五年级下学期英语期末写作范文及练习题 五年级下学期英语期末写作范文及练习题 范文及
班别学号姓名 一年四季,你最喜欢哪个季节?为什么?
  1. 一年四季 , 你最喜欢哪个季节 ? 为什么 ? 请你用英语把它写成一段连贯的 话,要求不少于 5 句。 范文: 范文 I like winter best. Here in winter is from December to Frebruary. Because I can sit
by the fire and watch TV. And I can ski and make snowmen in winter. In winter holiday I can enjoy Chinese New Year. It’s a famous festival in the world.

  2.请根据提示,写一段天气预报,不少于 5 句话: 请根据提示,写一段天气预报, 句话: 请根据提示
范文:Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the weather report. Tomorrow is June the 29th. It’s Friday. It’s summer in Guangzhou now. It will be sunny and cloudy tomorrow. The temperature will be 28℃--34℃. It will be very hot. So you can go out side for swimming.Hope you will be happpy and enjoy in Guangzhou. See you next day(tomorrow). 28℃--34℃ ℃ ℃ Guangzhou 20
  6.29(星期五 星期五) 20
  6.29(星期五) summer 2℃ --20℃ ℃ ℃ Harbin 20
  1.17(星期三 星期三) 20
  1.17(星期三) winter, snowy

  3. Jiamin 由于生活习惯不好,得了病,请你用 You should(shouldn’t)…给他建 由于生活习惯不好,得了病, 给他建 句话. 议,不少于 5 句话


  4. 用 4?5 句话描述你妈妈在星期天的生活: 句话描述你妈妈在星期天的生活:
范文: 范文:
My life on weekdays.
I am Jiamin. I live in Guangzhou. I usually get up at seven in the morning. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I have my breakfast at 7:
  30. At nine I go shopping with my mother. I do my homework at eleven. I have lunch at 12:
  00. I often have sports in the afternoon. Then I do some reading…

  5. 有四种动物,请你用 4?5 句含有比较级和最高级的句子描述它们: 有四种动物, 句含有比较级和最高级的句子描述它们: 范文: 范文:
dog, lion, giraffe, monkey Look at the picture . There are four animals in it. A lion rns fastest of the four animals. A monkey climbs highest of the four. A giraffe is the highest animal of the four. A lion run faster than a giraffe. I like giraffe best.
bear, sheep duck, eagle

  6. 选用所?的词,谈谈你最喜欢的一种野生动物,不少于 4 句话: 选用所?的词,谈谈你最喜欢的一种野生动物, 句话: 范文: 范文: My favourite animal
My favourite animal is panda. It’s a famous animal in China. It’s very beautiful and cute. It has four legs with a fat body. It can climb and walk. It look likes a small bear. It is black and white. It eats bamboos(竹子). It lives in the mountain or at the zoo.
has, eat, can like, live



   五年级上学期英语期末试卷 Class Name 同学们,寒假又来临啦!现在就让 听 力 部 分 1、 Listen and choose. 在几 钟内 一次奇异之旅吧! (旅行即将拉开序幕,想赢取免费机票吗?只 2. Listen and circle. 听到的 图片选 ,就有机会哦!) (登机啦!戴上“伸缩耳”,听听广播,把有用的信息圈 1)A. young and active 2)A.over the bed 3)A.cabbage and fish 4)A.make the bed ...


   七年级下学期英语工作计划 一、指导思想: 以党的“十七大”精神为指导,全面贯彻落实党的教育方针、政策,加强未 成年人思想道德建设,深化教育教学改革,认真落实国家、省、州、县基础教育 工作会议精神,以促进教育重点工作落实和建立素质教育保障机制为根本,坚持 教育创新,全面深入实施全面实施素质教育,提高自身业务素质,全面推进教育 教学改革,全面提高教育教学质量。 二、教学目标、任务和要求: 1.对英语学习表现出积极性和初步的自信心 2.能听懂有关熟悉话题的语段和简短的故事。 3.能与教师或同学就熟 ...


   初二下学期期末考试英语试题 考生注意: 1,本试卷分试题卷和答题卷两部分.试卷中听力材料以中速朗读两遍. 2,本试卷满分 100 分,90 分钟完卷. Ⅰ,听力(共四个部分,共 20 小题,计 20 分) A)辨音(共 5 小题,计 5 分)选出你在句子中所听到的内容. ( ) 1. A. lift B .left C. list D. listen ( ) 2. A. mouth B. month C. Monday D. must ( ) 3. A. letter B. let C. l ...


   初二下学期英语期末精选选择题 初二下学期英语期末精选选择题 150 例 下学期 精选选择题 (一) ( )1.The meat is dear and eating meat is bad for your health . A .very much , many C much too , too much ( B. too many , many too D. a lot much too )2. There are many trees on side of the street. A. ...


   !"#$%&'()*+ ,-. / ! 012 " !"#$%& >- ' '+( )-./ 8$ . !' ) ( ) ( 6 ) ( 8 33 ,!/01 5 5- 4$ )3 3 . ((6' 230%45$ %- *0 ! "! $!"#!# ./ 2 # 1 !" "% ( *(+& !"#$%&'$ # $ &')" $% , % % $%&am ...


   Unit1 collect v.收集;搜集 shell n.贝壳;壳 marathon n.(体育比赛中)马拉松赛跑 skate v.滑冰 pair n.一对;一双 skate n.溜冰鞋 since prep.自从;从……以来 raise v.筹集 several adj.几个的;数个的 skater n.溜冰者 stamp n.邮票 kite n.风筝 monster n.怪物,妖怪 globe n.球状体;球体 anyone pron.任何人 run out o ...


   一、词汇测试(10%) A.用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.(luck) I passed the exam this time. 2.Thank you very much for (invite) me to your party. 3.Do you know I had an (usual) experience on Sunday. 4.How (hard work) the children are! 5.The chicken is delicious,help (you),my ...


   2009学年度下学期英语(七年级上册) 2009-2010 学年度下学期英语(七年级上册)试题 第一卷.选择题。将正确答案代号填在答题卡中。 Ⅰ.选择填空(20) 1.Tom likes eggs, oranges and bananas breakfast. A. for 2.? ?20 dollars A. How much is the pants? C. What is it? 线 3.What’s this English? It’s a pen A. in; A. photos, ...


   作定语的形容词排序: 限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老。 颜色国籍和材料,形容类别往后靠。 例题: 1. Dr. Li was so looking at the Internet that he forgot the time. A. carefully D B. careful C. busily D. busy be busy (in) doing sth./ with sth. 2.I am too tired to walk any . A. farther A B. farther ...


   安多县 安多县中学初二下学期英语期中试卷 Name Class Scores ( ) 7:What’s wrong with your bike? I think . A. it broke B. is broken C. it’s broken D. its broken ( ) 8: It’s a quarter twelve. It’s time lunch. 一:找出划线部分读音不同与其他的一项。10 分(每题 2 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.rather B.math )2 ...



   I 主语 谓语 met 定语 my 宾语 best friend 同位语 Tom at the ststion yesterday. 状语 1、主语:是一句的主体,是全句诉说的对象,常用名词、数词或代词担任(是全句谈论的中心 话题)。例: (1) Students syudy.(名词) (2)We are fridends.(代词) (3)To go to good university is his first goal.(不定式) (4)Doing morning exercise is ...


   ~~【美食,英语总动员】第五十期?红烧猪蹄 美食源于生活,美食源于创造,美食源于内心; 英语与美食的完美结合,哈,我们要在学做美食中练习英语,在口语中正确应用! 今天的主题隆重登场: 红烧猪蹄 Braised Pork Trotters Ingredients: 材料: * 2 pcs/750 g Pork trotter (get the butcher to cut into the small chunks) 2 只/750 克猪蹄(让店里的师傅将蹄子斩成小件)_ * 10 - 12 ...


   初一英语第一单元测试 初一英语第一单元测试 A 卷 听力部分 I. 听录音,标出你所听到的字母的顺序. 听录音,标出你所听到的字母的顺序. W J C V R G __1__ Ⅱ. 听录音,选出你听到的单词. ( )1. A. welcome B. nice C. mother D. later ( )2. A. day B. say C. read D. may ( )3. A. three B. six C. eight D. zero ( )4. A. name B. grade ...


   多媒体应用 │DUOMEITI YINGYONG 信息技术让英语教学越来越生动 ■ 杨建珍 江苏省昆山市石牌中心小学校 215312 摘要 多媒体信息技术给课堂教学注入了新的生机和活力,能促使学生积极思维、主动参与语言实践,使教学效率达到最 优化,从而有效提高课堂教学效果和学生的英语水平与能力。“有声有色”“有情有景”“有滋有味”的多媒体信息技术 在英语教学中的合理使用,能够达到活跃课堂气氛,激发学生兴趣,拓展学习空间的效果。 关键词 信息技术 小学英语 交际教学 社会在进步,我们的教学方法 ...


   ON-LINE DIAGNOSIS OF MARINE DIESEL CRANKSHAFT CRACK BASED ON MAGNETIC MEMORY LI HAN-LIN, LIN JIN-BIAO, CAI ZHEN-XIONG, LU YONG (Marine Engineering Institute, Jimei University, Xiamen, Fujian 361021) Abstract: This paper summarized recent diagnosis ...