一, 完形填空 younger older of gray glasses
This is a picture my grandmother. She is eighty years old.She has hair and she wears . She loves me very much and I love her very much,too. WangLin is twelve years old,Jenny is twenty years old and Li Ming is fourteen years old. Wang Lin is than Jenny. Jenny is than Li Ming,but than WangLin. 二, 判断对(T)错(F) ZhangLin is a boy. He's twelve years old. His English is very good.Because his mother is an English teacher. His favouriter clothes is a yellow shirt. It's very nice. He likes to play foot ball with his friends. He always go to school by bus.On Sundays we offten play and study together. We are good friends.
  1. Zhang Lin's mother is a Chinese teacher.
  2. He likes a yellow shirt.
  3. He always goes to school by bike.
  4. Zhang Lin is twelve years old.
  5. He is my good friend. 三.介词填空 to in of with at on far ( ) ( ( ( ( ) ) ) )

  1. Look her hair.It's red.
  2. I live China.
  3. She goes to work her bicycle.
  4. They go a walk after supper.
  5. This is a picture my family.
  6. I like to play checkers my uncle.
  7. Do you go to the gym play badminton? 四.阅读选择 Li Ming has two good friends from Canada. They are rose and Mike. Their country is very far from China. They are in the same school,but they are not in the same class(班) .Li Ming and Rose are in Class One. They live in the same building. It is a little far from their school. They ride their bicycles to school and ride home together every day. ( )
  1.Where are Rose and Mike from? A. The U.K. B.Canada C.Australia
( )
  2.Li Ming and Mike are . A.in the same class B.not in the same school
C. not in the same class. ( )
  3.They live . A. very far from their school C.in one building B.near their school

  4.They go to school and come home every day. A. by bicycle B.by bus C. by car
无.阅读判断对(T)错(F) Hello,my name is Jimmy. I'm eleven . I am in Class Five,Grad (年级)Six.Now let me tell you some thing about my family. There are three people in my family. My father my mother and I .My father is a worker and my mother is a worker ,too.And they are both good workers, I am a good student. My father and mother love me very much. I love them very much,too. We have a new car. It's green. I like it very much.
  1.We have an old car. ( ) ( ) ( ) )

  2.I'm in class six, Grand Five

  3.There are three people in my family.
  4.My father and
mother are both worker. ( ( )

  5.I don't like our car.



   快速阅读解题方法分析 快速阅读要求考生在15分钟内完成一篇1200字左右的文章和 后面的10道题。前面7个题是单选,后3个是填空题(答案基 本都是原文中出现的原词)。该题型需要通过略读和寻读法, 乃至文章逻辑关系、标点符号等方面的综合运用,实现对随 后的题目有效的判断和填写。 因此,在解答题目方面,快速阅读并不强调一定要像精 读文章那样通篇认真研究,相反,快速阅读题目更强调测试 考生在实践语言环境中查询有效信息的能力,这也反映出四 六级考试试图提升考生实际应用能力的改革方向。 文章的篇幅和题 ...


       本文由lanbingfen2贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     2008 年 12 月大学四级英语阅读精解倒 计时 29 天     时间:2008-11-24 19:21:05 作者 作者:jason (来可可部落,交更多朋友|订阅可  时间 可听力网电子杂志) Anne Whitney, a sophomore at Colorado State Univer sity, first had a probl ...


   Elementary Reading Comprehension 初级阅读 Passage One The English language is spoken or read by the largest number of people in the world, for historical, political, and economic reasons; but it may also be true that it owes something of its wide appea ...


       本文由xiaohuozi1990贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     四级英语阅读高频词(一)|英语四级词汇 网站首页英语学习英语听力英语口语 英语阅读英语作文英语翻译英语新闻英语视频英语词 汇恒星英语论坛恒星英语提醒您 : 学习英语是一个持之以恒的过程, 每天坚持才能学好英语 -->■点此开始每天学 习英语■ 英语资讯 恒星英语论坛 注册 登录 外星人报到 英语资料下载 英语天天练 习 英 语考试交流 在线英语 ...


       本文由chengyuan679贡献     pdf文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     周刊 2008年第42期 ○ 考试研究     专业四级英语阅读应试技巧之探索     周大鹏1 马齐放2     (1 山东工商学院 大学外语教学部;2 鲁东大学 图书馆,山东 烟台 摘 要:  阅读是逻辑思维能力与语言水平的综合体现,是 英语专业四级考试成功的关键。 本 文分析了英语专业四级历 年考题中阅读理解的题型, 旨在提出培养学生英语阅 ...


   2011 年0埃 月0缕 学 术    理 论 0现代企业 教育 专业四级英语阅读方法的培养及应试技巧探索 迟明?_ (山东工商学院外国语学院 山东 烟台 2 6 4 0 0 5 ) 摘的要:阅读是一种思维活动,是逻辑思维能力与语言水平的综合体现,是专业四级考试成败与否的关键。根据平时的教学经验,分 析了专业四级历年考题中阅读理解的题型,提出了如何培养学生英语阅读的能力,及学生如何应付专业四级英语阅读考试。旨在帮 助学生了解阅读及阅读考试的特点,提高学生的阅读能力。 关键词:阅读方法 阅读特 ...


   呼场中学提高八年级英语口语交际能力的调查问卷 1、你喜欢英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 2 你喜欢在课堂内说英语吗? A.很喜欢 B. 一般 C. 不喜欢 3、对于英语常用口语单词你都能记住吗? A.能够 B. 大部分 C. 很少 4、你能流利地使用日常英语对话吗? A. 能够 B. 基本能 C. 不能 5、当大家在讨论某个话题时,你能用英语完全表达出自己的看法吗? A. 能够 B. 一点点 C. 不能 6、英语课上你能理解老师的每一句话吗? A. 能够 B. 勉强 C. 不 ...


   2010 Text 1 Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverage. It is difficult ...


   阅读下面的短文,根据有关内容回答问题. ( 每小题 2 分 ) Everyone knows there's not enough land in Hong Kong. If you go there by air, you will arrive at Kai Tak Airport. This was built out into the sea. It is in the part of Hong Kong called Kowloon. Kowloon is one of the t ...


   年大学英语四级巅峰阅读培训( 2008 年大学英语四级巅峰阅读培训(第 四讲) 四讲) 时间:2008-10-15 23:21:23 时间 可听力网电子杂志) 作者:jason 作者 (来可可部落,交更多朋友|订阅可 5 类定位信息考查寻读技能 ④ 事物的性质特征或比较关系 解题技巧:如果题干要求确定某个事物的性质,程度,范围或比较关系,那 么就可以借助题干中的形容词,副词或其比较级,最高级等比较词来定位题目出 处.然后对比原文与题干的陈述,最终确定题干是否正确. ⑤ 题干中不同于其他题的新 ...



   关于举行郑州大学第四届大学生英语辩论赛的通知 英二教研室的各位听说课老师: 本学期的口语教学进入到了课堂辩论这一教学环节。 按照大学英语教学改革指导组的安排,本学期 将在各班英语辩论的基础上举办郑州大学第四届大学生英语辩论赛。希望各位听说课老师将课堂对话 转入课堂辩论,辩论题目要参照各单元的内容安排。下面给出部分辩论题供参考: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. “Should people improve their appearance through plastic surgery?”(Un ...


   五、动词及短语动词 1.(2009?全国Ⅱ,15)If you leave the club,you ( 全国Ⅱ 全国 ) will not be A.received C.turned 解析 B back in.  B.admitted  D.moved  由句意“如果你离开了俱乐部, 由句意“如果你离开了俱乐部,就不允许 再回去了”可知应用admit, 再回去了”可知应用admit,指“允许进入”。 admit 允许进入” 2.(2009?全国Ⅰ,32)Encourage y ...


   Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic How to Succeed in a Job Interview? You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chin ...


   TPR 五步教学法小学英语试题分析 [导读] 小学英语这一时期儿童的语法、词汇及会话技能构建的关键时期;处于机械记 忆阶段,学得快忘的也很快,语言应用能力不强;开始需要面对学校考试的压力。 现在,小学生开始学习英语的时间越来越早,一年级就开设了英语课。但是,由于许多 孩子未养成良好的学习习惯,觉得学英语太枯燥、太难,导致对英语学习产生厌烦甚至畏惧 心理。 我们总结得相当简单,教单词,句子,WARM-UP 歌谣啥的,挺好: 1.老师做动作,老师说, (1 教师说出指令并做示范动作,学生边听边观 ...


   如何上好复习课 复习课是一种必不可少的课堂教学模式, 能帮助学生对所学基础知识、 基本技能进行梳 理和沟通,理出良好的认知结构,从而加深理解、增强记忆,并培养学生思维的整体性,使 不同层次的学生各有收益。所以,复习课担负着查缺补漏,系统整理以及巩固发展的重任。 然而,长久以来,英语复习课却一直是老师头疼,学生头晕的事,原因有几下几个方面。 1、趣味性逊色于新授课。新授课如新朋友,处处透着神秘:内容的呈现、形式的变换,吸 引着学生的注意;复习课的内容和练习的形式,学生司空见怪,毫无新鲜之感。 ...