Sing a song
We know
Unit 8 At the weekends
宜兴市川埠小学 生霞
primary school student 小学生 Chuan Bu Primary School 川埠小学
How do you spend your weekends? I often … How does …spend his/ her weekends ? He/ She often…
/I / I /e/
★busy ★ make the honey 酿蜜
a bee /i:/
★ small ★ carry big things (搬)
an ant /?/
It lives in grass. (草) ( glass grass) ★ It jumps high.

a grasshopper /a:/
an ant
/I / I
a bee
a grasshopper
other interesting insects
★ beautiful ★ likes flowers ★ dances beautifully
a butter fly
other interesting insects
★ It has two big eyes. ★ It is beautiful. ★ It can fly high.
a dragon fly
other interesting insects 其他
★ glow
at night(发光) (grow glow)

catch them and put them in bottles
a firefly
幻灯片 12 d1
dell, 2008-5-5
What’s missing?
What’s missing?
What’s missing?
What are these?
fireflies dragonflies
flies , flies , butterflies they dance beautifully flies , flies , dragonflies they fly very high flies , flies , fireflies they glow at night
at Yu Cai Primary School
fc1 s are our good friends
Listen and judge
( F )
  1.The boy doesn′t like insects. ( T )
  2.There are many insects in the park. ( F )
  3. Ants are small,they can′t carry big things. ( F )
  4.Butterflies can dance beautifully, but dragonflies can′t . ( T )
  5.Fireflies are special, they can glow at night.
Read and write
The boy is a student. He studiesat Yu Cai likes Primary School.He insects very much. Ants are very but they can carry small big things.Butterflies and dragonflies are. beautiful He likes them in the flowers. watching dance night Fireflies are special.They glow . at Sometimes,he catches them and them puts in bottles.Insects are our good friends.
Do a survey
用以下句型对你的同学作一个调查, 用以下句型对你的同学作一个调查,看看他们喜 欢什么昆虫
A:What insect do you like? B:I like… bees.Because they can make the honey. Name Miss
(为什么) 为什么)
Why make the
请根据你刚才的调查用一段话介绍你和你 朋友喜欢的昆虫。 朋友喜欢的昆虫。
Model: We like insects very much. I like…. They ….
My friend …likes … They …. Insects are our good friends.
Model: We like insects very much. I like bees. They make the honey. My friend Zhou Jiawen likes ants They can carry big things. Insects are our good friends.
We like insects very much. I like…. They ….
My friend …likes … They …. Insects are our good friends.
A saying for you A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情

  1.Read the passage.
  2.Please tell your parents about the insects we have learnt today
  3.Write a passage about your your parents′ favourite insects



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