五年级牛津英语期末试卷(C 卷)听力材料及答案
(注: 听力材料均念二遍)
Part 1
  1. cloudy
  5. winter (C B
  2. block
  6. shadow B C A C C
  3. inside
  7. want A)
  4. bread
  8. same
  1. Does your grandpa like drinks?
  2. What colour are the cushions? Both cushions are white.
  3. What time is it? It is five past one.
  4. It was a duckling. Now it is a duck.
  5. Where is the butterfly? Under the leaf. (B A B B B) 三、听问句,选出正确的答案
  1. Where are the rugs?
  2. What’s the weather like in summer?
  3. What time do you go to school?
  4. Is it her skateboard?
  5. What’s the temperature today?
  6. Did Ben like English?
  7. What colour are the leaves in autumn?
  8. How much hay do the elephants eat? (B B A B B A C B) 四、听对话和问题,选择正确的答案
  1. A: Happy birthday, Tony. B: Thank you, Kitty. A: Here are some presents for you. Do you like this bear? B: Yes, it’s fluffy. And what’s in the box? A: Look, there’s a shiny car. Q: How is the car?
  2. A: How many children have computers in your class? B: Twelve boys and eight girls. Q: How many children have computers in your class?
  3. A: What time does your father go home? B: At four twenty-five.
A: What does he do at a quarter to five? B: He always cooks dinner for us. He’s a good father. Q: What time does he cook dinner?
  4. A: Eddie, is this black bicycle yours? B: No, mine is brown. A: Is this Ben’s? B: No, his is blue. A: Whose bicycle is this? B: Let me see. Oh, it’s Jack’s. Q: What colour is Jack’s bicycle?
  5. A: Where’s the picture? B: It is above the sofa. A: Where’s the lamp? B: It is near the sofa. A: What’s Mum doing? B: She is watching television in the sofa. Q: Where is the lamp now? (B A B C C) 五、听故事,给句子用
  1~5 编号 One day, the giant went to visit his brother. The children went to the beautiful garden and played. They liked the garden in all the seasons of the year. In spring the flowers and leaves grew. In summer they rolled on the green grass. In autumn the leaves were orange and red. They fell from the trees and the children played with them. In winter the children played in the snow. They made a snowman. They were very happy. (2 3 4 1
  5) 六、听短文,选择正确的答案 It was Saturday. The sun was high in the sky. Alice went to Renmin Park at a quarter past eight in the morning. She went there by bus. In the park Alice saw a boy. He was playing football on the grass. There was a pop group under the big tree. They played the loud music. At twenty to twelve she felt very hungry, so she went to MacDonald’s. She ate a hamburger, a Coke and some French fries. In the afternoon she went to visit her aunt. Her aunt lived in Pudong. At half past four she went home. Kitty had a very busy day. (B C A B C) 七、听短文,判断正误,用“T”表示正确, “F”表示错误 Hello, I’m Kitty. I’m eleven years old. It’s Sunday so I don’t go to school. Now I’m at home with my brother, Ben. My father is working at the police station and my mother is working
in the post office. It’s half past eleven in the morning. I’m not doing my homework. I am cooking noodles in the kitchen. Peter is making a musical instrument in his bedroom. We have lunch at five to twelve. (F T F B T) B A D) cut-cuts-cut play-plays-played Part 2 Writing(阅读部分) 一、( C 二、come-comes-came do-does-did like-likes-liked 三、为下列单词找出相应的音标词 / / / 四、
  1. a. It’s six o’clock. I’m getting up. / ?/ / climb shelf summer / / / ? / down / ?/ / same where
? / farmer / ?? / shadow
b. Do you like the green ones or red ones? c. I smell with my nose.
d. Is this bird Mr Wang’s? Yes, it’s his. e.
  2. a. c. e. 五、 B ( 六、
  1. They ate lunch at half past eleven.
  3. The girls were in the office.
  1. That furniture is yours.
  3. This parcel is hers. 七、Today is Monday. Here is a weather report. This morning it was sunny and hot. The temperature was thirty-five degrees. This afternoon it was wet(rainy). There were ten millimeters of rain. A storm is coming form the South China Sea. 八、 F F T F ) (T 九、略
  2. These puppets are theirs.
  2. Kitty had some dolls. Which strawberries do you want? The soft and sweet ones. What colour are the beans? They’re green. How do you go to the Country Park? By car. B B A C B B C B B ) b. Whose screwdriver is that? It’s Peter’s father’s. d. When do you feed the parrots? At six o’clock. Be quiet. The baby is asleep.



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