牛津小学英语5B 牛津小学英语5B
Unit 4 An English friend
执教者: 执教者:王敏
My Information Card
Name : Wang Min Address(地址) Address(地址): Guantang Family: Favourite colour: Hobbies:
a small town near Zhenjiang
城镇,城 城镇,
My Information Card
Name : Wang Min Address(地址) Address(地址): Guantang Family: my husband, my son Favourite colour: blue Hobbies: drawing pictures, surfing the Internet
surf urf
nter ern the Internet
浏览互联网,网上冲浪 浏览互联网,
I usually surf the Internet.
A: What do you usually do ? B: I usually --He / She usually (+动s / es) ( es) usually--动原) Does he / she usually (+动原)? Yes, he / she does. / No, he / she doesn’t.
动原) Does she usually (+动原)? Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.
writes She usually writes e-mails.
  63.com answer the questions
write an e-mail 写一封电子邮件 mail waiter waitress
What does she usually do on Sundays ? writes She usually writes e-mails.
What does he / she usually do on Sundays ? He / She usually ( +动s / es ) .
e1 Wang Bing is writing an e-mail to his A . classmate B . English friend C . grandpa 2 Gao Shan wants to A . play football B . play basketball C . play table tennis C
with Wang Bing.
eWang Bing is writing an e-mail to his English friend in the computer room. Gao Shan comes in . He wants to play table tennis with Wang Bing.
e-mail Wang Bing is writing to an his English friend in the computer room. in Gao Shan comes . He wants to play with table tennis Wang Bing .
1 Can Wang Bing play table tennis with Gao Shan ? No, he can’t. He is busy ( not free ). 2 Is Wang Bing surfing the Internet ? eNo, he isn’t. He’s writing an e-mail to his English friend, Tom.
牛津小学英语5B 牛津小学英语5B
Unit 4 An English friend
Name : Tom 地址) Address (地址): a small town near 伦敦) London (伦敦) Subjects :
Hobbies :
Name : Tom 地址) Address (地址): a small town near 伦敦) London (伦敦) Subjects : English, Maths, Science and Art Hobbies : playing football swimming
Does he play well ? Yes, he does.
well good
动词+ 副词 动词+well 如 swim well 形容词+ 形容词+名词 如a good teacher
football player .
He/ She is a good He/ She
+s/es)well. (动 +s/es)well.
wants to play table tennis with but is busy
to his English friend, Tom lives in a small town near studies
Ask and answer. Then write a short passage about your friend. What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you live? What subjects do you study? What’s your hobby? What do you usually do on Sundays? What do you do well? is my friend. He/She is . He/She lives in He/She studies . He/She likes . He/She usually on Sundays. And he/she . well.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
患难之交才是真朋友. 患难之交才是真朋友.

  1. Recite part A.
  2. Write an e-mail about your friend to Miss Wang.



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