( get sweep home clean
school water kind funny
like tall
teacher young )
Hi, I‘m Mike. I up at 6:30 and go to at 7:
  00. At school, I the classroom and the classroom and the flowers. I En glish class. My English is Miss Li. She is and . She is ver y , but she isn’t . ( have has Mr He‘s likes class tall Miss long like very She’s )
I a new English teacher.She is White. very kind and a ctive. We all her class. Because her is so funny. She is a nd strong. She big eyes and hair. She apples much.. ( have s has watch TV am here are math like on in They‘re but favourite She’
English ) Hello!I‘m Jack. I
  11. My class is science. We scienc
e Mondays. I fish and vegetables. healthy. My mother si a n teacher. She’s funny. strict to me. I often on Saturdays. (a, picture, small, big, on, curtains, nice, room, an, window, like, near)
Look, this is a of my room. It‘s not , but it’s . There is a bed in the middle of my. There is air-conditioner the wal l. There are blue and a big . I like my room very much. (boy is girl set make empty cook homework housework sweep water helpful)
The pretty is my sister, Sarah. We often do at home on the weekend s. I am very at home. I can the floor, the bed and the table. Sarah helpful, too. She can the trash, th e flowers and the meals. ( Today on beef for favourite don‘t like It’s They‘re is are sweet )
is Sunday. My mom cooks many food the weekend. We have potatoes,
, green beans, fish and cabbage lunch. Potatoes are my mom’s foo d, but I like them. I green beans very much. tasty and healthy. Dad‘s favourite food beef. After lunch, we eat some apples. They are . (city are tall aren’t big lake houses air water colourful picture park sky)
Look, this is a of my. It‘s a city. There som
e rivers. But the is not clean. There are many buildings. There are s ome small , too. On weekends, I often go to the . The is fre sh. The flowers are . I like there very much. (home teacher cook he she ten student can empty table can’t helpful help wash)
I‘m years old. I’m a good at school. I‘m also a good child at _ . I can my mother the meals, the clothes and se t the . My sister is 8 years old. can sweep the floor and t he trash. But she cook the meals. My mother says we’re all helpful.
( very, an, a, two, have,
is, are, bedroom, living, in,
nice, like)
My name is Chen Hong. I‘m in Class Two, Grade Five. Now we a new flat. It’ s the fourth floor. There three bedrooms, kitchen, a bathr oom and a room. I have my room now. It‘s small and . Ther e are end tables in it . I my room much. ( see, happy, fresh, over, is, are, Under, park, sunny, in, clean, lake)
Today is and windy. I go to a nature with my friends. There i s a big mountain the nature park. There a long path in the mountai n. the mountain, there is a big lake. The water is . There are some fish in the . There is a river, too. You can a bridge the r iver. We play on the bridge. We are very .
( like name’s
name Monday four English math science class I watch
in )
My is Amy. I go to school from to Friday. Every morning get up a t 6:
  30. I have classes in the morning and two the afternoon. We have math and on Monday moring. I Fridays very much, because I have P. E. and I can TV on that day.
( about am play go do
He‘s She’s football read
she watch like teacher )
Hello, I Tim. I Chinese. Mrs. Wang is our Chinese . strict and kind. We all like her. I often Chinese books on Sunday moring. Then I s
hopping. In the afternoon, I play with my friends. In the evening, I my homework and TV. I love Sundays. What you?



   A. fulfill F. represent B. assume G. possibly C. demands H. welfare D. particularly I. presence E. personal J. symbolic When Michelle Obama became first lady of the United States on January 20, she began to join her husband in a partnership to tran ...


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