五年级英语期末测试卷 听力部分(
一.听录音,判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  1. Alice had supper at nine. ( )
  2.Alice went to the shopping mall by cab. ( )
  3.Alice wanted to buy a gift for her sister. ( )
  4.Alice shopped in a clothes shop . ( )
  5.Alice went home on foot. 二.听录音,选择正确的一项(
  10) ( )
  1.What day is it? A.It’s Sunday. B.It’s Thursday. C.It’s Saturday. ( )
  2.What is Bob’s father doing? A. He is watching TV. .He is washing his car. C.He is cookinh with Bob’s mother. ( )
  3.Who is quiet? A.Bob’s grandma. B.Bob’s brother. C.Bob’s grandpa. ( )
  4.What food does Bob like best? A.Dumplings B.Fish C.Hot dogs. ( )
  5.Who can fly a kite? A.Bob’ brither. B.Bob’s sister C.Bob. 三.听录音,选择正确的选项(
  10) ( )
  1.A.Peter. B.Lily. ( )
  2.A.Yes, she can B.No,she can’t ( )
  3.A.Danny. B.Sam ( )
  4.A.It’s three thousand years old. B.It’s three hundred years old. ( )
  5.A.He is reading the newspaper. B.He is watching TV. 四.听录音,选择正确的答语(
  10) ( )
  1.Where are Lily and her mother? A.On a train. B.At home C.In a shopping mall ( )
  2.What does Lily see? A.flying bird. B.A big red shopping mall. C.A big tree. ( )
  3.What’s Lily’smother doing? A. She is shopping. B.She is talking with others. C.She is listening to the radio. ( )
  4.Who is crying ? A.Lily. B.A little boby C.Lily’s mother ( )
  5.Is Lily quiet? A.Yes, she is B.No,she isn’t C.Yes, she is loud
  2.No pen
  3.yours truly
  5.一张……的图画 6……多少钱

  7.by bike
  8.What time is it?
  10.put on 二.根据首写字母及句意补全单词(
  1.I see a big bcow.
  2.Jenny is da picture.
  3.My f colour is green.
  4.What would you lto drink.
  5.Their tea is too hto drink?
  6.Eis tired and hungry.
  7.Men,women and children are p
  8.Don’t forget the s and the address.
  9.May 1s my friend an e-mail?
  10.My friends live in the fifth s. 三.选择(
  10) ( )
  1.He often to school. A.walk B.walked C.walks D.walking ( )
  2.I__to my sister yesterday. A.talk B.talks C.talking D.talked ( )
  3.LiMing is __home from Beijing. A.arriving B.arrivinh at C.arrives in D.arrives at ( )
  4.you have a good trip? Yes!I had a great trip. A.Do B.Does C.Did D.Are ( )
  5.Yesterday I to buy a gift for you. A.went B.want C.wants D.was want ( )
  6.He often to school by bike. A.went B.go C.goes D.going ( )
  7.I you last night. A.miss B.missing C.missed D.misses ( )
  8.The third day, wemany gifts in Beijing. A.buy B.buys C.missed D.misses ( )
  9.How did you go to the library? A.I went there by bus . B.I go there on foot. C.I goes there by bile D.I going there on foot. ( )
  10.What __the child see? A.do B.doing C.does D.is 四.连词成句(
  1.with the talking me is girl
  2.Beijing than Shijiazhuang bigger is
  3.hotel near is our shop the
  4.where put you address the do

  5.outside see we children can playing the 五.阅读短文,判断正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写 F”(
  10) Miss Wu and her students are going to Beijing Zoo on Children’s Day. They all like animals. Tom likes big ones,so he’s going to see the elephants, the lions and the tigers.Bob likes small animals. He’s going to see the deer(鹿),the monkeys and the rabbits. Jane likes birds. She’s going to see many kinds(许多种)of birds. The teacher is going to watch the lovely pet show(宠物 秀).That’s going to be a great day. ( )
  1.Today is Children’s Day. ( )
  2.All the students like big animals. ( )
  3.Bob likes rabbits. ( )
  4.Jane likes lions. ( )
  5.It’s a great day. 五.描述你过生日聚会的热闹场面, (谁参加了,都玩什么了?玩得开心吗?)不少于 60 个单词(
一. Alice ate breafast at nine.Then she went to the shopping mall by bus.She wanted to buy a gift for her sister.She shopped in the toy department.She saw many beautiful toys there.She liked a shite teddy bear.She bought it.Then she walked home.
  5.T 二.It’s Saturday.Now it’s eleven in the morning.Bob’s family is busy.Bob’s father is washing his car.His mother is making dumplings.Dumpiling dre Bob’s favourite food.Bob is helping her.His grandpa is reading a book.His grandma is talking on the phone.His sister is flying a kite.It is hard for Bob’s brother.
  5.B 三.
  1.Peter is slpping.Lily is crying.Question:Who is quiet?
  2.I see Jane playing ping-pomg.It is easy for her.Question:Can Jane play pimh-pong?
  3.Danny would like some milk.Sam wants some dumplings.Question:Who is hungry?
  4.The house is about three hundred years old.Question :How old is the house?
  5.I see my mother reading the nespaper.I see my father watching TV.Question:What’s my father doing?
  5.B 四.Lily and her mother are on the train.The train stops at the station. Lily:Look,Mum,A big red shopping mall.Do you see it? Mum:Don’t point.Be quiet,Lily Lily:OK,What are you doing,Mum? Mum:I’m listening to the radio.Who is crying?It’s too loud. Lily:Oh,a little boy.
  1.in the sfternoon
  5.a picture
  6.How much…….
  7.骑自行车 穿上,戴上 二 .
  10.street 三.1-5CDACA 1-6CCDAC 四.
  1.The girl is tslking with me.
  2.Beijing is bigger than Shijiazhuang.
  3.The shop is near our hotei.
  4.Where do you put the address?
  5.Outside, we can see the children playing. 五.FFTFF 六.略


  9.in the park





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