Unit 4 Unit 4 What does your mother do?
Grade: Five Teacher:Wang yucai
Guess the job
a student
a waiter
a nurse
a reporter
a policeman
What does he/she do?
an actor

  1. What do you do? I’m a / an ….

  2. Where do you work/study? I work / study in / at ….
shop assistant
bank clerk
actor doctor nurse
Ask and answer:
? What does he / she do? ? He’s / She’s a/an …. ? Where does he / she work? ? He / She work … What do you do? I’m a / an ….
According to the students’ performances, please guess their jobs. Ask: What does he/she do?
What do you want to be?
I want to be a …
A: Hello! I’m a reporter from CCTV. May I ask you some questions? B: Sure. What’s your name? A: My name is …. B: What do you do? A:I am a student. B: Where do you study? A: I study in a school. B: What do you want to be? A: I want to be a / an…. B: Thank you very much. A: You’re welcome.
Grammar focus

  1. What do you do? I’m a reporter.

  2. What does he do? He’s a student.

  3. What does she do? She’s a doctor.

  1. Make a survey: What do your parents do? What do they want to be?
  2. Fill in the chart and write a passage. Family members
I My father My mother others
want (s) to be
My name is…. I’m a …. I want to be… My father is… He wants to be …..



   Unit 4 Unit 4 What does your mother do? Grade: Five Teacher:Wang yucai Guess the job a student a waiter a nurse a reporter a policeman What does he/she do? an actor actress singer dancer writer teacher reporter waiter policewoman policeman doctor n ...


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