五年级英语下册期末复习题 3
班级 选择填空。 选择填空。 填空
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Let's__football together? A. play B. go C. do )
  2. Are there __pandas in the zoo? A. some B. any C. A. )
  3.This is a picture __my room. A. in B. to C. of )
  4.Tom can the table. A. seat B. set C. sit )
  5.I am __art teacher. A. a B. an C. is )
  6.Let's go __today. A. swim B. run C. shopping )
  7.We often swim__the weekend.. A. in B. to C. on )
  8.What do you have __lunch today? A. at B. of C. for )
  9.__do you do on Monday ? A. What B. When C. Where )
  10.There__ a pencil and two erasers. A. is B. are C. am )
  11. I can plant__apple tree in March. A. a B. an C. the )
  12.In__,usually we can plant trees. A. winter B. spring C. fall )
  13.In spring, I wear my . A. skirts B. shirts C. shorts )
  14.Which school__Mike go to ? A. do B. does C. is )
  15.The__are green in fall. A. leaf B. leafs C. leaves )
  16. A: __is the best time to go to Beijing? B: Winter. A. Who B. What C. When )
  17.He plants many__in the garden. A. pear tree B. pear trees C. pear trees )
  18.__do you like English? __it is useful and interesting.
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
A. When In B. Where And C. Why because )
  19.What colour __you like? I like red. A. do B. does C. is )
  20.Fall is __favourite season. A. I B. my C. we )
  21.My brother's birthday is __April. A. on B. at C. in )
  22.March is the__month(月) in a year. A. second B. three C. third )
  23.__that young lady?She's Aunt Lee. A. Whose B. Who C. Who's )
  24.__is today?It is Sunday. A. What time B. What date C. What day )
  25.I can't play baskdtball __the rain. A. under B. of C. in )
  26.I __winter.It is too cold. A. like B. love C. don't like )
  27.__season do you like best? Spring. A. When B. Which C. Who )
  28.?I am a policeman. A. Where are you from? B. What do you do ? C. What do you like best? )
  29.I can play __snow in winter. A. to B. on C. with )
  30.Tom is writing__email to his dad. A. a B. an C. the )
  31.Can I __to your Dad,please? A. speak B. speaks C. speaking )
  32.There__a call for you. A. is B. are C. am )
  33.It is cold today.__your clothes. A. Put on B. Putting on C. Puting on )
  34.Mary and I __reading books. A. is B. are C. am )
  35.Can I speak to Amy?,please. A. Hold in B. Hold to C. Hold on )
  36.__everybody doing?Just fime. A. What's B. how's C. who's )
  37.that man?He's Mike's father. A. Who's B. What's C. Whose )
  38.?She's cooking dinner. A. Where is your mother? B. Which is your aunt?
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( ( (
( (
C. What is your sister doing? )
  39.See you,John.. A. Good mornign. B. See you. C. Hello. )
  40.The__ are swinging. A. monkey B. monkeys C. monkeies )
  41.Do you seeanimals? A. some B. any C. a )
  42.The rabbit is eating carrot.It's. A. short B. small C. hungry )
  43.The elephant is drinking water__it's trunk A. of B. with C. in )
  44.The fish are . A. swimming B. swim C. swiming )
  45.a big tree. A. What B. What a C. How a )
  46.__are the girls? They're in the woods. A. Which B. What C. Where )
  47.?I see a river. A. What do you see? B. What are you doing? C. What do you do? )
  48.The bird can't . A. fly B. sing C. swim )
  49.We are doingexperiment. A. a B. an C. the )
  50.Kate is to the woods. A. runing B. run C. running )
  51.What__Lucy and Ben ? A. is doing B. are doing C. are do )
  52.Mary is . A. playing the chess B. playing the football C. playing chess )
  53.In ,I can skate on the lake. A. spring B. winter C. summer )
  54.Mom,there is a call __you. A. to B. for C. with )
  55.May is the month of the year. A. fourth B. sixth C. fifth )
  56.We have lunch__12:00__noon A. at in B. in on C. at at )
  57.He is writing a letter in the. A. zoo B. mountain C. study )
  58.The kangaroo is
( ( ( (
( (
( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( (
A. runing B. jumping C. jumpping )
  59.I can't see monkeys. A. some B. a C. any )
  60.__do you like fall?__the weather is fine. A. Why Because B. Why That's C. When It's )
  61.Joan can a snowman. A. make B. making C. makeing )
  62.Hello!This is Amy __Daily Report. A. for B. from C. to )
  63.__is the baby monkey doing? A. Why B. Which C. What )
  64.Usually I __at 12:00 at noon. A. sleeping B. sleep C. leaping )
  65.I'm__TV now. A. watching B. watch C. watches )
  66.Can koalas?No, they can't. A. swing B. swinging Cswimming )
  67.__the pandas swimming?Yes,. A. Are…we are B. Can…they are C. Are…they are )
  68.__he doing the dishes?__,he is. A. Can…Yes B. Is…Yes C. Does…Yes )
  69.That little rabbit is__cute.Yes A. to B. so C. on )
  70.Can I speak __ __dad,please? A. to my B. to you C. for )
  71.__do you __cook dinner? At 5:
  30. A. When you B. When your C. What you



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