一、正确地书写下列单词。 正确地书写下列单词。 eight ninety fox
二、选出与其它三个不同类的一项,将正确选项的字母代码写入括号内。 选出与其它三个不同类的一项,将正确选项的字母代码写入括号内。
( ( ( ( (

  1.A.shorts )
  2. A.coat )
  3. A.horse )
  4. A.pen )
  5. A. shirt
B.pajamas B.forty B.lion B.ten B.banana
C.panda C.fifty C.dancer C.one C.trousers
D.a shirt D.thirty D.sheep D.three D.sweater
选择填空,将答案的标号填入括号内。 三. 选择填空,将答案的标号填入括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. I’ve got a toothache. I’m going to see the . A. park B. doctor C. teacher D. hospital )
  2. -May I your bike? -Sure. A. ride B. riding C. read D. to ride )
  3. -Whose ruler is it? -Maybe it’s . A. Peter B. Peters C. Mary’s D. Peters’ )
  4. I want to see a film. I’m going to the . A. cinema B. school C. museum D. bank )
  5. - will you do this Sunday? -I’ll play football. A. What B. When C. Where D. How )
  6. -What is she like? -She . A. has a cold B. will dance C. is dancing D. is thin and short )
  7. Mrs Arthur can piano. A. playing the B. played C. plays the D. play the )
  8. - does your father do? -He’s an engineer. A. Who B. What C. Which D. How old )
  9. My father a new car. He it very much. A. have, like B. has, likes C. has, like D. have, likes
( (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  10. What time will he back tomorrow?
A. be B. is C. am D. are
( (
  11.Usually I go to school on . A. bike B. foot C. plane )
  12. do you go to school? A. How B. Who C. Where )
  13. In England and Australia, drivers drive on the side of the road. A. left B. right C. straight at a yellow light. )
  14. A. Stop B. Wait C. Go )
  15. If you go by car, by bike or on foot, you must know the . A. traffic lights B. traffic C. traffic light )
  16. Red means . A. go B. wait C. stop )1
  7. is the cinema, please? A. Where B. What C. When )
  18. Is it far here? A. from B. about C. for )
  19. The hospital is the left. A. for B. in C. on three minutes. )
  20. Walk straight A. at B. for C. in )
  21.I'm going to buy a magazine plants. A. about B. at C. in )
  22.I'm going 3 o'clock. )
  1. What doing? A. are they B. do they C. does they )
  23. Are you a pupil? . A. Yes,I’m. B. No,I not. C. Yes,I am. )
  24. What does that woman do? . A. She’s a teacher. B. She’s Nan’s mother. C. Her name is Nan. )
  25. What colour are your new pencils? . A. Their red. B. They’re red. C. They’re colour red. )
  26. Miss Li is teaching Chinese. A. their B. they C. them )
  27. Would you like to leave a message? A. Sorry,she’s out. B. Great. C. Hold on,please.
栏的答语。 四. 从 B 栏中选出适合 A 栏的答语。 A ( )
  1. What will your dad do next week? ( )
  2. What are you doing?
B a. He is a doctor. b. It is green.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  3. What does he do? c. I surfed the internet. )
  4. Did you have a good time? d. I am watching TV. )
  5. When did you come home? f. We’re going to visit art museum. )
  6. What color is it? g. Yes, I enjoyed myself very much. )
  7. What are you going to do tomorrow? h. OK. My name is Jones White. )
  8. Could you leave your name? i. About eleven in the evening. )
  9. What’s Mary doing now? j. She’s sleeping in bed, she’s ill. )
  10. What did you do last night? k. He’ll go sailing.
( 五、将所给的词组成正确的句子,把句子写在四线三格上。 不可随便更换大小 将所给的词组成正确的句子,把句子写在四线三格上。 句子符号不可漏掉。 写,句子符号不可漏掉。 )
  1、We shorts have .
I panda
like .
sheep ?
Yes .

we .
把这段英语翻译成汉语。 六. 把这段英语翻译成汉语。 Hi, I’m Liu Yun. I’m going to have a busy weekend! First, I’m going to the supermarket with my mother. We’re going there after school. Then, at eight o’clock, I am going to visit my aunt. We are going to watch TV together. That will be fun(有趣 的)! On Saturday, I’m going to the mall( 购物中心 ) by subway. I’m going to buy a new CD. Then, I’m going to go home and watch it. What about you?
七、汉译英。 汉译英。



阅读理解。 八. 阅读理解。 Zhang Peng. Let’s go to the park this morning. Great! How do we go to the park? It’s easy. Come to my home by bike, then we can go there by bus. OK! Where is your home? Ride your bike to the post office near the subway station. I live in the apartment building. OK! Goodbye! Goodbye! 回答下列问题: 回答下列问题:
  1) Where is Zhang Peng’s home?

  2) How do they go to the park?

  3) When do they go to the park?

  4) Where is the post office?



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   第一单元 认为巴西下届将会获胜。 Section A 图片 你认为人们家里将会有机器人吗?是的,会有的。 我想家家有会有一个机器人。 孩子们还去学校上学吗?孩 子们将不再去学校上学。他们将在家中通过电脑来学习。 1a 人们家里见会有机器人。 人们将不再使用钱。一切 都将是免费的。 书只会在电脑上出现,而不会在纸上。 孩子们将不去上学。他们将在家里通过电脑学习。 将会 只有一个国家。 人们将会活到 200 岁。 1c 100 年后人们还用钱吗?不,不用了。一切都将会是 免费的。人们会活到 20 ...


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   词根、前缀、后缀 词 根 ag,act 做,驱动 agent 代理人 active 活动的,积极的 agr 农田 agriculture 农业 agrarian 田地的 am 爱,亲爱 amicable 友善的 amiable 和蔼可亲的 anim 心灵,精神,生命 animal 动物 animate 有生命的 ann,enn 年 annual 一年的 centennial 一世纪的 astro 星 astronomy 天文学 astronaut 宇宙航行员 audi 听 audience ...