西安世园会 英语常用词汇
  1. Hello! Is it the first time you come to Xi’an?你好!您是初次来西安吗?
  2. Good morning afternoon/afternoon /evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!
  3. How are you? 你好吗?
  4. Excuse me ! 打扰了。
  5. Sorry, I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道。
  6. Help yourself. 请自便。
  7. This way please. 请这边走。
  8. I have to go now. 我必须走了。
  9. See you tomorrow. 明天见。
  10.See you later.待会儿见。
  11.I’m easy.我随便。
  12.Where are you going? 你去哪里?
  13.I’m going to Xi’an Botanical Garden. 我要去西安植物园。
  14.It’s only a ten-minute walk.走路需要十分钟。
  15.Try this ,please. 请试试这个。
  16.What’s up? I’m in a hurry.怎么了?我在赶时间。
  17.I’ll show you around. 我领你四处看看。
  18.What makes you come here? 是什么吸引你来的?
  19.Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.祝你在这儿玩的高兴。
  20.Could you please do me a favor? 来帮我个忙好吗?
  21.Could you please show me the way to the Museum? 请您告诉我去博物馆的路怎么走?
  22.Walk down this street two blocks and turn left(right),then you can see it on the left side. 沿着这条路直走,过了两个街区然后左(右)转产供销 就会看到它在路的左侧。
  23.Where am I on the map of Xi’an? 我在西安地图上的什么位置?
  24.How far is it from Xi’an Railway International Horticulture Exposition? 从西安站到世园会有多远的路程?
  25.Shall we take a cab there and come back by bus? 我们乘出租车去,回来乘巴士好吗?
  26.Welcome to Xi’an China International Horticulture Exposition. 欢迎来到西安世园会。
  27.May I know your name? 我可以知道您的名字吗?
  28.I hope it stays fine for the whole day. 我希望整天都是好天气。
  29.The exposition is closed to Xi’an Botanical Garden. 世博园毗邻西安植物园。
  31.Special bus lines for tourists directly lead to Xi’an Expo Garden. 为游客方便,我们有直达世 博园的特殊公交线路。
  33.What can I do for you? 您需要点什么?
  34.It’s too expensive .Can you give me discount? 太贵了,能给我打折吗?
  35.What size do you wear? 你穿多少号?
  36.May I try this on ? 我能试穿一下吗?
  38.Thank you very much.非常感谢,乐意为您效劳。

  39.Is this small or large size? 这个是小号还是大号的?
  40.The quality of this pair of trousers is very good. I’ll take it . 这条裤子质量很好,我买它了。
  41.I ‘d like to pay in cash. 我要付现金。
  43.Excuse me ,is there any hotel available nearby? 打扰您问一下,这附近有旅馆吗?
  44.Do you accept traveler’s checks? 你们收旅行支票吗?
  45.What would you like to order? 请问您需要点什么?
  46.What is the specialty of this restaurant? 本餐厅的特色菜是什么?
  47.Where can I have McDonald’s? 哪里可以吃到麦当劳?
  48.Where can I exchange my dollars for RMB? 我到哪能将美元兑换成人民币?
  49.The Expo consists of 4main buildings and 3 characteristic scenes. 本届世园会有四大主题建筑,三大特色景观。
  50.Does the tour include Xi’an International Horticultural Expo Garden. 这次旅游包括西安世博园吗?
  53.The Expo consists of 3 main performances and diversified characteristic performances. 本届世园会还有三大主题表演和多项特色表演。
  54.Where do I get off ? 我需要在哪下车?
  55.What kind of flower is your favorite? 你最喜欢什么花?
  56.Are you used to the food here? 你习惯吃这儿的饭菜吗?
  57.Lady first. 女士优先。
  58.What impressed you most in Xi’an? 西安给您留下印象最深的是什么?
  59.What do you think about the weather here? 你觉得这里的天气怎么样?
  60.What date is it today? 今天是几号?
  63.I haven’t any cash on me and I’d like to draw out some money from ATM nearby. 我身上没带现金,想在附近的自动取款机中取些钱。
  64.May you good luck! 祝你好运!
  65.Can you speak Chinese? 你会说汉语吗?
  67.We will visit Xi’an International Horticultural Expo. 我们要去参观西安国际园艺博览会。
  67. We are proud of holding china Xi’an International Horticultural Expo 20
  06. 我们为承办中国西安世园会感到骄傲。
  68.It’s very kind of you! 你真是太好了!
  69.Is it far from here? 离这儿远吗?
  70.Yes ,You’d better take a bus ./NO, it ‘s just over there. 远,你最好坐公共汽车去。/不远,就在那里。
  71.It’s a about one kilometre from here. 距这里约一公里。

  72.Now I will introduce some places of interest in Xi’an to you. 我将为你们介绍西安的风景名 胜。
  72.How long does it take me to go there by bus ? 做公交车要有多长时间?
  73.It takes about twenty minutes.大约需要 20 分钟。
  75.excuse me ,does the bus no.262 stop at the Expo Garden? 请问 262 路公共汽车去世博园吗?
  76. You speak good Chinese. 你汉语说得很好。
  77.Is it a long time since you came to shengyang? 你来西安很久了吗?
  78.When are you off ? 你什么时候走?
  81.Could you please tell me the time now? 你能告诉我现在的时间吗?
  82. Safe journey. 祝你一路顺风。
  83. I’m flying back tomorrow. 我明天坐飞机回去。
  84. Hope to meet you again.希望再一次见到你。
  85. Did you have a good time today? 今天你玩的高兴吗?
  86. I’m seeing you off at the airport tomorrow. 明天我去机场送你。
  87. This is a tree-star hotel.这是三星级宾馆。
  88. Keep well. 保重。
  89. What is the temperature today? 今天多少度?
  90.It is 14 degrees centigrade. 今天摄氏 14 度。
  91.Shall we do some shopping in Zhongjie Street?我们去中街购物好吗?
  92. May I beg your pardon?请您再说一遍。
  93. The Expo will take place from May to October ,2010, altogether 183 days. 本次展会于 2010 年 4 月开幕,10 月闭幕,为期 183 天。
  95.What’s the weather today? 今天天气怎么样?
  96.It’s fine. 天气很好。
  97.I hope you will come to Xi’an again. 希望你能再次来西安做客。
  98.We are looking forward to seeing you next time.我们期待下次再见到你
  99.Xi’an is a beautiful city. 西安是一座美丽的城市。 1
  00.The people in Xi’an are very friendly.西安人非常热情


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