听力部分(40 分) (10 分 ) 一.听单词,选出听到的单词,将答案标号写在题前括号内。 听单词,选出听到的单词,将答案标号写在题前括号内。 听到的单词 ( ( )
  1.A.cheese ( )2 A.your ( )
  3.A . football ( )
  4.A. sandwich ( )
  5.A.grandfather ( )
  6.A.America B. juice B.you B.basketball B.hamburger B.grandmother B.China C. milk C. yours C. skipping C.egg C. grandchild (cheese) (yours) (skipping) (hamburger ) (grandmother) (America ) (delicious) (dictionary ) (angry ) (heavy) 。 ” (8 分 )
C. Chinese C. delicious C. cycling
( )
  7.A.retired B. traditional ( )
  8.A.dictionary B.timetable ( )
  9.A.hungry ()
  10.A.light B.angry B.right
C.hurry C. heavy
二.听录音,在正确的图片下面画“ 听录音,在正确的图片下面画“
听音材料: 听音材料:
  1. The bag is heavy .

  2. The kite is small .

  3. The
shoes are new .
  4. Pencils are broken .
听句子,排列顺序。 (8 三、 听句子,排列顺序。 分) (
听音材料:He is at school now . 听音材料 He is at office now. She is at the park now.
He will be home at four o’clock. He will be home at six o’clock. She will be home at seven o’clock.
She is in the train now She will be home at nine o’clock. 。 四.听句子,判断正(T)误(F)(5 分) 听句子,判断正 ( )
  1. We came back last Sunday. (We came back last Saturday). ( What’s the matter?) (How about chopsticks?)
( )
  2. What’s the matter? ( )
  3. What about chopsticks? ( )
  4. Are you ready for
your trip to America?
( Are you
ready for your trip to New York?)
( )
  5. Don’t forget to bring CDs of ( Don’t forget to bring CDs of (9 五.听音连线。 分) 听音连线。 (
Chinese songs. Chinese songs.)
听音材料: 听音材料:
  1.Yesterday Lingling had an egg for breakfast.
  2. Amy had a sandwich for lunch.
3 . Daming had an ice cream yesterday.
  4. Sam likes hamburger very much.
  5. Xiaoyong ate an apple last night .
  6. Lili drank a cup(杯) of water yesterday.
一、 单词拼写(5 分) 。
二、看一看,连一连: 分) (5
  1、I had fish and chips for dinner.

  2、Five years ago he walked to shool.

  3、You can find out Chinese food on the CD?ROM.

  4、Last year she went to Xinjiang and visited the Tianchi Lake.

  5、Why don’t you give him a kite?
三、 单选题(20 分)
  1、There any buses many years ago. A、weren’t B、were

  2、 the matter,Sam? A、What B、What’s C、Where

  3、Ten years ago,heEnglish. A、taught B、teach C、teached

  4、This book is not mine ,It’s. A、you B、yours C、your

  5、He wants to out about English. A、finding B、find C、found

  6、You finish your homework. A、should B、shouldn’t C、shall

  7、Hainan is the south of China. A、on B、to C、in
  8、 are the books about computers,please? They are on Shelf C. A、what B、Where
  9、He is English now. A、learn B 、learning C、learns
  10、Is line A longer line B? A、then B、the same as C、than 四、选择配伍(10 分) I ( ( )
  1、Where you going to go? Ⅱ A、It’s in the north of China. C、How
  2、How much cheese do you want? B、There’s a good idea!
( ( (
  3、Where is Yinchuan? )
  4、Did he learn English ?
C、To the airport. D、One kilo.
  5、Why don’t you give him a kite? E、No,he didn’t.
五、 翻译句子(10 分)
  1、Whose bag is this?
  2、 She had a lovely time.
  3、It’s too big for you.
  4、What do you suggest?

  5、Where are you find out about animals?
六、阅读理解,判断正(T)误(F)(10 分) 判断正 。 判断 I am Laura, I’m an English girl. I come form London.Now,I’m in New York.I arrived(到达) last Sunday. I was execiting(兴奋的). New York is very beautiful. There are lots of tall buildings and lots of cars. Everyone speaks English. I want to visit China someday. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、Laura is from New York. )
  2、Laura is in London now. )
  3、People speak English in New York. )
  4、Laura is very sad. )
  5、Laura wants to visit China.


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