五年级英语第六册期末检测题 年级英语第六 期末检测题 检测
听力部分 一、听音,选出与你听到的单词含有共同读音的一个。 ( )
  1. A. deer B. there C. poor ( )
  2. A. chair B. tour C. bear ( )
  3. A. colour B. your C. peach B. house C. boy ( )
  4. A. point ( )
  5. A. work B. word C. morning 二、听音,选出与你听到的录音不同的一部分。 ( )
  1. Lingling has got any photos. A B C D ( )
  2. I go there last year A B C D ( )
  3. It’s in the west to China. A B C D ( )
  4. Did you went with your father and mother? A B C D ( )
  5. We stayed with my grandmother for a week on June. A B C D 三、听音,完成句子(首字母已给出) 。
  1. When d you go to Xinjiang?
  2. We w there in July.
  3. Last year, she w to Qingdao and v her friend.
  4. They are p of China.
  5. We s with my grandmother for a week in July. 四、根据听到的句子,给下列答语排序。 ( )
  1. I’ve got two letters in English. ( )
  2. Last week we went to a children’s theatre. ( )
  3. The men wore women’s clothes. ( )
  4. After the show we went to a restaurant. ( )
  5. We all ate hamburgers and chips.
笔试部分: 一、根据提示完成单词。
  1. l fe ( )
  2. d__ ncer(

  3. d__ licious(

  4. asy ( )
  5. brken (
  7. m ssage ( )
  8. drgon (
  10. tick ( )
) )

  6. prent(
  9. qu__ __tion(
) )
  1. child(复数)
  2. learn(过去式)
  3. eat(过去式)
  4. library(复数)
  5. buy (过去式)
  6. light(反义词)
  7. ride(过去式)
  8. wear (过去式)
  9. people(复数)
  10. put(过去式) 三、选择填空。 ( )
  1. Who’s going to go you? A. to B. for C. with ( )
  2. Are you ready your trip America? A. for, for B. to, to C. for, to ( )
  3. He went to Beijing. He will be back two weeks. A. on B. at C. in ( )
  4. The books science are you. A. to, to B. about, for C. for, with ( )
  5. Try this one white, please. A. for B. on C. in ( )
  6. Look! It’s an email Amy. She made a card you. A. for, for B. from, to C. from, for ( )
  7. I milk last night and I juice tonight. A. drink, drink B. drank, drank C. drank, am going to drink ( )
  8. We toast and jam, he __ bread. A. like, like B. likes, likes C. like, likes ( )
  9. I want to a present for my cousin. A. take B. took C. about ( )
  10. We __ a play now. A. watching B. watched C. are watching
四、从 B 栏选出 A 栏的答语写在题前的括号内。 A B ( )
  1. Do you see it? A. In a newspaper ( )
  2. Does he walk to school? B. Yes, please. ( )
  3. Can I help you? C. She prefers football.
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  4. which do you prefer? D. No, I don’t. )
  5. Does she prefer football or basketball? E. No, he doesn’t. )
  6. Where can you find out about the news? F. By bus. )
  7. How do you go to library? G. I prefer watermelons. )
  8. Why don’t you give him a kite? H. At seven o’clock. )
  9. What are you going to take? I. That’s a good idea. )
  10. When are you going to go ? J. A passport.
五、读一读,排一排。 ( ) And your ticket? ( ) Did you bring your ticket? ( ) May I have a look at your passport and ticket? ( ) Oh, it’s here. It’s in my passport. ( ) Ok. Here is my passport. ( ) Ticket? Let me see. I put it in my bag. Oh, no. it’s not here. ( ) Well, I’m not sure. ( ) You can’t get on the plane without your ticket. 六、阅读理解。 A. London Dog likes sausages very much. One day, he went to a restaurant and had some very delicious sausages for lunch, He ate twelve sausages and said to himself, “I don’t want to eat any more.” But that evening, he ate another six sausages at home. He was worried about himself and phoned Beijing Dog, “ What’s wrong with me? I just can’t help eating sausages. What should I do?” Beijing Dog said , “You are alright, my friend. You are a sausage dog.” (
  1) The restaurant served A. great hamburgers B. delicious sausages C. good sandwiches (
  2) London Dog worried about himself because he A. missed Beijing Dog B. ate too many sausages C. was hungry (
  3) Beijing Dog thought London Dog was A. ill B. not a dog C.fine (
  4) London dog likes very much. A. sausages B. hamburgers C. sandwiches (
  5) ate twelve sausages . A. Beijing Dog. B. London Dog. C. New York Dog.
B. Kate is a new student. She is twelve. She is from America. She can speak English very well and she can speak a little Chinese. She is in Nanjing . Her parents are doctors. Kate is studying in a school near her home. She has classes from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, she often plays games with her Chinese friends. She loves China and her Chinese friends. 判断对(T)错(F) ( )
  1. Kate’s hometown is in England. ( )
  2. Her father is not a doctor. ( )
  3. Her school is not far from her home. ( )
  4. There aren’t any lessons from Monday to Friday. ( )
  5. Kate don’t like China. 七、写作。 根据所给单词的提示, Lingling 写一封信, 给 在信中讲述自己上周的活动。 watch TV, read a book, drink water, play computer



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