He Bin: Hello, David. What are you doing this afternoon?
David: Nothing special. Why?
He Bin: Would you like to go roller skating with me?
David: Oh, that's a terrific idea.
He Bin: Great, I'll pick you up at your house at 2 o'clock. OK?
David: OK. See you then.
He Bin: See you.
Zhou Ming: Hi, Dick. I was wondering if you'd like to come to a party on Saturday evening?
Dick: Wow, that sounds wonderful. I'd love to.
Zhou Ming: We're holding it at the Star Club, about 8 o'clock.
Dick: Ok. But what should I wear?
Zhou Ming: It's quite a formal party. I think you'd better dress up a little.
Dick: Fine. Thank you very much.
Zhou Ming: Are you free this evening.
Karen: I'm not sure. Why?
Zhou Ming: Well, I'm thinking of asking you to go to a movie with me.
Karen: Oh, thanks, but... I'm sorry to say I have a test tomorrow.
Zhou Ming: Never mind. I quite understand. Maybe some other time.
Karen: Yeah. How about this weekend?
Paul: Hi, Li Hong. How are you doing?
Li Hong: Pretty good.
Paul: Do you feel like going out for dinner tonight?
Li Hong: Sure. I'd love to. Where do you want to meet?
Paul: How about meeting in front of the club?
Li Hong: Great! Why don't we go dancing after the dinner?
Paul: That's a great idea.
Dick: Li Hong, do you want to go to play tennis this Saturday afternoon?
Li Hong: I'd love to, but I have to visit my parents.
Dick: Well, how about Sunday, then?
Li Hong: Sunday? I'm really sorry. I can't make it either.
Dick: Oh, that's too bad.
Li Hong: But.. I'm free this afternoon.
Dick: Wow, that's great!

A: Excuse me.
B: Yes? Is there anything I can do for you?
A: I bought a DVD yesterday, but the movie was blank in the middle. Could you change it for another one?
B: May I see your receipt?
A: Yes. Here you are.
B: OK. I'll get you a new one. I'm really sorry about this.
A: That's OK. Thanks for your help.
Dick: What's the matter, Li Hong?
Li Hong: Can you believe it? There is something wrong with my computer again. I had it repaired two days ago.
Dick: I'm sorry to hear that.
Li Hong: I have to finish my paper this afternoon. May I use yours?
Dick: Sure. No problem.
Li Hong: Thanks. I really appreciate it.
A: Excuse me, Madame, can you help me?
B: Sure.
A: I'd like to find the way to the Great Wall Hotel.
B: Well, it is not far from here. Just go straight down this road. Walk for two blocks, then turn right at the crossroads. You can't miss it.
A: I see. Thank you very much.
B: You're welcome.
A: Thanks, Dick, for helping me with my English.
B: Oh, it's no trouble at all. I'm glad I could help.
A: I think it's always so difficult for me.
B: Well, whenever you need any help, just give me a call.
A: It's very kind of you. Many thanks.
A: Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long?
B: It's nothing. I've been waiting here for about 30 minutes.
A: Thirty minutes!? I feel terrible.
B: It is a little hot here.
A: Please forgive me. We had a meeting after class, so I couldn't get here on time.
B: Forget it. It's okay.

A: Hello? This is Mr. Carter's office.
B: Hello, This is John Wayne. I'd like to make an appointment to see Mr. Carter.
A: Let me see... Could you come in at 2 o'clock this Friday?
B: I'm afraid not. Usually I don't get off work until 4 o'clock. Can you make it after 4 o'clock?
A: Well, he will be waiting for you at 4:30 in his office.
B: OK. That'll be great. Thanks.
Maria: Sales department. Mr. Wayne's office. Can I help you?
Jason: It's Michael Jason here. Can I speak to Mr. Wayne, please?
Maria: I'm afraid Mr. Wayne is out of the office today. Can I take a message?
Jason: I just want to arrange a meeting with him for sometime later this week, or next week.
Maria: Just let me check his diary. Next week is better for him. What about Tuesday?
Jason: Tuesday, 5th April? That's fine for me. What time?
Maria: Early afternoon? Is two thirty OK for you?
Jason: Yes that's fine. Thanks.
Maria: You're welcome.
Maria: Sales department. Mr. Wayne's office. Can I help you?
Jason: Hello. This is Michael Jason speaking.
Maria: Oh, hi, Jason. It's Maria.
Jason: Is Mr. Wayne there?
Maria: Sorry, he's just gone out.
Jason: Ah, I see. Look, Maria, you know the meeting we planned at the end of last month?
Maria: Yes. You wanted to talk about next season's sales projections.
Jason: Yes, that's right. It's on the 5th of April. I am afraid I can't make it then. My boss is sending me to China that week. Can you tell Mr. Wayne that we will have to postpone the meeting to sometime the week after?
Maria: Yes, of course. No problem!
Kate: Hello?
Tim: Hi, Kate? This is Tim Carter. I don't know if you remember me.. but, uh.. we were in the same biology class last year.
Kate: Oh, sure. You were always asking questions.
Tim: Uh, no. That was Tim Price. He sat in front of me.
Kate: You.. dissected.. frogs?
Tim: Uh, yeah. Kate, I was wondering...Would you like to come over and have coffee with me sometime this weekend?
Kate: Well, actually, I'm going to be away this weekend.
Tim: How about next weekend?
Kate: I'm really kind of busy these days.
Tim: Well, OK... Maybe some other time.

A: Hello, Wang Lin. This is Wayne.
B: Oh, Wayne, how are you doing?
A: Not bad. Are you free Saturday night?
B: Yes. Why?
A: Well, do you feel like going to a concert?
B: Oh, that's terrific!
A: Then I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock at your house.
B: OK, see you at 7, then.
Lu Hong: Excuse me, Dick. Could you lend me your dictionary?
Dick: Please. You're welcome to use it.
Lu Hong: Thank you. By the way, where did you get it?
Dick: From the Foreign Language Bookstore downtown.
Lu Hong: Would you mind telling me how I can get there?
Dick: Of course not, it's really quite simple. It's near the Department Store on Wangfujing street.
Dick: Good morning, Lu Yi.
Lu Yi: Good morning, Dick. How are you getting on these days?
Dick: I'm doing just fine, thanks. Everyone here is warm and friendly.
Lu Yi: Is there anything I can do for you?
Dick: Yes, please. Could you accompany me to the Department Store some time this week?
Lu Yi: I'd be happy to. How about this afternoon?
Dick: Great! Thank you so much.
Tim: Excuse me. May I know your name, please?
Lu Yi: Yes, my name is Lu Yi.
Tim: Is Yi your surname?
Lu Yi: No, Lu is my surname, and Yi is my given name.
Tim: Thank you. And could I have your phone number?
Lu Yi: Of course. It's 362025
Tim: 362025
  79. Thank you.
A: Miss Park, could you rush this report please?
B: How many pages?
A: About 25 pages.
B: When do you want it typed?
A: Tomorrow morning. Can you manage it by then?
B: Well, I think I'll have to work late to get it finished.
A: Thanks a lot.
A: Excuse me, I don't mean to be nosy, but I wonder if you can tell me how old you are?
B: I beg your pardon?
A: I was wondering about your age.
B: Well, sorry, but that is none of your business.
A: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.
B: Oh, don't take it personally. I never tell anyone my age.

Lu Yi: Dick, take a seat, please.
Dick: Thank you.
Lu Yi: What would you like to drink beer, wine or Maotai?
Dick: What is Maotai?
Lu Yi: It's a kind of spirit, a real Chinese specialty.
Dick: Really? OK. I'll have a sip.
A: What do you think about the dishes?
B: They look inviting and taste delicious.
A: Would you care for some seafood?
B: Marvelous. The Chinese way of cooking seafood is my favorite.
A: I'm glad you like Chinese food. Have some more, please. Let's drink to your health.
B: And to our cooperation.
A: Which would you prefer, tea or coffee?
B: I would like some coffee, please.
A: Do you take milk and sugar?
B: Milk would be nice, but I don't care for any sugar.
A: Would you like to have some dessert?
B: No, thanks. I'm not fond of sweet things. Just a coffee would be fine.
Lu Hong: Dick, tell me some of your favorite things?
Dick: What do you mean by that?
Lu Hong: To be more specific, tell me your favorite color, for example.
Dick: Well, let me think. I like pink. What is your favorite color?
Lu Hong: I like every color.
Dick: Really?
Lu Hong: Yes. Life would be very boring with just one color.
Dick: Hello, Mr Lu. When did you arrive in London?
Lu Yi: Two weeks ago.
Dick: What do you think of the weather here?
Lu Yi: It's all right, but it rains quite a lot.
Dick: How do you like the weather in your country?
Lu Yi: I like it. It's warm at this time of year. I enjoy visiting the gardens in Xiangshan Park.

A: Ally, you've been working in your office for a long time.
Ally: I'm working on a report.
A: Have you finished yet?
Ally: It's almost done.
A: You must be very tired. Let's go somewhere and relax.
Ally: All right. Let's go for a walk.
A: As your doctor, I strongly advise you to go on a low-fat diet.
B: Do you really think that's important?
A: Definitely. If you don't, you might have a heart attack some day.
B: Well, I think I should take your advice this time. You have been very helpful. Thanks.
A: Good morning. I would like to read some novels in the original to improve my English. What books would you recommend?
B: It might be a good idea to read some simplified readers first. You will enjoy them more and be able to read them faster. Start on the originals later.
A: That's a good idea. Thank you for your advice.
B: All the simplified readers are on those shelves on the left.
A: The contest is about to start. I'm getting cold feet.
B: Come on. You've been preparing for this for half a year.
A: I'm not confident enough. I want to quit.
B: No, you can't. Pluck up your courage. You should at least give it a try.
A: What if I lose?
B: That's not the point, so long as you've done your best.
A: So, is everything ready for the big party on Saturday?
B: Big party? Leave it out. It's just going to be you two, my sister and some of her friends.
A: Why don't you ask some boys to come?
B: Like who?
A: How about Peter and Tom?
B: I'd like Tom to come, but not Peter.

A: What's the weather like today?
B: It's sunny.
A: What's the temperature?
B: It's 25 degrees Centigrade.
A: What a lovely day it is!
B: Yes, but the weatherman said that it won't last.
A: Really? Is it going to rain?
B: He said that there would be 60 percent chance of rain this afternoon, and it would be windy, too.
A: Well, I think I shall take my umbrella with me just in case it rains.
A: Brrrr! I'm cold, I thought it was supposed to get warmer today.
B: Yeah, I thought so, too. That's what the weatherman said.
A: It must be the wind that makes it feel so cold. I'm freezing!
B: Me, too. Let's go inside.
A: David, do you plan to go on a picnic today?
B: Yes, My classmates will be waiting for me at 8:
A: You'll sure have a lot of fun, if it's a fine day.
B: You bet. By the way, what's the weather supposed to be like today?
A: The forecast says it will be a sunny day.
B: Cool!
A: Martin, I don't like rainy days.
B: Me, neither. It's been raining for a whole week.
A: I feel gloomy these days.
B: Same here. If only it was clear, we could go outside.
A: Look, it has stopped raining. There's a rainbow in the distance. It looks like it's going to be a fine day today after all.
B: It does. Fancy seeing that beautiful rainbow. Let's go out and breathe some wonderful fresh air.

A: Can I help you?
B: Yes, I'd like some information about the trains to New York.
A: Okay. What would you like to know?
B: The number of trains per day.
A: The one via Chicago leaves at 2:45 p.m. And the other via Washington leaves at 6:35 p.m.
B: How long does it take to get there?
A: The one that goes through Washington takes about 8 hours, but the other takes a little longer.
B: I see. Thanks for your help.
A: I'd like to rent a car for the weekend. How much do you charge for car rentals?
B: Our current rates are 10 dollars a day and 12 cents a mile.
A: That sounds quite reasonable. Do you need a deposit?
B: Yes, the contract calls for a deposit of 10 dollars. It'll be credited to your final bill.
A: I see. I'd like to rent a compact car.
B: We have some VWs.
A: That will be fine. Do I turn in the car at this office?
B: If you want to. But we have offices throughout the states. You can turn in the car at any of the offices.
A: Great! There is the information desk... How do we get to the 65th street, please?
B: The York Line is what you want.
A: What's the fare?
B: A dollar sixty.
A: Which way do we go for the York Line?
B: Just go through the No. 4 ticket-barrier over there. A train will be in directly.
A: Thanks a lot.
B: You're welcome.
A: Li Hua, I was given a ticket this afternoon.
B: Did you park in the wrong place, Paul?
A: No,



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