1. love, go, trips, to, I, on .
  2. Beijing, the, of, capital city, is, China .
  3. I, to, want, live, hotel, in, this .
  4. want, I, Danny, Jenny, and, come, to, too .
  5. leave, in, February first, we, morning, the .
  6. want, to, Danny, on, to, come, trip, Beijing, I, a, our .
  7. you, arrive, when, in, do, Beijing ?
  8. Beijing. May, live, I, in ?
  9. leave Monday we Shijiazhuang on .
  10. first for the Beijing on we leave January in morning. .
  11. we in on arrive October third Beijing . 填空
  1. How far is it from Shijiazhuang to Beijing? It’s about kilometers.

  12. is, a, faster, train, than, bus, a
  13. bus, than, slower, A, is, bicycle, a
  14. to, a, May, go, hotel, I
  15. from, is, far, to Beijing, How, Shijiazhuang, it
  16. do, we, When, leave
  17. do, the, we, When, airport, arrive, at
  18. Beijing, the, is, of, city, China, capital
  19. cab, a, is, than, a, train, slower
  20. When, Beijing, in, you, do, arrive
  21. They, trip, going, are, on, a
  22. far, is, it, China, how, to, Canada, from

  2. It’s about kilometers from Beijing to Shanghai.
  3. It’s nine kilometers from Beijing to Ottawa.
  4. far is it Shijiazhuang Beijing?
  5. It’s about (2
  78) kilometers.
  6. How far it from China Canada?
  7. It’s (85
  00) kilometers. Li Ming wants to go on a trip to Beijing. He is talking with his mum: : Li Ming: Mum, go on a trip to Beijing? : Mum: Yes, . : Li Ming: Mum, go Tian’anmen Square? : Mum: Yes, . : Li Ming: Mum, go Wangfujing? : Mum: , may. : Li Ming: Mum, live Bejing?: Mum: , not.
一、根据提示填空。 根据提示填空。
  1. I like (这条)pants. These pants red.
  2. he need a (夹克)? No.

  12. I need a (票).
  13. (那个)ball is not mine.
  14. Li Ming is (近).
  15. Li Ming is (远).

  3. These are (衣服). There is a (毛线衫), a pair 二、选词填空。 选词填空。 of (鞋)and a pair of (袜子).
  1. I like pants. I don’t like shirt. (that, these)
  4. He needs two pairs of (裤子).
  2. I need clothes. They’re new. (this, these)
  5. (这只)hen wears a red (裙子).
  3. This shirt is too big. That is too . (new, small)
  6. (这些)elephants are blue.
  7. (这只)bird is lovely.
  8. (这只)duck is in a green (毛线衫).
  9. (这些)animals are in the zoo. (那些)giraffes are not in the zoo.
  10. (这)is a tail.
  11. There are (裤子)and a pair of (睡衣). 对划线部分提问。 对划线部分提问。
  1. It’s a green skirt.
  2. She’s wearing a white sweater. 完成对话 Jenny: What are you doing, Li Ming? Li Ming: I my suitcase. Jenny: May you? Li Ming: Sure! Jenny: Do you this jacket? Li Ming: No, this is old. I want , that is . Jenny: of shoes do you have? Li Ming: I have one of shoes. 连词成句。 连词成句。
  1. can, find, you, my, key ?
  2. can’t, find, my, teddy, bear, I .
  3. they, are, where ?
  4. find, you, can, my, coat ?
  5. I, wearing, am, pyjamas .
  4. These pants red. That sweater blue. (am, is, are)
  5. I my new pens. He his old pants. (likes, like)
  6. ? What is your favourite ? ? Red. (colour, clothes) 三、改错。 改错。
  1. Do he need a pair of shoes?
  2. Red is I favourite colour.
  3. I like this pants.

  6. do, your, not, forget, teddy bear .
  7. you, those, do, want, pants ?
  8. pairs, many, socks, you, how, have, do, of ? 按要求写出下列各词。 按要求写出下列各词。
  1. can not(缩写形式)_
  2. small(反义词)_
  3. sunny(名词)_
  4. she(形容词性物主代词)_
  5. too(同音词)__
  6. that(复数形式)



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