五年级牛津英语期末试卷(A 卷)听力及答案
Part1 Listening(听力部分) 一.听录音,选出你听到的单词)
  9.thirteen ( A,C,A,B,C,B,C,B,A ) 二.听录音,选出你听到的句子
  1.What time is it? It is half past two.
  2.Whose lunch boxes are these? They’re theirs.
  3.Did your grandpa like orange juice?
  4.It was spring. It was wet and warm.
  5.The boy’s shadow is beside him. It’s long. ( C,A,C,B,C ) 三.听问句,选出正确的答案
  1.Have you got any nice grapes?
  2.Do you like a bicycle or a doll?
  3.It was a tadpole.
  4.What do rabbits eat?
  5.What’s the weather like today?
  6.What is the date today?
  7.Whose fluffy bears are these?
  8.Is it twelve degrees? ( B,B,A,C,B,A,C,C ) 四.听对话和问题,选出正确的答案
  1. A: Ben, do you like green apples? B: No, they’re sour. But I like red apples. They’re sweet. Q: Does Ben like green apples?
  2. A: Eddie, what time do you get up? B: At 6:
  45. A: Do you go to school at 7:15? B: Yes, I do. Q: What time does Eddie go to school?
  3. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, I want to buy some plums. A: These plums are very nice. Do you want some? B: O.K. How much are they? A: Ten yuan. Q: Where are they/
  4. A: Mr Li, do you work in a police station? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you go there on foot? B: Yes. Q: How does Mr Li go to work?

  5. Look, the watch is beautiful. It’s from my father. It’s red and new. But it’s cheap. I like it very much. Do you want one? Q: What colour is the watch? ( A,C,B,A,C ) 五.根据听到的内容完成表格,将数字填入表格内 My name is Peter. I’m from America. I’m eleven years old. I have a good friend. Her name is Mary. She’s English. She’s eleven, too. We are not in the same class. She is in Class Two. I am in Class One. Both of us like English, Maths, dancing and playing the violin. Peter: 2,5,6,9 Mary: 2,3,7,9 六.听短文,选择正确的答案 Jimmy and I are twins. But we look very different. Every day we go to school by underground. We are in the same school, but we are not in the same class. We often help our classmates. We have lunch at school. I like playing the drum. But Jimmy doesn’t. He likes playing football. Every evening we do our homework, then watch TV. At 8:45 we go to bed. We are happy every day. ( C,B,A,A,C ) 七.听短文,判断正误,用表示正确,用表示错误 Jack and his mother are very poor. They live in a small farm. They sell their cow then they buy some beans. On their way home, they see a golden goose. It can lay golden eggs. The beans are very small, but they grow very fast. There’s a large castle near their little house. The castle is tall and dark. The hungry giant is in it. He likes to eat boys. ( T, T, F, F ) Part2 Writing(阅读部分) 一.( C,B,A,D,C ) 二.get gets got go goes went 三./ ?/ shaker / ?/ shadow / / same / / some
put puts put plant plants planted / / where / / there / / rough / : / roof
have has had
四.( 4,5,6,8,1,2,3,7 ) 五.dearcheap drywet thinthick\fat hotcold beautifulugly 六.
  3.How old
  4.How much
  6.How many 七.( B,A,B,A,A,B,B,C,C,B ) 八. Model 1
  1.They ate lunch at home.
  2.Kitty had some dolls.
  3.The girls were in the office. Model 2
  1.These new computers are ours.
  2.Those toy cars are theirs.
  3.This red scarf is his. 九.( T, F, F,T, F, F ) 十.略



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