food.
  5. 他们要建造一座隧道通过这座山. They want to build a tunnel the mountain. Module 12 单词拼写:
  1. She (花费)too much money on her clothes in the past.
  2. What will (明天 )world be like?
  3. His father’s job is selling( 钟)
  4. I (希望 )to see you soon.
  5. Where will you go on (假期 )?
  6. In that village, the ( 丈夫)stay at home to look after the children.
  7. What’s the (第三 )question?
  8. We should believe our ( 政府)
  9. He ( 尝试)a few times, and he wanted to go on.
  10. He has a lot of money, but he has( 没有)time. 完成句子:
  1. 去年我们在新疆玩得很开心. We in Xinjiang last year.
  2. 写这个邮件花了你多少时间? you to write the email?
  3. 他们花了两小时游泳. They going swimming.
  4. 他乘出租车来到了旅馆.He his hotel
  5. 每 个 星 期 六 下 午 他 都 去 散 步 .He every Saturday afternoon.
Module 1
  1. moment
  2. dressed
  3. midday
  4. Anyway
  6. lying
  7. greetings
  2. in different places of the world
  3. having dinner at home
  4. writing a postcard to you
  5. are taking photos
  6. isn’t shopping for presents Module 2
  1. festivals
  2. dragons
  3. bring
  8. mean
  2. are usually interested in
  3. a tall woman with long hair.
  4. all the year round.
  5. Are you ready to
  6. There are four seasons Module 3
  1. cook
  5. shopping
  6. wives
  7. beach
  8. test
  9. revising
  2. going out at the weekend
  3. a football match ,on Sunday night
  4. is going to be sunny
  5. are going to take a plane
  6. going for a party at a friend’s home Module 4
  1. life 2 chalk
  4. strong
  5. holiday
  7. autumn
  8. weaker
  9. dream
  2. use the sun to heat our water
  3. will be strong wind and heavy rain.
  4. have a lot of free time
  5. There won’t be.
  6. no one will do heavy work Module 5
  1. hometown
  2. kilometers
  3. busier
  4. population
  5. churches
  6. mountains
  7. wider

  2. big cities on the east coast of
  3. are brighter than theirs
  4. with seven million people
  5. never too cheap
  6. about one thousand meters high/tall Module 6
  1. quietly



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