威远中学高一英语第三册半期总复习题 威远中学高一英语第三册半期总复习题 第三册 Modules 1-6 语法专练 [被动语态 被动语态] 被动语态
  1.The students often (tell)to take care of their desks and chairs. ( )
  2.Vegetables,eggs and fruits (sell)in this shop. ( )
  3.What a knife (make)of? )
  4.A piano concert (give)here last Friday. ( )
  5.These kinds of machines (make)in Japan. ( )
  6.Apples (grow)in this farm. ( )
  7.Russian (learn)as the second language by some ) students in China.
  8.Planes,cars and trains (use)by business people for traveling. )
  9.The cinema (build)in 19
  85. )
  10.Tom (not have)breakfast yesterday morning. ( ) [主谓一致 主谓一致] 主谓一致
  1. About 60 percent of the students from the south, the rest of them from the north and foreign countries. A. are;is B.are;are C.is;are D.is;is

  2. Half of the workers here under 30 . A.is; years B.are; year old C.is; years old D.are; years of age

  3. Now Tom with his classmates football on the playground. A.play B.are playing C.plays D.is playing

  4. The number of pages in this dictionary about two thousand. A.are B.has C.have D.is

  5. Thirty dollars too expensive. A.are B.is C.were D.be

  6. The secretary and principal at the meeting now. A.are speaking C.were making a speech B.is speaking D.have a speech

  7. Between the two roads a TV tower called“Skyscraper Tower”. A. stands B. standing C. which stands D. stand

  8. Either of you going there tonight. A.will B.was C.is D.are

  9. Where to get the materials and how to get them at the meeting. A. have not discussed C.has not discussed B.have not been discussed D.has not been discussed

  10. Every student and every teacher . A.are going to attend the meeting C.has attended the meeting 单项填空
  1. It is amazing that the little boy can swim the river 100 meters wide. A. across; measuring C. across; measure B. over; measured D. through; measuring B.have attended the meeting D.is attended the meeting

  2. You’d better your answers again before you hand the papers in. A. see B. examine C. test D. check

  3. Her boss expressed his unsatisfaction with she has made in the development of market. A. little progress C. few progresses B. the little progress D. the few progresses

  4. Do you know even the ordinary things can the most breathtaking stories? A. show B. describe C. tell D. say

  5.Thanks to the environment-protection policy, our living conditions - have been greatly. A. increased 语法专练
  1.?How can I wake up so early? ?Set the alarm at 5 o’clock, you’ll make it. A. but B. or C. and D. so B. improved C. developed D. grown

  2. It’s really very dangerous. One more step, the baby will fall into the well.
A. or
B. so
C. and
D. but

  3. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert it means standing in a queue all night. A. so that B. however C. even though D. as if

  4. Most of the Europeans refuse to accept GM food Americans regard it as the fruit from high tech. A. when B. as C. while D. the moment

  5. The shop doesn’t open until 11 a. m., it loses a lot of business. A. for B. or C. but D. so
  6. I feel a bit tired., I can hold on. 我有点累了,但我能坚持下去。 我有点累了,但我能坚持下去。
  7. I like the color of the hat, I do not like its shape. 虽然我喜欢这顶帽子的颜色,但我不喜欢它的形状。 虽然我喜欢这顶帽子的颜色,但我不喜欢它的形状。
  8. It is hot in summer here, it is not cold in winter. 这里夏天热,但冬天不冷。 这里夏天热,但冬天不冷。
  9. She looks very young, she is already in her 30’s. 她看上去很年轻,可是她已三十多岁了。 她看上去很年轻,可是她已三十多岁了。
  10. I like tea she likes coffee. 我喜欢喝茶,而她喜欢喝咖啡。 我喜欢喝茶,而她喜欢喝咖啡。 单词认识 单词认识
  1. In 1975, the caused by five days of heavy rains in that area made 233 000 people homeless.
  2. People standing under a tree in a thunderstorm are likely to be struck by .
  3. Many men were underground when there was an accident at the mine.
  4.An unexpected storm o Yellow Sea.
  5. One million five hundred thousand people died in natural between 1980 and 20
  00. 单项选择 when we were enjoying the pleasant voyage at the

  1. Mr. Smith was thinking about how to explain to the manager why he was late for work, when a good idea to him. A. happened B. brought C. occurred D. struck

  2. When he came back with plenty of money, his father three days before. A. had died B. was dead C. died D. had been dead

  3. Bob a lot of Japanese when he watched Japanese cartoons at a younger age. A. picked up B. took up C. made up D. turned up

  4. ? Have you got any news from Jane about the English contest? ? No. She said she know when be held, either. A. didn’t; would it C. didn’t; it would B. doesn’t; it will D. doesn’t; will it

  5. Tom failed again in the exam, made his parents very disappointed. A. it B. which C. that D. he

  6. ? The earthquake last night was really terrible. ? , no people were injured or killed, and they escaped in time. A. Luckily B. Hopefully C. Sadly D. Unfortunately

  7. When I arrived at that village I used to live, I found my old friends a lot. A. which; changed D. where; changed
  8. The fire was finally after the building had for two hours. A. put off; caught fire C. put out; been on fire B. put away; been on fire D. put out; caught fire B. where; had changed C. which; had changed

  9. Hearing the news, he ran out of the room in a hurry, the door . A. to leave; opening B. left; opened C. leaving; opened D. leaving; open

  10. ? Is there any he will be elected monitor? ? It’s hard to say. A. chance whether B. possibility that C. doubt if D. question that

  11. Although that big earthquake did great to this city, it was soon rebuilt from the . A. damage; ruin B. damages; ruin C. damage; ruins D. damages; ruins

  12. The students scored 100 in the intelligence test, while John got 1
  60. A. on average B. in total C. in the middle D. on the whole

  13. A lot of passengers were sent to hospital immediately when the rescue team arrived. A. destroyed B. injured C. wounded 单句改错
  1. Almost 2 000 tons of sands was brought in to create a 10-acre beach.
  2. It was so fine weather that we all went out to play.
  3.I have nothing to be done,so I can help you with your lessons. ,
  4. The old lady was caught in such a frightened storm that we all worried about her.
  5. He is very late for the meeting because his car was held up in the heavy traffics.
  6. My boy pretended to do his homework when I entered his room.
  7. Tom was caught when he was cutting( ) trees. D. damaged

  8. The storm did a lot of damages to the crops.
  9. Please turn to the dictionary if is possible.
  10. Our teachers won’t allow to cheat in the examinations. 单项选择 1, How did your interview go? I couldn’t feel about it ! I seemed to find an answer for all of the questions. A. worse B. worst C. better D. best
2, in the market, the thief was put into prison. A. Catching stealing C. Being caught to steal B. Caught stealing D. Be caught stealing

  3. You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had A. brought up B. to bring up C. bringing up D. to have brought up

  4. He suggests a best way process from keeping. A. preventing; raising C. to prevent; raising B. to stop; rise D. to stop; rising

  5. People young trees on the mountain.
A. don’t allow to cut down C. are not allowed to keep away
B. don’t allow to keep away D. are not allowed to cut down

  6. When a fire happens, the electricity should first. A. be cut down B. cut down C. be cut off D. cut off

  7. Are you satisfied with what he did? No, It couldn’t have been A. worse B. better C. so bad D. the worst

  8. Don’t to me again your low position in the government. OK. I promise never. A complain; of B complaint; about C apologize; of D advise; on

  9. Do you know “”means “to explain something very simply”? Yes. We can also say “in a word” A in a short
  10. B for brief C on conclusion D in a nutshell
Could you tell me the way to the zoo? Follow me, I happen there, too.
A. to be going
B. to go
C. to have been
D. to have gone

  11. Johnson, come and look at the sea. It is beautiful, isn’t it? If only I lived here by the sea. A. Yes, it is B. That’s right C. Thank you D. Absolutely

  12. The question next year has something important to do with our daily life. A. to discuss B. discussed C. to be discussed D. being discussed

  13. John was made the windows for a week as punishment. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing

  14. Helen had to shout above the sound of the music. A. make herself hear C. making herself heard B. to make herself hear D. to make herself heard

  15. The problems in this city are related to traffic. A majority B major C magic D evidence

  16. Little Tom made a rule to read aloud and recite ten English words every
morning. A this
  17. B that C one D it
Is Bob still performing?
I’m afraid not .He is said the stage already as he has become an official. A to have left 单项选择
  1. Don't forget the letter. A. to send B. send C. sending D. being sent
  2. The chair looks very old, but in fact it is very comfortable to . A. sit B. sit on C. be sat D. be sat on
  3. Is necessary to return the book tomorrow? A. this B. that C. it D. which
  4. I'm afraid they would not allow him here. A. to smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. smoke
  5. Mother told me the water before I drank it. A. boiling B. boiled C. boil D. to boil
  6. On my way home, I stopped some food. A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought
  7. John was made the car for a week as a punishment. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing
  8. The sitting-room needs , but it'll have to wait until Saturday. A. be cleaning B. to be cleaned C. clean D. being cleaned
  9. The first thing I want to do is . A. visit to him B. to visit him C. visiting him D. visited him
  10. Li Yang advised me too much, otherwise I would have been drunk. A. not to drink B. to drink C. not drinking D. drinking 语法填空
  1. The place interested me most was the Children's Palace. A. which B. where C. what D. in which B to leave C to have been left D to be left

  2. Do you know the man ? A. whom I spoke B. to who spoke C. I spoke to D. that I spoke

  3. This is the hotel last month. A. which they stayed B. at that they stayed D. where they stayed
C. where they stayed at

  4. Do you know the year the Chinese Communist Party was founded? A. which B. that C. when D. on which

  5. That is the day I'll never forget. A. which B. on which C. in which D. when

  6. The factory we'll visit next week is not far from here. A. where B. to which C. which D. in which
  7. Great changes have taken place since then in the factory we are working. A. where B. that C. which D. there
  8. This is one of the best films . A. that have been shown this year B. that have shown C. that has been shown this year D. that you talked
  9. Can you lend me the book the other day? A. about which you talked B. which you talked C. about that you talked D. that you talked
  10. The pen he is writing is mine. A. with which B. in which C. on which D. by which
  11. They arrived at a farmhouse, in front of sat a small boy. A. whom B. who C. which D. that
  12. The engineer my father works is about 50 years old. A. to whom B. on whom C. with which D. with whom
  13. It there anyone in your class father is in the country? A. who B. who's C. which D. whose
  14. I’m interested in you have said. A. all that B. all what C. that D. which
  15. I want to use the same dictionary was used yesterday.
A. which B. who C. what D. as
  16. He isn't such a man he used to be. A. who B. whom C. that D. as
  17. He is good at English, we all know. A. that B. as C. whom D. what
  18. Li Ming, to the concert enjoyed it very much. A. I went with B. with whom I went C. with who I went D.I went with him
  19. I don't like as you read. A. the novels B. the such novels C. such novels D. same novels
  20. He still remembered the places and persons A. which B. that C. whom D. what 用恰当的关系代词和关系副词填空 1 He lives in house windows all faces the north. 2 He is a very kind-hearted man; is always ready to help others. 3 She has two daughters, both of work as engineers in an institute. 4 He is wearing such a strange coat will



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