1. To transmit electromagnetic waves takes energy. 传送电磁波需要能量。
  2. Chemical control will do most of things in pest control. 化学防治能在病虫害防治中起主要作用。
  3. It is not until wires are connected that the path is completed. 直到导线连上以后,此电路才连通。
  4. The odds are heavily against any man being able to do the work in the field of abstract theory that Einstein is doing. 对任何能从事爱因斯坦正在进行的抽象理论研究的人来说,条件都是极为不利 的。
  5. Oscillator design is of an art rather than an exact science. 与其说振荡器的设计是一门严谨的科学,不如说它是一门艺术。
  6. A rapid decrease by a factor of 7 was observed. 发现迅速减少到 1/
  7. Birds and animals which hunt at night have eyes which contain few or no cones at all, so they cannot see colors. 凡是在夜间觅食的飞禽走兽,因为眼睛中的视锥细胞数量极少或根本没有,所以 不能辨别颜色。
  8. Tsunami is sometimes powerful enough to destroy a coastwise building it strikes 海啸有时威力很大,足可催毁它所冲击的沿岸的建筑物
  9. Not everybody is convinced the Leaning Tower of Pisa really can be saved. 并非每一个人都相信比萨斜塔真的能够免于坍塌。
  10. Every crane has a certain lifting capacity, ranging from a few tons to many hundreds of tones. 每台起重机均有一定的起重力,该起重力从几吨到几百吨不等。
  11. The best solution is to continue to reduce all sources of pollution affecting our atmosphere 最好的办法是继续减少影响大气层的各种污染源。
  12. Quantum chemistry is still in its infancy. 量子化学仍处于发展初期。
  13. It is these drawbacks which need to be eliminated and which have led to the search for new processes. 正是因为这些缺点需要加以消除,才导致了对新方法的探求。
  14. Real-time systems often need extraordinary precautions to guard against possible breakdown of the computer. 实时系统往往要特别小心,以防止计算机发生故障。
  15. The steam engine uses a fire in a boiler rather than inside the engine. 蒸汽机所利用的是锅炉中的火,而不是发动机里边的火。
  16. The principal advantage of the products is a two-fold reduction in weight 这些产品的主要有优点重量减轻了 1/2
  17. Our primary purpose in studying fatigue is to understand why failures occur so that we can guard against them in an optimum manner.
  18. This system will build on the knowledge and experience gained in developing the existing suite of software products. 这个系统的基础是从开发现有的成套软件产品中所获取的知识和经验。
  19. All metals do not conduct electricity equally well 并非所有的金属导电性能都同样好。
  20. It means that the mass of the comet cannot have amounted to as much as one ten-thousandth of that of the earth. 这表明这颗彗星的质量甚至不到地球质量的万分之一。
  21. Inspection programs help to determine when to replace parts. 检验计划有助于确定更换零部件的时间。
  22. Many health-conscious women increase their risk by rejecting red meat, which contains the most easily absorbed form of iron. 许多保健意识太强的妇女也很危险,因为她们拒绝食用牛肉或羊肉,而这些肉中 所含铁质易被吸收。
  23. They consider it no use adding more catalysts in the solution. 他们认为在溶液里再加催化剂没有用。
  24. The entire circuit should be checked against the schematic diagram 应该对照原理图将整个线路检查一次
  25. This is so because the resistance to motion is essentially due to the deformation of the rolling elements and hence, is not a sliding phenomenon. 所以这样,是因为对运动的阻力基本上源于滚动零件的变形,而不是滑动现象。
  26. The equipment reduced the error probability by a factor of
  5. 该设备误差概率降低了 4/
  27. What we commonly call metals are in fact of not metals but alloys 我们通常称作金属的东西,实际并不是金属而是合金
  28. A few people were infected with the AIDS virus through blood transfusions. 曾有少数人通过输血传染上艾滋病毒。
  29. The performance of the machine is short of the requirements. 这台机器的性能没有达到要求。
  30. The major advantage of the transistor as used in electronic circuits are light weight, small space, low power consumption. 使用在电子电路中的晶体管的主要优点是重量轻,体积小,耗电量低。
  31. The specific method of cutting should be employed to decrease the generation of an undue a mount of heat. 应采用特殊的切割方法减少过多热量的产生。
  32. While this restriction on the size of the circuit holds, this law is valid 只要电路尺寸符合上述的限制,这条定律就能适用于该电路
  33. The “weightless” condition of astronauts in orbit about the earth arises from just this cancellation of inertial and gravitational forces. 围绕地球运转时宇航员的失重状态,就是由于引力与惯性力相互抵消的原因。
  34. It is well-known that a moving electrical charge generates a circular magnetic field around its path. 众所周知,运动中的电荷在其路途的周围产生一个环形磁场。
35 the calculation o the values involves so many factors that only a computer can cope with it 这些数值的计算包括如此多的因子,以至于只有计算机才可以应付。
  36.When the voltage is stepped up by ten times,the strength of the current is stepped down by ten times. 电压升高 9 倍,电流强度便降低 9/
  10。 (???)
  37. How energy and matter behave, how they interact one with the other, and how we control them make up the substance of two basic physical sciences, physics and chemistry. 能量和物质具有什么特性,它们怎样相互作用以及我们如何控制它们,这就构成 了物理和化学这两门基础学科的内容。
  38. For any machine whose input and output forces are known, its mechanical advantage can be calculated. 对任何机器来说,如果知其输入力和输出力,就能求出其机械效益。
  39. In such cases an antifriction bearing might be a poor answer. 这时如果用减摩轴承,可能不是一种好的解决办法。
  40. The amount of heat given out by the heater increase in direct proportion to the length of time the heater is on 加热器所放出的热量与加热器开的时间爱你长短成正比
  41. When oxygen was blown into, bacteria were stimulated to eat the toxic wastes. 当注入氧气后,促进细菌吞噬掉有毒的污物。
  42. The best solution that science and medicine have come up with so far is the sleeping pill, which is another mixed blessing. 迄今为止,科学和医学对此提出的最佳解决方案是安眠药片,但这也是既有利又 有弊。
  43. It follows that radar is an electronic system for locating aircraft or cloud patterns. 由此可见,雷达是用来测定飞机位置或云形位置的电子系统。
  44. An entire disk pack might hold around 300 million bytes or characters. 一个整磁盘可能容纳大约 3 亿个信息组或电码组合。
  45. Never before have so many people applied such abstract mathematics to so great a variety of problems. 从来没有这么多的人,把如此抽象的数字用于解决种类如此繁多的问题。
  46. This sort of membrane is twice thinner than ordinary paper. 这种薄膜比普通纸要薄一半。
  47. Electric charges, positive and negative, which are responsible for electrical force , can wipe one another out and disappear. 产生电场力的正负电荷会相互抵消掉。
  48. Without the ozone layer,plants and animals would also be affected 如果没有臭氧层,动植物也将受到影响
  49. Without the laws of motion as a basis, thousands of discoveries and inventions would have been out of the question. 没有运动定律作为基础,不可能有成千上万的发现和发明。
  50. The species that live on our Earth form its natural environment ,and in their diversity they maintain an intricate balance with the Earth and with each other.
生存在我们地球上的物种形成了它们的自然环境, 它们以其多样性保持着与地球 和相互之间复杂的平衡性。
  51. The immunity system of a human body is beautifully designed to meet most of its problems. 人体免疫系统十分精妙,足以应付大部分疾病。
  52. Computers come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities. 计算机大小不一,能力各异。
  53. It is at once apparent that the current flows through T1 and T2 on a half and half basis in this circuit configuration. 一目了然,在这种电路中,电流平均地流过了 T1 和 T
  54. This type of turbine usually rotates at a very high speed, around 20,000 to 25,000 r/m. 这种涡轮机通常以非常高的速度运转,每分钟约为两万到两万五千转。
  55. As the molecular weights increase, so do the melting and boiling points. 随着分子量的增大,熔点和沸点也提高了。
  56. Switching time of the new-type transistor is shortened 3 times 新型晶体管的开关时间缩短了 2/3
  57. The wire must not be in contact with the air or it will become oxidized and burn out. 电线不能与空气接触,否则其会生锈并烧掉。
  58. Entire epochs have been named for material. 人们往往用某个材料来命名一个时代。
  59. Dynamics is a discipline that can not be mastered without extensive practice
  60.This current changing,the magnetic field will change. 如果这一电流变化,磁场也会变化。
  61. They cited cases of identical twins reared in different homes who developed very different characteristics despite identical heredity. 他们列举了一些这样的事例, 在不同的家庭抚养的一对双胞胎尽管遗传特性完全 相同,但会养成完全不同的个性。
  62. It goes without saying that agriculture engineering involves both the natural sciences and the biological sciences. 不言而喻,农业工程包括自然科学和生物学。
  63. The high-voltage transmission lines of most power are arranged as networks. 大多数高压输电线按网络方式布局。
  64. Just as the rate of the flow of water can be measured in gallons per second, so is the rate of the flow of electricity measured in amperes 安培用来计量电流的流量,就像加仑用来计量水的流量一样。 电流的流量用安培来计算,正像水的流量能够用每秒加仑来计量一样
  65. The hydrogen atom is nearly 16 times as light as the oxygen atom. 氢原子的重量约为氧原子重量的 16 分之
  66. The atmosphere, therefore, is heated by contact with the surface and vertical motion thereby ensures. 这样,大气由于与地面接触而被加热,从而引起了垂直对流。

  67. Problem should be resolved in good time 有问题要及时加以解决
  68. The importance of proper lubrication cannot be overemphasized. 应特别强调适当进行润滑的重要性。
  69. A liquid is made to circulate through pipes in the refrigerator, picking up heat from the food. 可以使某种溶液在冰箱的管子中环流,从而带走事物中的热量。
  70. Two spacecraft are being launched to probe the atmosphere of Venus. 将发射两个航天器来探测金星的大气层。
  71. After the war much of this knowledge was poured into the developing of the computers. 战后,这项知识大量的应用于研制计算机。
  72. It has been found that the current mechanism in semi-conductors is entirely different from that in metal conductors 人们发现,半导体的电流原理与金属导体的电流原理完全一样
  73. We may picture an atom as made up of a positive nucleus surrounded by electrons. 我们可以设想原子的结构是一个带正电荷的原子核外面围着若干电子。
  74. Frictional forces, too, may also act when there is no relative motion. 在没有相对运动的情况下,也可以有摩擦力的作用。
  75. The production of integrated circuits has been increased to three times as compared with last year 集成电路的产量比去年增加了两倍。
  76. Providing that we know both the current and resistance, the voltage can be calculated. 知道了电流和电阻,就能求出电流。
  77. Matter is transported in a circulatory system. 循环系统输送物质。
  78. Little information is given as to the origin of life. 关于生命起源方面的资料极少。
  79. Lubricated frequently, bearings will wear. 即使经常给轴承润滑,还是会磨损。
  80. Two cables, thing miles long, run under the sea from English to France 从英国到法国的海底,铺设了两条 30 英里长的电缆。
  81. In developing the design, we must consider the feasibility of processing. 在进行设计时,必须考虑加工的可能性。
  82. It is important to learn when the environment is not good for plants and animals; it is not good for man. 懂得当环境不利于动植物时也不利于人类这一点是很重要的。
  83. There might be a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy swallowing up stars at a very rapid rate 在银河系中心也许有一个巨大的黑



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