五年级英语 Unit6 单元测试
听力部分(20 分) 一、 听录音,选出你所听到的内容.(5 分) ( )
  1.A.listen B. lesson C. learn ( )
  2.A.lift B. left C. let ( )
  3.A.foot B. feet C. feel ( )
  4.A.hand B. head C. hands ( )
  5.A.put B. but C. foot 二、 听录音,选出正确应答.(10 分) ( )
  1.A.Yes, I can. B. No, you can’t. C. I can do it. ( )
  2.A.All right. B. That’s all right. C. You’re right. ( )
  3.A.Yes,I do. B. Yes, we do. C. Sorry, I don’t know. ( )
  4.A.I’ve got a headache. B. I’m in the classroom. C. I’m listening to the song. ( )
  5.A.Yes, he does. B. No, he isn’t. C. Maybe he is. 三、听录音,完成下列句子.(5 分)
  1. Put your hand on your head.
  2. Show me your.
  3. Put the flowers on your.
  4. Touch your head with your hand.

考场号 考场号 姓名 班级


  5. Lift up your right. 笔试部分(80 分) 一、 英汉互译.(10 分)

  1. 做一些运动
  2.feel tired 3 上下跳十次
  4.stand in a line 5 向右转
  6.put the book on your finger 7 抬起你的左腿
  8.listen carefully 9 双脚并拢
  10.lie on one’s back 二、按要求写词。(8 分)
  1. up(反义词)
  2. write(现在分词)
  3. try(第三人称单数)
  4. foot(复数)
  5. careful(副词)
  6. students(所有格)
  7. right(反义词)
  8. put(现在分词) 三、选择填空.(10 分) ( )
  1.What are they doing?They are a PE lesson. A. have B. to have C. having ( )
  2.Touch your left ear your left hand. OK. A. of B. with C. in ( )
  3.Can you put this egg on your finger? No, I. A. don’t B. can C. can’t ( )
  4.is the girl?She is on a woman’s knee. A. Where B. How C. Why ( )
  5.Good morning, !How are you today? A. grape B. every C. everybody ( )
  6.The teacher is orders. A. making B. touching C. giving ( )
  7.He tries walk fast. A. for B. to C. with ( )
  8.The students are sitting a line. A. in B. on C. of ( )
  9.Please read lesson 1lesson
  4. A. in; to B. from; to C. on; to
  10.Jump up and down. Yes, Mr Ma. A. five time B. five times C. at five times
四、用所给词的适当形式填空。(10 分)
  1. Listen! The children
  2. We
  3. What
  6. Mike
  5. The girl they your parents .(sing) (do) on Saturdays? (read) newspapers every day? (not watch) TV on Monday.
(teach) us English on Sundays. _ (like) cooking.

  7.They are trying(read) the new words.(good) 五、完成句子,每空一词.(10 分)
  1. 学生们正在上体育课。 . The a PE
  2. 用右手触摸左膝. your your .
  3. 躺下,抬起你的双腿. on your , your.
  4. 他仅仅有一只胳膊. He only(仅仅) a .
  5. 认真听我说. to . 六.按要求写句子.(12 分)
  1.Please put your knees together.(改为否定句)
  2.He usually listens to music in the evening.(对划线部分提问)
  3.We are tired now.(改为一般疑问句)

  4.I can put a book on my head.(改为一般疑问句)
  5.She is watching cartoons at home now.(改成一般现在时)
  6.hand, with, your, head, touch, your, right 连词成句. 七、改错.(10 分) ( )
  1.Stand a line , please. A B C ( )
  2.Put your knee together. A B C ( )
  3. Put you hands on your head . A B C D ( )
  4.This baby is siting on her mother’s knees.__ A B C D ( )
  5.Touch your toes for your hands. A B C D 八.阅读理解,判断正误,用“T”或“F”表示.(10 分) Peter has a little dog. Its name is Dongdong. It’s black and white. It has big eyes, a long tail(尾巴)and fat ears. It has four short legs. It can swim. Peter likes playing football with Dongdong. He walks with his dog every day. They go to the park near their house on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a very nice big park. They can jump, run, climb, and lie there. They have a good time. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.The dog has four long legs. )
  2.Peter can swim. )
  3.They go to the park on Saturdays and Sundays. )
  4.There is a park near Peter’s house. )
  5.The dog can jump up and down.


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