命题团体赛 年级英语试题( 英语试题 (编号 五年级英语试题(卷) 编号 (

  1. )
  2. )
A. four A. Yes.
B. five B. No.
C. six C. I don’t know. C. I don’t know.

( ( ( (
A. Yes, he does.
B. No, he doesn’t.

  4.A. John.
B. Nancy.
C. Both of them. C.I don’t know.

  5.A. Yes, she does.B. No, she doesn’t.
一、听录音,选出与你所听到的单词同类的选项。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. Sunday B. swim C. beside D. monkey )
  2.A. fish B. jacket C. ship D. Art )
  3.A. flowers B. kitchen C. pillow D. stamp )
  4.A. nose )
  5.A. cake B. noisy B. cage C. noise C. take D. rise D. key
一、 小小翻译家。
  5.a quarter to ten 二、我说你写,按要求写单词。
  8.build(过去式) 三、连连看。
  1.How much hay do they eat?
  2.What do they eat?
  3.What time is it? A.It’s ten to two. B.They eat 10 kilos of hay. C. It is soft. D.They eat meat. E.It’s under the bed.
  4.roll over
  6.come in
二、根据听到的问句,选择正确的答句。(10 分) ( )
  1.A.They like flowers. B. We like books. C. You like toys. ( )
  2.A. He likes running. B. She likes dancing. C. No, she doesn’t. ( )
  3.A. He’s got a fever.B. Yes, he’s ill. C. He’s having a rest. ( )
  4.A. Singing. B. Collect stamps. C. Singing and dancing. ( )
  5. A. Reading. B. Jogging. C. Maths.

  4.Where is my ball?
  5.How does is feel? C. Yes, he does. 四、精挑细选。 (
三、根据听到的对话,选择正确答案 ( ( )
  1.A. Yes, he likes. B. No, he doesn’t.

  2.A. Taking photos.B. Collecting stamps .

  1. Did you like the small dinosaur? A.I do B. I did C. didn’t
C. Sorry, I don’t know. ( )
  3.A. Make clothes.B. Do homework .C. Both of them. (
  2. bird is this ? It’s hers. A.Which B. What C.Whose
  3. There were five the bed. A.in B.at C.of
( ( ( ( (

  1.Ann and her mother are on a big bus on Monday. )
  2.A lot of people are going with them. )
  3.Many friends from America, England and Japan are on the bus. )
  4.They want to see the Great Wall. )
  5.The bus driver is young man.
  4.She wants a rabbit. A.buy B.buys C. to buy
  5.I feed at half past eight. A.they B.them C.their
  6.Dnny teaches his parrotsay. A.how B.how to C.into
  1.It’s ten to six.(对划线部分提问) ????????????????
  2.It is sunny.(变成过去式) ????????????????
  3.I like the loud music.(变成一般疑问句) ????????????????
  4.It’s cold and windy.(对划线部分提问) ????????????????
  5.Is it Tom’s?(作否定回答) ???????????????? 六、快乐阅读,判对(T)错(F) 。 It is a fine Sunday morning.Ann and her mother are on a big bus. There are many people on it. Some of them come from America, and some come from England and others come from Japan. They are all their friends. They are going to the Great Wall. There two Chinese on the bus. One is woman. She is driving the bus. The other is young man. He speaks good English. He is now talking about the Great Wall. The other people are all listening to him. They like the Great Wall. They want to see it very much.
命题团体赛五年级 英语参考答案及评分标准( 英语参考答案及评分标准(编号
听力部分: 一、1?
  5:ACDAB 笔试部分: 一、
  1.go down
  2.I don’t know
  5.十点差一刻 二、1?
  5:CCCBB 三、1?
No, he doesn’t. He likes collecting stamps.

Q: What does Mary’s grandpa’s hobby?
  3. What does she usually do on Sunday? She usually makes clothes and does homework.
Q: What does she usually do on Sunday? 四. 听短文,选择正确的答案:

  3.the block’s shadow
Tom,Mary,Nancy,John and Yangyang are good friends.But their hobbies are different.Tom,a lovely boy, likes playing football,and he plays well.Mary likes making clothes,andshe can make pretty dresses for her doll.Nancy likes growing flowers,and she looks after them carefully.John likes cooking.He cooks nice food.Yangyang likes collecting stamps,and his
  1. shaker
  8.built 三、1?B 2?D 3?A 4?E 5?C
四、1?6 :ACACBB 五、
  1.What time is it?
  2.It was sunny.
  3.Did you like the loud music?
  5.No, it isn’t.
animal stamps are very beautiful. Questions:
  1. How many pupils are there in this passage?
  2. Are they all have the same hobby?
  3. Does Tom play football well?
  4. Who likes cooking, Nancy or John?
  5. Yangyang likes animals stamps, does she?

  4.What’s the weather like ? 六、1?
  5:FTFTF 听力材料:
  1. What do we like, guess!
  2. She likes dancing, right?
  3. What is your uncle doing?
  4. What are their hobbies?
  5. what sport does Mike like? 三、根据听到的对话,选择正确答案
  1. Jim,do you like English, Maths and Science? Yes,I do. They’re interesting. Q: Does Jim like Social Science?
  2. Mary, your grandfather likes taking photos, right?
命题团体赛五 命题团体赛五年级 英语双向细目表 双向细目表( 英语双向细目表(编号
结构 试题内容 听音选单词,将序号 听 力 (35 分) 填在()里 听 句 子 听音选单词填 空 听问句, 选答语 题目数 分值

语言技能 听做 √ 读写
5 3 5 6 8
10 10 10 12 16
√ √ √ √ √ √ √
听短文,选答案 单 英汉互译 按要求写单词

笔 试 (65 分) 子 句
单选, 选出正确 的答案写在 ( )内 6 12 √
按要求,写句子 阅读短文 完成下列 各题

读短文,判断。 对(T)错(F)


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