听力部分 一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案,完成句子。(1×
  8)(读两遍) ( )
  1、He wants to with WangBing. A.play computer games B.play tennis C.play table tennis ( ( ( )
  2、I can for you. A.get some fruits B.get some fruit C.get some flowers )
  3、We havethis term. A.eight lessons B.eighteen subjects C.eight subjects )
  4、Ben likes. A.making model planes B.making model ships C.making clothes )
  5、That boy can. A.sit quietly B.speak loudly C.walk carefully )
  6、What lessons do you have? A.in Thursday afternoon B. on Tuesday afternoon C. on Thursday afternoon )
  7、Take and haverest. A.some medicines…a lot of B. some medicine…a lot of C. some medicine…a lot )
  8、a fever and. A. I’ve got…a bad cold B. I got…a bad cold C. I’ve got…a cold
( (

  5) ( )
  1.A.It’s Saturday. B.It’s on Sunday morning. C.Yes,it is. ( )
  2.A.No,I don’t. B.English . C.It’s Maths. ( )
  3.A.This is David speaking. B.Yes,I am C.Sorry, you can’t. ( )
  4.A.I’m sorry. B.He is ill. C.I’ve got a cough ( )
  5.A. I ’m from the USA. B. I ’m from Chinese. C. You’re from China. 笔试部分 一、用正确的格式抄写下列的句子并添加标点符号。(
  1. i want to visit the great wall in beijing

二、判断下列单词划线部分的读音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不同的打“×”。 (1×
  1. dog
  2. doctor
  3. nice hot
  4. girl green
  7. ruler go
  5. book room
  8. day sit
  6. black clock
  9. bed puppet
rubber play
  10. take face 三、翻译下列词组(1×
  1. surf the Internet
  3. do exercise
  5. from Beijing to Shanghai
  7. 四点半
  9. 度周末

  2. dance beautifully
  4. every day
  10) ( )
  1.How old are you? A. This is Nancy speaking. ( )
  2.What day is it today ? B. He usually takes photo. ( )
  3.May I speak to Nancy? C. No,I don’t. ( ( ( ( )
  4.How do you feel now ? )
  5.What’s wrong with you? )
  6.What does he usually do? )
  7.Do you speak French ? D. I’m ten. E. I feel cold. F. It’s a quarter to five. G. It’s Monday.
( )
  8.Where are you from ? H. Yes, Mr Ma. ( )
  9.What time is it? I. I’ve got a cough. ( )
  10.Jump up and down five times . J. I’m from China. 五、选择填空。(1×
  1. I like English. How you? A. are B. do C. about
  2. Does Su Hai have hobbies? A. some B. any C. all
  3. The girl usually plays the violin Sunday morning. A. at B. in C. on
  4. He to school from Monday to Friday. A. go B. goes C. going
  5. am your English teacher. Please listen to .
A. I, mine B. I, me
  6. Kate blue eyes. Her hair A. has, is B. has, are
  7. The boy draws .
C. you, my brown. C. have, is
A. careful B. carefully C. be careful
  8. Put your hands your head and turn left and right. A. on, / B. on, to C. with, /
  9. This is Ben. He is from . He speaks . A. the USA, American B. American, English C. the USA, English
  10. Give me orange,please. I want big orange. A. an, an B. a,an C. an,a 六、从下列方框中选词填空,每词/词组只能用一次。(1×
  10) the same hobby, for, with, spend, from, go around, live in, lessons, subject, to.
  1. How do you your weekends?
  2. Can you go and get any fruit me? All right.
  3. Are you different countries? Yes, we are.
  4. Touch your feet your hands please. OK.
  5. I like travelling. I’d like to China.
  6. She likes watching cartoons,too. We have
  7. What do you like? I like Maths.
  8. Wang Bing is writing an e-mail his friend.
  9. I’m from the USA. I New York.
  10. What do you have this morning? We have Chinese,Maths,PE and English. 七、将下列句子重新排序,使之成为一段通顺的对话。(2×
  5) ( ) Hi, Lucy. What’s wrong with you? ( ) Hello. May I speak to Lucy ? ( ) I’m sorry to hear that .I hope you get better soon. ( ) This is Lucy speaking. ( ) I’ve got a high fever. 八、阅读短文,根据其内容判断正误,正确的在题前括号内打“√”,不正确的打 “×”。(1×
  5) What am I ? Hello, boys and girls! My name is Mike. I’m tall and fat. I have a long nose and two big ears. My mouth is not too big. My teeth are very long. My body looks
like a wall. I have four strong legs and a short tail(尾巴), too. Do you know me? What am I ?
  1、Mike is an animal. ( )
  2、Mike is strong. ( )
  3、He has two small ears. ( )
  4、He has no tail . ( )
  5、Mike’s body looks like a wall. ( ) 九、作文。(介绍自己的生活情况或朋友、家庭,不少于 40 个词。)(7 分)



   听力部分 一、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案,完成句子。(1×8)(读两遍) ( )1、He wants to with WangBing. A.play computer games B.play tennis C.play table tennis ( ( ( )2、I can for you. A.get some fruits B.get some fruit C.get some flowers )3、We havethis term. A.eight lessons B.ei ...


   五年级下册英语四会句子 1.When do you eat dinner? 你什么时候吃晚饭? 2.I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening. 我在晚上 7 点钟吃晚饭。 3.When do you get up ? 你什么时候起床? 4.I usually get up at 12:00 noon. 我通常在中午 12 点钟起床。 5.What do you do on the weekend? 你周末做什么? 6.Usually I watch TV and ...


   2011 年义乌市佛堂小学五年级(下)英语期中检测卷 义乌市佛堂小学五年级( 佛堂小学五年级 英语期中 期中检测卷 ListeningPart (45%) 听录音, 序号。 一、Listen and circle.听录音,圈出相应的序号。(10%) 听录音 圈出相应的序号 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. B. C. 4. A. B. C. 5. 6. A. B. C. A. B. C. 7. A. skate B. snake C. sister 8. A. fi ...


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   八年级下学期英语例题作文 八下例题作文 1.提示:向你的朋友托尼表示问候。你告诉他,你和同学王飞打算学习英语。打 算听广播,星期六上午到英语角去练口语。下个月你打算到上海去旅游,邀请他 一起去。词数:60?80 词。 Dear Tony, How are you? Thank you for your letter. My classmate Wang Fei and I are going to learn English. We'll listen to English on the r ...


   教材四年级下册英语试题 找出划线部分发音不同的单词, 一.Read and choose. 找出划线部分发音不同的单词,将其序号填入括号内。10% ( ( ( 1. skirt 3. too ) 1. A. face ) 3. A. desk ) 5. A. white pants five B. cat B. she B. six short one jacket nine white C. gate C. dress C. picture 2. lunch 4. Chinese dinn ...


   英语单词词组 Module 1 单词: collect collecting tidy doll fan stamp least interview as volleyball sailing useful develop skill camp activity imagine teenager result success should 词组: 1.want sb. to do sth.想要某人做某事 2.tidy up 收拾 3.take up 占用 4.the least 最少的空间 ...


   2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 2010年上期六年级英语教学计划 年上期 一、班情分析 通过一学期的教学,大多数学生英语学习有进步,英语字写得漂亮了,学习 态度有所好转,上学期通过采用边学习新知识和复习旧知识相结合的方法,他们 的学习有所进步。但是因为教材衔接有问题,学生学习这套教材有一定难度。这 学期他们将步入六年级的第二学期,学生的学习负担会越来越重,他们将面临着 毕业和升中学考试的压力,会把更多的精力放在语文和数学上,因为考初中不考 英语,所以家长和学生会更加不重视英语,大多数会放弃 ...

八年级下册 英语1-7单元短语归纳

   1 让优秀成为一种习惯 Vincehu 八 下 1 -7 单 元 短 语 归 纳 教学内容: 教学内容:初二下 1-7 单元课文中出现的短语的拼读及听写 教学重点难点极其突破方法:每个短语读准,熟悉相关动词与介词的搭配,具备简单短语翻译的能力并能 教学重点难点极其突破方法:每个短语读准,熟悉相关动词与介词的搭配,具备简单短语翻译的能力并能 造句,此外,在阅读课文时能通过记忆以下短语了解文章中心思想。 造句,此外,在阅读课文时能通过记忆以下短语了解文章中心思想。 课时安排:一周一次与单词同步进 ...


   第一单元 Section A 你的笔友来自 图片 你的笔友来自哪?他来自澳大利亚。 哪?她来自日本。 2d 约翰的笔友来自哪? 他来自日本。 他住在哪?他住在 东京。 Grammar Focus 你的笔友来自哪? 他来自澳大利亚。 约 翰的笔友来自哪?他来自日本。他住在哪?他住在巴黎。 3b 这是我的新笔友。她来自澳大利亚。他讲什么语言? 她讲英语。 4 问题: 悉尼在哪儿?答案: 在澳大利亚! 悉尼在哪儿? 在美国。不,在澳大利亚。 Section B 2a 她叫什么名字?她来自哪?她有兄 ...



   三角形的分类 按角分 按边分 练 习 根据角的特点把下面的三角形分成三类,摆在方框内。 ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ 锐角三角形 直角三角形 钝角三角形 三个角都是 锐角 有一个角是 直角 有一个角是 钝角 三角形 锐角三角形 直角 三角形 钝角 三角形 按角分红领巾和小红旗 分别是什么三角形? 分别是什么三角形? 你能按照它们边的特点给它们分分类吗? 你能按照它们边的特点给它们分分类吗? ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ 等腰三角形 等边三角形 ① 不等边三角形 ② ⑥ ⑤ ④ 只有两条边 相等 三条边 ...

大学英语综合教程第三册 Unit2课件

   UNIT 2 Civil-Rights Heroes CivilText A: The Freedom Givers In 2004 a center in honor of the “underground railroad” opens in Cincinnati. The railroad was unusual. It sold no tickets and had no trains. Yet it carried thousands of passengers to the de ...


   科技创新导报 2009  NO.36 Science and Technology Innovation Herald 学 术 论 坛 非英语专业研究生科技英语翻译教学的探讨 ①② 王丽琴 ( 湖南农业大学外国语学院 湖南长沙 410128) 摘 要: 提高非英语专业研究生翻译水平是时代发展的要求, 根据目前我国翻译教学的特点, 薄弱环节和学生的现状进行分析, 提出翻译 教学的改革模式, 明确教学目的, 组成有研究生导师参与的教学工作等措施, 以达到培养具有较高翻译水平人才的目的。 关键词: ...


   Unit1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names 1. Doris: Good morning. Can I help you? David: Yes. I need to change one of my courses. Doris: I'll see what we can do. What's your name, please? David: My name's David Brown. Doris: Your first name ag ...


   本题由学生范文网为您收集整理自网上, 本题由学生范文网为您收集整理自网上,请记住我们的网站 www.xsfanwen.com 2009 年 12 月大学英语四级考试真题及答案 月大学英语四级考试真题及答案 Part Ⅰ Writing (30 minutes) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Creati ...