Unit 8 At the weekends
宜兴市川埠小学 生霞
weekend 周末 [e] at the weekends 在周末
A:How do you spend your weekends? B:I often …
A: How do you spend your weekends ? B: I often do housework .
A: How do you spend your weekends ? B: I often surf the Internet .
A: How do you spend your weekends ? B: I often play chess .
an insect 昆虫
A:How do you spend your weekends? B:I often … Sometimes I… A: How does … spend his/ her weekends ? B: He/ She often… Sometimes he/ she …
A:How does Yang Ling spend her weekends ? B:She often watches TV. Sometimes she reads English books.
A:How does Su Yang spend her weekends ? B:She often catches insects. Sometimes she watches TV.
A:How does David spend his weekends ? B:He often plays cards. Sometimes he listens to music.
A:How does Gao Shan spend his weekends ? B:He often draws pictures. Sometimes he washes clothes.
Topic: Talk about your family′s weekends.
Our weekends are nice. I like… I often…at the weekends. Sometimes I… My father likes… He often…at the weekends. Sometimes he… My mother likes…She often…at the weekends. Sometimes she… We all like our weekends.
A:What are you going to do this weekend ?
B:I′m going to …
  1.Write down the dialogues or Part C and Part D
  2.Do a survey: How do your teachers spend their weekends ? Miss Zhao Mr Wu Miss Sheng



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