PEP 小学英语四年级下册期末检测模拟试卷
湖北省恩施市芭蕉小学 丁翠萍
Listening Part(听力部分 (40 分) 听力部分)( 听力部分 一、Listen and choose.听音选出你听到的单词或句子。(5 分)
  2. A.lunch
  3. A.six
  4. B.gym B.dinner B.pants B.socks
  5. A.How much is it? B.What's the weather like today? C.Where is my skirt? 二、Listen and choose.听音,选图。(10 分) C.jeans C.colour C.sixty C.goats
三、Listen and draw.听对话,对的打“√”,错的打“×”。(10 分) ( ( ( )
  1.She can wear her T-shirt. )
  2.It's time for music class. ( ( )
  3.She is eight.
  4.These boots are sixty-five yuan. )
  5.She likes green and red.
四、Listen and choose the right answer.听问句,选答句。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.It's 5:30 B.I'm
  5. B.It's blue. C.Yes,it is. C.Yes, she is. C.It's time to go. C.I can see one. C.It's ninety-nine yuan.
  2. A.I like this ruler.
  3. A.I'm from UK. )
  4. A.I'm sorry.
B.It's rainy in Beijing. B.Yes, I like it. B.No, it's not.
  5. A.Yes, I want a shirt.
五、Listen and tick or cross.听录音,如果所听内容与图片相符就打“√”,不相符就打“×”。 (10 分)
Writing Part(笔试部分 60 分) 笔试部分 一、Write down the words.看图写词。(8 分) 看图写词。( 看图写词。(
二、Group the following words.(给下列单词分类,将单词序号填在横线上。(10 分) ①jacket ⑥orange ②nine ⑦three ③banana ⑧P.E. ④math ⑤shirt
⑨sunny ⑩cloudy Numbers(数字): Weather(天气):
Fruit(水果): Clothes(衣服):
Class(课程): 三、Tick or cross.下面每组单词划线部分发音是否相符,相符打“√”,不相符打“×”。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.cake face ) pig )
  3.we she )
  4.nose box )
  5.bus cup
四、Put the following sentences in order.按正确的顺序排列下列句子。(7 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )Ok, I'll take it. )How much is it? )Can I help you? )What size? )It's ninety yuan. )Size six.
)Yes, please. I want a pair of shoes.
五、Choose the right answer.在 B 栏里找出 A 栏的正确答句,把字母编号写在题前的括号 里。(10 分) A )
  1.Are they monkeys? )
  2.What size? ( ( ( )
  3.Is this the library? )
  5.What's time is it now? )
  4.What's the weather like today? B A. Size
  6. B. Yes, they are . C. It's cool. D. It's ten o'clock. E. Yes, it is.
( (
六、Choose the right answer.选择正确的答案,将其序号填在题前的括号里。(10 分) ( )
  1.It's 10 o'clock. It's time go to school. A.class A.on A. No, you can't. B.for B.time B.for C.of C.can C.of C.No, you can. ( )
  2.Look at the clock, what is it? ( )
  3.It's 9:
  45. It's time music class. ( )
  4.It's cold Beijing. ( )
  5.Can I wear my T-shirt? B.Yes, you can't.
六、Look and match.把图片与所对应的单词连起来。 (6 分)
七、Read and judge.阅读短文,然后判断,对的写 T,错的写 F。(4 分) I'm Mike. I'm in Shanghai. It's very hot and sunny now. I can wear my new T-shirt. And my old hat is too small. I want to buy a new one. But it's too expensive. It's fifty yuan. ( ( ( ( )
  1.It's cool in Shanghai. )
  2.Mike has a new T-shirt. )
  3.The hat is forty yuan. )
  4.It's sunny in Shanghai.


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