English in physics
课程的性质和任务: 课程的性质和任务: 掌握与物理学基本内容相关的专业英语词汇、英文 书刊常用术语、增强学生阅读和翻译专业文献的能 力,具备基本的专业英语写作技能, 力,具备基本的专业英语写作技能,为后续专业课 程及深造,奠定必要的学习基础 . 教材: 教材:
  1、physics in english 主编: 主编:李淑侠 出 版 社: 哈尔滨工业大学出版社
Table of Contents
1 、 Introduction
  3、Thermodynamics 4 、Optics
  5、 Electromagnetism
  6、Modern Physics Quantum Physics and Wave Mechanics
The Theory of Relativity
Part One Mechanics
Chapter 1 Kinematics? Kinematics?Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Kinematics is the study of the geometry of motion: it deals with the mathematical description of motion in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration. Kinematics serves as a prelude to dynamics, which studies force as the cause of changes in motion.
The fact that if we choose different body as the reference to describe the same motion of a given object, the indications will be different, is called the relativity of the description and measurement of the motion, The particular body that serves as a reference chosen by the observer is defined as the frame of reference. It is usually pictured by means of a coordinate system, consisting three mutually perpendicular axes -X, -Y and Z-axes, and relative to it the position, Zvelocity, acceleration and orbit of the moving object can be quantitatively specified. Particle is an ideal model used to simplify an object and to describe its motion. We can represent an object as a particle if every part of it moves in exactly the same way so that we can regard it as a mass point with no size and no shape. Translational motion -- the change of the position of the particle as a function of time will give a complete description of the motion for the given object.
r = xi + yj + zk
POSITION VECTOR AND DISPLACEMENT: The position of a particle in space is a vector given by in a rectangular coordinate system. The position vector as a function of time can determine the location of a particle at any given time. It is called position function and given by
Its three component equations are written by the following scalar functions


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