五年级英语下册 unit5 单元练习题
Name: 一、 写出下列单词的 ing 形式。
飞 跳 走 跑

  1) What is the tiger doing ?

  2) The pandas are climbing.
  3) Are the elphants drinking water? (不是)

  4) Yes, the lions are fighting.
  5) It’s eating bananas. 三、根据意思,补充句子。
  1) A: are the pandas doing? B: They are trees.(爬树)
  2) A: I see two . They’re . (我看到两只猴子,正在荡秋千)
  3)A:Look at the . They’re near the river.

  4) A: Hi. I’m a .(袋鼠) I’m now. (跳)
  5) A: Birds can . (飞)They’re now. (飞) 四、根据上下文意思,填上适当的句子,使句子意思完整。 A: Can you see the monkeys? B: . Where are they? A: Look, they’re in the tree. B: ? A: They’re swinging. ? B: No, they can’t swim. A: Oh, it’s time to go home. B: OK. Let’s go. 五、阅读理解. 根据文章内容判断下列各题,对的打√ ,错的打×(10%) 阅读理解. 根据文章内容判断下列各题,对的打√ 错的打× 10%)
It's September. It's fine. Mr. Green and his family are in the park. They are having a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Green are looking at some fish in the lake. Tom, their son, is looking at a plane in the sky. Mary, their daughter, is walking behind her parents. She is looking at fish in the lake, too. ( ) l. It's a fine day today. ( )
  2. Mr. Green and his students are in the park. ( )
  3. Torn is looking at a plane in the sky. ( )
  4. Mary is sitting behind her parents. ( )
  5. Mary is looking at the fish in the lake, too.
八、短文选词填空(共 10 空,每空 1 分) jumping are flying are bird is fly swimming tigers in birds swinging There many animals in the zoo. Look! The are running. The two lions fighting. The monkeys are .The fish the river. Many are in the sky. Look,it’s a rabbit, it’s.
九、根据答句写问题(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分)
  1、A: B:She’s cleaning the room .
  2、A: B:Mike is playing sports.
  3、A: ? ? ?
B:I’m doing morning exercises.
  4、A: ?
B:Lily is running near the river.
  5、A: B:They’re doing homework. ?


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