五年级上册英语 单元检测卷 单元检测卷 Unit 5?Unit 6
  1. swim
  6. bury
  7. run
  8. have
  9. drive
  10. stand

  2. fly
  3. eat
  4. drink
  5. ride 二、选择填空. (
( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  1.We can’t see dinosaurs because A. they are farm from us. B. they live in foreign countries. C. they all died. )
  2. Which is wrong below? A. Dinosaurs bury their legs. B. Turtles bury their legs. C. Birds bury their eggs, too. )
  3.This is Palace. A. Child B. Children C. Chidren’s )
  4. I don’t feel very today. A. good B. nice C. well )
  5.We drove Hippo Poor in a little car. A. to B. in C. at )
  6.We rode Lion Land on a train. A. to B. through C. in )
  7.Mr Zhang saw many animals during the day. A.sleep B. asleep C. slept )
  8.This is a lovely animal. Do you know name? A. her B. it’s C. its )
  9.People like to see animals night. A. in B. at C. through )
  10.The animals were during the night. A. wake B. waked C. awake
三、选词填空 swim eat have run fly walk live

  1. Some dinosaurs short legs. They slowly.
  2. Some dinosaurs plants or meat. They small teeth.
  3. Some dinosaurs long legs. They fast.

  4. Some dinosaurs in lakes and they in lakes, too.
  5. Some in the air and some on the land. 四、连词成句
  1. yesterday, we, a, train, rode

  2. last, we, visited, week, aunt, our

  3. bought, they, hats, shop, gift, at

  4. a, at, lunch, we, restaurant, had

  5. people, come, visit, many, to, zoo, the, night
  1. What did you see at Anima Land last week? We (斑马) and (河马).

  2. What are these? They . (恐龙).

  3. What did they buy at night? They a (帽子).

  4. What’s your favourite animal? I like . (大象).
  5. What did you see in the park? I some in the park. (鸟) 六、根据提示,填入适当的词,完成短文。 Last week I v the Animal Land. I s some animals. First I s near the Monkey Mountain and saw some .They were naughty. Then I d to H Pool. Next I r through Lion Land. A that I w z at Zebra Zoo. I was very happy last week. Because I like animals very much. What about you? 七、阅读理解 In England, people often talk about the weather because you can experience (经历) our
seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come, and then it rainshard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late sfternoon the sky will be clear,(晴朗) the sun will begin to shine, it will be summer at this time of a year. In England, you can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter you can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes you should take warm clothes. When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella or raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at (嘲笑) them. If you don’t take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day. 根据课文内容,判断正(T)误(F) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. It is always warm in the morning in England. )
  2. In summer it is often too hot in England. )
  3. In England, sometimes it rains. )
  4. Some English people usually take a raincoat with them because it often rains in England. )
  5. If someone takes an umbrella or a raincoat, he will regret later in the day.



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