一,现象解释型模板 ( 括号内为备选模板句型) (空格内概括最近总体现象) ( We have witnessed ) (has been brought into focus)
  2. And has always aroused the greatest concern. (填题目要求讨论的具体现象) (According to , . 空格一据题目提示填 the chart, the report 等, 空格二填现象的具体表现一)
  3. What impresses us most is. . ons are varied. y reasons contribute to .
  6. That is to say,. 一)
  7. What is more, ,
  8. For examples,. 二) 或: (To begin with, 一) (moreover,) (In addition ,) (As a result, )
  9. When talking about , . (空格一填作者要讨论的现象, (As to me, )
  10. On the one hand / First of all, .
  12. In brief,/ To conclude, / In a word,. 二, ( 对比选择型模板 (支持看法的理由一) (总结)
  11. On the other hand, / Besides, / Furthermore, . (支持看法的理由二) 空格二填作者的看法) (原因二) (原因三) (原因导致的结果) ??) (原因 (原因二) ( 举例说明原因 ) (具体说明原因 (现象的具体表现) (And / in addition__ 现象的具体表现二)
  4. The reas (过渡句,填现象或其结果,为下文分析原因作铺垫) ( Man

  1.has become a common part of people’s life.

  5. Among the various reasons, plays an important part.(原因一)

  1. Different people have different views on . There is no complete agreement among people as to.)
  2. Some people prefer / consider.
  3. However, others tend to / think.
  4. As to me, I agree with / to.
  5. Of course, . ( 承认自己所不赞同的看法有一定合理性)
  6. For example,. (举例说明, 支持第五句)
  7. But . (转折指出这种观点的不足)

  8. The following reasons can account for my preference . (启下, 过渡到下段具体阐述自己 所支持的观点或理由)
  9. The main reason is .
  11. For anther, .
  12. From the foregoing, . 或:
  2.3 同上
  4. Some people may say.
  5. They hold this opinion because.
  6. However, others believe.
  7. They argue that.
  8. Personally, I am in favor of the .
  9. Firstly,. ( 个人看法的依据一)
  10. Secondly,. ( 个人看法的依据二)
  11. Most important of all, . ( 个人看法的依据三)
  12. Taking above-mentioned factors into consideration, we/I may reasonably conclude that . 或:
  1. When asked about, different people will offer different opinions.
  2. Some people take it for granted that . (观点一)
  3. In their opinion, . (观点的理由一)
  4. Besides, . (观点的理由二) (观点二) (观点二的理由一)
  5. However, other hold .
  6. They maintain that.
  7. And . (观点二的理由二)
  8. Weighing up these two arguments, I am for .
  9. For one thing, . (作者观点的理由一)
  10. For another, .
  11. For instance, . (作者观点的理由一) (举例说明) 再次强调选择) (支持观点的理由一) (举例说明理由一) (理由二) (总结全文:从长远看)

  10. A good example to illustrate is.

  12. Therefore, as stated above, . ( 综上所述, 三, 问题解决型模板

  1. With the development / improvement of , .
  2. It is necessary that.
  3. On the one hand, .
  4. On the other hand, .
  6. Firstly,.
  7. Secondly, .
  8. For example, .
( 空格一填铺垫, 空格二写某一问题)
(关注解决问题的必要性) (解决问题很必要的理由一) (解决问题很必要的理由二) (解决办法一) (解决办法二) (举例解释解决办法一)

  5. Therefore, how tois worth paying attention. (承上启下,空格内填要解决的问题)

  9. Thirdly, .
  10. In other words, .
  11. In fact, ways to are countless. that . 过去时态) 或:
  1. There has been a discussion recently about.
  2. It is obvious that.
  3. Additionally, .
  4. So it is high time.
  5. First of all, .
  6. The reason is .
  7. Secondly, .
  8. That is to say,.
  9. Thirdly, .
  10. In fact, more than three ways can be adopted.
  11. As for me, .
  12. All in all, . 或:
  1. It is certain that.
  2. For one reason, .
  3. For another, .
  4. However, some still puzzle on how to .
  5. Here come some suggestions.
  6. To begin with, .
  7. Secondly, .
  8. For instance, .
  9. Thirdly, .
  10. That is because .
(解决办法三) (阐明解决办法三) (总结:解决办法多种多样)
  12. It’s time (强调解决问题时不可待, 虚拟语气:从句中用一般
(解决问题的必要性一) (解决问题的必要性二) (承上启下,说明解决问题的必要性) (解决办法一) (解决办法一的理由) (解决办法二) (解决办法二的理由) (解决办法三) (说明解决办法很多) (总结全文) (提出问题及解决的必要性) ( 解决问题的必要性一) ( 解决问题的必要性二) (转折到谈如何解决问题) (小结:解决问题的根本途径)

  11. The solution vary according to different situations. (解决某一问题的办法因情而宜)
  12. Therefore, . 四, 观点论证型模板 (指出普遍存在的观点) (谈不同的观点) (提出自己的观点, 即文章的论点) ( 过渡句,转向论点的论证, 空格内根据具体情况填具 (总结全文, 要灵活地依据具体情况处理问题)

  1. It is true that .
  2. However, .
  3. I think.
  4. can be listed as follows. 体的词)
  5. Firstly, .

  6. Secondly, .
  7. For example, .
  8. Thirdly, .
  9. A case in point is .
  10. It goes without saying that .
(论证理由二) (举例说明论证理由二) (论证理由三) (举例说明论证理由三)
  11. There is no doubt that.
  12. In conclusion. 或:
  1. Some people believe that .
  2. The truth is deep and profound.
  3. As we know, .
  4. In addition, .
  5.There are numerous examples.
  6. A case in point is.
  7. This is close to suggest.
  8. For another example, .
  9. Moreover, .
  10. All mentioned above tell us.
  12. In short, . (直接提出本文的论点) (进一步强调观点的正确性) (论证理由一) (论证理由二) (承上启下) (举例一具体论证) (总结例一) (举例二具体论证) (举例三具体论证) (总结上文, 重申论点) (总结全文) (得出结论) (总结全文)

  11. But one thing we have to notice is that __. ( 提出该论点应注意什么)



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