2007 年牛津小学英语 5B 单元检测(Unit 1-Unit
  2) 五年级英语十一月份调研卷(Unit
听 一、 ( ( ( ( ( (
力(20 分) 听录音,选出你听到的内容。 (听一遍)6% )
  1.A.stand B. sleep C. sweet )
  2. A. kitchen B. chicken C. teaching )
  3. A. washing B. watering C. watching )
  4. A. sweep the floor B. clean the window C. wash clothes )
  5. A. playing the guitar B. playing the piano C. playing the violin )
  6. A. do his homework B. do her housework C. do much housework
二、 听录音,将他们所做的动作的编号写在他们的名字下面。 (听两遍)5% Helen Ben Nancy David Mike ( )( )( )( )( )
  5.listening to music
三、 根据听到的问句,选择正确的应答。 (听两遍)5% ( )
  1、 A. He is in the sitting room. B. He is listening to music. C. He likes listening to music. ( )
  2、 A. Yes, they are. B. No, there aren’t. C. No, there isn’t. ( )
  3、 A. I can make a model plane. B. I like making a model plane . C. I am making a model plane. ( )
  4、 A. Li Lei is. B. He is Miss Li’s student. C. He is talking to Miss Li. ( )
  5、 A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I am. 四、 听录音,填入所缺单词。 (听两遍)4% Today is Sunday. Wang Bing and his family busy. His mother is . His father is her mother. He is the desk. Wang Bing is his .Wang Bing’s grandparents are in the garden. 笔 一、 ( ( ( ( ( 二、 A. 试(80 分) 语音。选出划线部分读音与另外两个不同的单词。5% )
  1、A. class B. mask C. wash )
  2、A. telephone B. seven C. evening )
  3、A. animal B. skate C. happy )
  4、A. clean B. each C. bread )
  5、A. mouth B. clothes C. with 词汇 按要求写单词。10%

  1、 he(宾格)
  2、 I(宾格)
  3、 he(物主格)
  4、 I(物主格)
  5、 family(复数)
  6、 story(复数)
  7、 write(现在分词)
  8、 have(现在分词)
  9、 run(现在分词)
  10、 big(近义词) B. 英汉词组互译 24%
  11、have an English lesson
  12、How about this morning? C. 用所给单词的适当形式填空 10%
  1、A: What are you doing, Nancy? B: I ( do) my homework.
  2、Look! Tom and Wang Bing (play) table tennis.
  3、Listen, the children (sing) in the music room.
  4、A: Where’s Mike? B: He (sleep) in his bedroom now.
  5、A: Do you like (jump)? B: Yes, I do.
  6、Let’s (wash) clothes now.
  7、Don’t (run) in the classroom.
  8、I (watch) TV now. My father (read) English. My mother (clean) the kitchen. We are very busy now. 三、 选择填空。 10% ( )
  1、What doing? Making puppets. A. are there; There are B. are they; They are C. they are; They are ( )
  2、 ? There is a toy monkey. A. Where is it B. What colour is it C. What’s in the box ( )
  3、The telephone is .Let me answer it. A. ring B. ringing C. rings ( )
  4、Su Hai and Su Yang at home . Look, they their study. A. are, are cleaning B. is ,clean C. are, are sweeping ( )
  5、Su Yang can .She an English song now. A. sing, sings B. singing, is singing C. sing, is singing ( )
  6、Are you watching TV now? No, I’m music. A. listen B. listening C. listening to ( )
  7、I’m free this afternoon. How you? A. are B. about C. do ( )
  8、A: Hello, is that Yang Ling? B: Yes, . A. I am Yang Ling B. this is Yang Ling C. that is Yang Ling ( )
  9、Shall we go and play basketball? Sorry. . A. I’m not free B. I’m free now C. I’m at home ( )
  10、I like . I can .I’m now. A. skiing, ski, skiing B. ski, skiing, skiing C. skiing, skiing, skiing
  1、doing , we , housework , are , home , at ( .) 英: 中:
  2、she , cleaning , is , windows , now , the ( .) 英: 中:
  3、please , and , me , can , you , come , help ( ? ) 英: 中: 五、 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 六、 ( A ( A ( A ( A ( A 情景交际,根据中文场景选择正确的英语。10% )
  1、你想告诉别人你正在唱歌,应说: A、What is Nancy doing? )
  2、你想问是谁的姐姐在跳舞,应说: B、How about this evening? )
  3、问别人是否喜欢打篮球,应说: C、I’m singing. )
  4、问别人现在是否有空,应说: D、Are you free now? )
  5、问别人会不会唱这首歌,应说: E、Let’s go to the playground. )
  6、请别人来帮助自己学语文,应说: F、Can you sing the song. )
  7、问别人今天晚上行不行,应说: G、See you this afternoon. )
  8、请别人和自己一起去操场,应说: H、Do you like playing basketball. )
  9、和别人约好今天下午见,应说: I、Can you come and help me with my Chinese? )
  10、你想知道南茜正在干什么,应说: J、Whose sister is dancing? 下面的句子有一项错误把错误选项写在括号内,并在横线上订正。5% )
  1、It’s four thirty. There are playing football there. B C )
  2、There are an apple and some oranges on the plate. B C )
  3、Listen! The birds in the tree are sing. B C )
  4、Not read books in the sun(太阳). B C )
  5、They like swimming, and I don’t. B C
听力内容: 一、
  5.playing the violin
  6.do his homework

  4.clean the window
二、Miss Li , where is Ben ? He is jumping in the playground. Mike is running in the playground, too. No, Mike is sitting under the tree. David is running. Nancy and Helen are under the tree, too.
Yes, Nancy is singing. Helen is listening to music. 三、
  1. What is Mike doing ?
  2. Are there any flowers in your classroom?
  3. What do you like?
  4. Who is standing near Miss Li?
  5. Hi, Su Hai , are you free? 四、Today is Sunday. Wang Bing and his family are busy. His mother is doing housework. His father is helping her mother. He is cleaning the desk. Wang Bing is doing his homework. Wang Bing’s grandparents are walking in the garden.



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