A Test for Contemporary College English
Vocabulary and Structure
Test One
  1. the fact that his initial experiments had failed, Prof. White persisted in his research. A. Because of B. As to C. In spite of D. In view of
  2. For the success of the project, the company should the most of the opportunities at hand. A. obtain B. grasp C. catch D. make
  3. We tried to get Sue to come with us. A. in vain B. wastefully C. in failure D. to fail

  4. My grandpa usually a nap after lunch. A. makes B. takes C. have D. sleeps
  5. It is easy to a small detail like that. A. startle B. hesitate C. overlook D. whisper
  6. The society we are living in today is so that nobody can really understand everything in it. A. intricate B. interesting C. observant D. irritated

  7. To achieve success takes exertion, struggle and . A. independence B. resistance C. performance D. perseverance
  8. Nothing can for the loss of a child. A. make it up B. make up C. make use D. make
  9. She sat in the middle of them, in red. A. dressing B. dressed C. to be dressed D. was dressing

  10. The mother said she would her son washing the dishes if he could finish his assignment before supper. A. let down B. let alone C. let off D. let up
  11. In the coming term she will the advanced class. A. take advantage of B. take an account of C. take charge of D. take care of
  12. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn’t what color it was. A. make out B. look to C. look out D. take in

  13. Two-thirds of the workers in this factory on strike from next Monday. A. is B. are C. is to be D. are to be
  14. enough time money, the researchers would have been able to discover more in this field. A. Giving B. To give C. Given D. Being given
  15. He found Irene at the piano with her hands on the keys. A. seating B. seated C. seat D. to seat

  16. Your advice would be valuable to him, who is now at a loss as to what to do first. A. exceedingly B. excessively C. extensively D. exclusively
  17. The police have asked that who saw the accident should get in touch with them. A. somebody B. one C. anyone D. someone
  18. The boy felt nervous because he was soon home for the first time. A. leaving B. leave C. to left D. to leave

  19. He began by making a few general observations the report. A. towards B. about C. of D. with
  20. The traveler seemed by cool drinks and went on his journey. A. refreshed B. refreshing C. to refresh D. having refreshed
  21. He when someone knocked at the door. A. has just got up B. just got up C. had just got up D. would just get up

  22. Her performance made a favorable impression the audience. A. at B. of C. in D. on
  23. , the consumer used the right to fair and efficient settlement of claims. A. Having unfairly treated B. Having been unfairly treated C. Unfairly treating D. To be unfairly treated
  24. Between 1897 and 1919 at least 29 motion pictures in which artificial beings were portrayed . A. had produced B. have been produced C. would have produced D. had been produced

  25. can help but be fascinated by the world into which he is taken by science fiction. A. Everybody B. Nobody C. Somebody D. Anybody
  26. The article opens and closes with descriptions of two new reports, each one major point in contrast with the other. A. makes B. made C. is to make D. making
  27. The chairman of the company said that new techniques had improved their production efficiency. A. violently B. severely C. extremely D. radically

  28. mainly for the invention of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell devoted his life to helping the deaf. A. He is remembered B. To remember C. Though remembered D. While remembering
  29. At the party we found that shy girl her mother all the time. A. depending on B. coinciding with C. adhering to D. clinging to
  30. Television is another major instrument of communication, us to see as well as the performer. A. permitted…to hear B. being permitting…hear C. to permitting…hear D. permitting…to hear



   A Test for Contemporary College English Vocabulary and Structure Test One 1. the fact that his initial experiments had failed, Prof. White persisted in his research. A. Because of B. As to C. In spite of D. In view of 2. For the success of the proj ...


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