(20 分) 一、听力题: 听力题: ( I.听问句,选择正确答语。听一遍。 (10 分) ( )
  1.A.This is my hat. B.It’s red. C.Here is your hat. ( )
  2.A.Yes,thanks B.No,Let’s go there C.Yes, please. ( )
  3.A.I’m fine, thanks B.I’m fifteen C.He is fifteen ( )
  4.A.Two eggs. B.Have a picnic C. No,thanks ( )
  5.A.He likes basketball B.He is tall with two long legs. C.He is sixteen years old ( )
  6.A.She is driving a car. B.She is a worker C.She likes working ( )
  7.A.It’s Jane’s B.It’s too short C.It’s a red one ( )
  8.A.Tom’s B.It’s Tom’s C.He is Tom ( )
  9.A.He works in a hospital B.He likes hospital C.He goes to a hospital ( )
  10. A.Dog B.Duck. C.Fish. II.听短文,根据短文内容,选择正确的答案。听两遍。 (10 分) ( )
  11.There are people in the family. A.Three B.four C.five ( )
  12.Wang Ying’s husband works . A.in a hospital B.in an office C.in a school ( )
  13.Han Xiao’s is an office worker. A.father B.mother C.brother ( )
  14.Han Le is . A.in class 2, Grade 7 B.in class 8, Grade 7 C.a good student ( )
  15.Han Ming and Han Le are . A.brothers B.father and son C.father and daughter 单选题: (20 二、单选题: ( 分) ( )
  1.After they do Chinese kung fu. A.class B.lesson C.classes D.school ( )
  2.What a funny time English! A.Study B.Studying C.do D.to study ( )
  3.There is tree. Those are trees. A.pears, bananas B.pear, banana C.pears, banana D.pear, bananas ( )
  4.Oh, this shirt is nice, I’ll it . A.look B.take C.bring D.see ( )
  5.Mike to buy a white bag. A.like B.want C.wants D.wants to like ( )
  6.?What do you think of ? ?It’s very hard. A.the twelveth lesson B.the lesson twelve C.twelve lesson D.the twelfth lesson ( )
  7. your brother want to be an actor? A.Do B.is C.Are D.Does ( )
  8.I usually books in the morning.
A.look B.read C.see D.watch ( )
  9.?Where your new pants? ? on the bed. A.is; It’s B.are; It’s C.is; They’re D.are; They are ( )
  10.The old woman’s birthday is Februany 8 th . A.on B.in C.at D.of ( )
  11.Jerry to school on weekends. A.go B.goes C.is go D.going ( )
  12. you the last one a shower? A.Are ,take B.Are, to take C.Do, takes D.Do, take ( )
  13. Can you think ? A.her job is what B.what is her job C.what her job is D.is what her job ( )
  14.He doesn’t a shower every day . A.takes B.taking C.has D.take ( )
  15.?What’s your favorite sports? ? . A.swimming ard run B.Swim and run C.Swim and running D.Swimming and running ( )
  16.After school we usually play basketball for half an hour on playground . A.the, the B./ , / C./ ,the D.the , / ( )
  17. does Salina like science? A.Why B.When C.Where D.What time ( )
  18.His P.E. teacher is strict him. A.for B.in C.with D.make ( )
  19.In the USA they think is the second day of a week. A.Monday B.Sunday C.Tuesday D.Wednesday ( )
  20.What time does June after school? A.do her homework B.does her homework C.do her homeworks D.does her homeworks 句型转换: (20 三、句型转换: ( 分)
  1.My English teacher likes apples.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) , English teacher apples ? , .
  2.His son eats ice cream every day .(改否定句) His son ice cream every day .
  3.Rabbits like carrots.(对划线部分提问) rabbite ?
  4.oranges, likes, for, bananas, Tom, eggs, and breakfast (连词成句)
  5.Do the have a volleyball? (用 Mike 代替 they 来变换) Mike a volleyball ?
  6.Sally wants a new baseball bat.(对划线部分提问)
  7.Maria has a brother and sister. (改为一般疑问句)

  8.The girl does her homework every evening. (改为否定句)
  9.Her favorite subject is art . (对划线部分提问)
  10.It’s eleven o’ clock. (对划线部分提问) 完开填空: (10 四、完开填空: ( 分) There is a fridge (冰箱) in the kitchen. It’s not full. 1 ! There are 2 apples and bananas . There 4 some meat and fish in pears in it . But there aren’t any oranges 3 a bag .We want to 5 the meat and fish for supper this evening. Near the bag 6 two boxes. The 7 is a box of cakes. The small one is a box of tea. Behind the gboxes there orange. There are some bottles of milk, 9 . There isn’t any bread or are five 8 rice. Mother 10 to buy some for supper . ( )
  1.A.Listen B.Watch C.See D.Look ( )
  2.A.some B.any C.much D.few ( )
  3.A.so B.but C.or D.and ( )
  4.A.are B.is C.isn’t D.aren’t ( )
  5.A.bring B.use C.take D.have ( )
  6.A.has B.have C.there are D.there is ( )
  7.A.bag B.one C.ones D.boxes ( )
  8.A.a bottle of B.bottle C.bottles D.bottles of ( )
  9.A.too B.also C.here D.there ( )
  10.A.hurries B.goes C.wants D.likes 阅读理解: (20 五、阅读理解: ( 分) When you are in England, you must be very careful (小心) in the streets , because the traffic (车辆) drives on the left . Before you cross the street, you must look at the right and then the left. In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from work, the streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous 危险的) ( then. When you go by bus ,you have to be careful 小心) ( , too. Always remember (记住) traffic goes on the left. Have a look first , or you will go a wrong the way . In may English cities there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. From ther you can see the city very well. It’s very beautiful. ( )
  1.You must be very careful in the streets in England because . A.there is a lot of traffic B.the traffic is very fast C.the traffic drives on the left D.there are no policemen(警察) ( )
  2.When you cross the streets, you must lookt first . A.the right B.the left C.the front D.the back ( )
  3.When is it the most dangerous in the streets? A.In the morning. B.In the evening C.At night D.At the time when people go to or come from work. ( )
  4.How many floors do the big buses have in many English cities ? A.One . B.Two C.Three. D.Four. ( )
  5.If you want to see the city well, which floor do you sit ? A.On the first floor B.On the second floor
C.On the third floor Vegetables Sam Tim Ben Kitty Judy L D D D L
D.On the four floor fruit D L D L D eggs L L L D D ice cream D D L D L Chicken L D L D D
Notice:L?like D?dislike (不喜欢) 根据表格回答问题:
  1.Who likes both fruit and eggs?
  2.Who likes ice cream but dislike chicken?
  3.How many children don’t like vegetables? Who are they?
  4.How many children dislike and vegetables? Who are they?
  5.What do most children like? 书面表达: (10 六、书面表达: ( 分) 给你的笔友 Mary 写一封信,介绍你的家庭。注意书信的格式。不能用真实姓名,字数 大约 60?80 个字。



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