Unit 14
Task 1 【答案】 答案】 Name Andrea Photos Yannis Claude Steward Age 28 31 15 50 38 Teaches skiing Runs a water-skiing school Student Owner and manager of a wind-surfing club Bank manager Work Free time activity Trains for the Olympics Plays chess Drives the boat Studies English Goes underwater caving
【原文】 原文】 A reporter is interviewing some people about unusual sports. Interviewer: Hello, Andrea. I’ve just been watching you skiing. You’re really very good, aren’t you? Very fast indeed. Andrea: Thank you. I do teach skiing, you know, so I have to be good. But now I also have to be very fast, because I’ve been selected for the Olympic team and I’m training for the Olympic Games next year. Interviewer: Photos, water sports are your work ? water skiing, parasailing. Do you still enjoy them? Photos: Oh yes, I love water skiing particularly, but some days, when it’s raining, there’s nothing to do. So I’m learning to play chess in my spare time. It’s a nice game, you know. Interviewer: And Yannis, how old are you? Yannis: I’m fifteen. I’m on holiday at the moment and I’m helping my brother. I’m learning to drive the boat. But I live in Athens with my family. I’m a student there. Interviewer: Claude, you look very fit. How old are you? Claude: I’m fifty now. I own this windsurfing club, but I’m also the club manager. I windsurf a lot and I meet a lot of British and Canadians, so I’m studying English twice a week ? in the evenings. Interviewer: Stewart, you are from Scotland, aren’t you? Stewart: Yes, I’m a bank manager in Aberdeen. But as you know, I go underwater caving. I want to go to Borneo next summer. But it’s a very dangerous sport so I’m practicing diving every weekend, at the moment. Task 2 答案】 【答案】
  1) b,
  2) Lift the club backwards away from the ball; keeping left arm straight till you get to the top of the wing; keep your head down; keep looking at the ball; swing down; hit the ball; throw that club towards the hole.
  3) c,
  4) Bend your knees; thrust your hands back; go into the water; make your heads follow, go straight in and your legs follow; put your hands back, behind your back.
  5) c,
  6) Take your left hand; get some hair on its neck; get a good firm hold; lift your left leg; put it in the stirrup; hang on tight with your left hand onto the hair; your toes are facing towards its back; put your other hand on the back of the saddle; swing your leg over the back. 原文】 【原文】
Extract 1: Steve: Lift the club backwards away from the ball. That’s it. Keeping that left arm straight. Fern: It’s not easy. Steve: ...till you get to the top of the wing. [Yeah.]Good. Now the very important thing ? you must keep your head down all the time. Fern: Down? Steve: Yes, keep looking at the ball. Fern: Oh, but I’m looking at the club. Steve: No. You must look at the ball. That’s it. Right, now... Fern: It’s not a very natural position, is it? Steve: Well, now swing down. [Yes.] that’s it... swing down and through keeping that left arm straight [Yes.] and even when you... even after you’ve hit the ball, you must keep that head looking at where the ball was. Yes. Fern: It doesn’t seem right to me! Steve: No, no. You’re doing really well. That’s OK. Fern: It’s not easy, is it? Steve: And after you’ve hit the ball, keep looking at where the ball was but make sure you throw that club towards the hole. Fern: That’s not going to be difficult at all. I’ve almost let go several times. Steve: You mustn’t let go. I mean you must just point the club towards the hole. Fern: Yes, that’s why I’m looking in that direction so I can check where it’s gone... hasn’t gone very fast actually. Steve: Good. You’ll be really good. Extract 2: Tom: Am I standing in the right position? Ruth: Well, you’ve got to bend your knees a bit more, and thrust your hands back, so when you go into the water, you make your heads follow, er... go straight in and your legs follow. Tom: Is this OK? Ruth: Yes, that’s just...yes, that’s just about right and bend your knees a little bit more. Tom: Does...? This all right now? Ruth: Yes, that’s fine. Now, put your hands back, behind your back. OK? Nice and straight...Yes, that’s it, and then, make it... now, go on, go! Make your head go straight in and your, erm...legs follow. Extract 3: Jackie: Lesley, I don’t think it likes me? Lesley: Oh, never mind Jackie, now relax. Now take a deep breath all right, because it can sense if you’re nervous. [OK.] All right? Now, you feeling OK? [Yes, jolly good.] Now, take your left hand, [Mm-mm] and get some hair on its neck.., get a good firm hold. [OK.] Now, can you lift your left leg and put it in the stirrup... you put your foot in the stirrup. [My left leg.] OK? Yes. Hang on tight with your left hand on...[Uhhum.] onto the hair. OK? [Right.] And put your left foot in the stirrup. Jackie: Fine. So my toes are pointing forwards? Lesley: No, your toes are facing towards its back... end. All right? [OK.] OK? Right, now, can you hop round [Mm-mm.] so that you’re facing its middle [Mm-mm.] alright? And put your
other hand on the back of the saddle. [Fine.] OK? Feeling comfortable? [Yes.] OK. Now, you’ve got to take a big jump, and you’ve got to swing your leg over the back, but don’t kick it, because it’ll be frightened. [Uh-huh-huh-huh.] OK? Jackie: It’ll be frightened? OK, here we go. Task 3 答案】 【答案】
  1) a,
  2) c,
  3) a,
  4) b,
  5) b 原文】 【原文】 Man: Honey, the basketball game is about to start. And could you bring some chips and a bowl of ice cream? And... uh... a slice of pizza from the fridge. Woman: Anything else? Man: Nope, that’s all for now. Hey, honey, you know, they’re organizing a company basketball team, and I’m thinking about joining. What do you think? Woman: Humph. Man: “Humph!” what do you mean “Humph?” I was the star player in high school. Woman: Yeah, twenty-five years ago. Look, I just don’t want you having a heart attack running up and down the court. Man: So, what are you suggesting? Should I just abandon the idea? I’m not that out of shape. Woman: Well... you ought to at least have a physical before you begin. I mean, it has been at least five years since you played at all. Man: Well, OK, but... Woman: And you need to watch your diet and cut back on the fatty foods, like ice cream. And you should try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Man: Yeah, you’re probably right. Woman: And you should take up a little weight training to strengthen your muscles or perhaps try cycling to build up your cardiovascular system. Oh, and you need to go to bed early instead of watching TV half the night. Man: Hey, you’re starting to sound like my personal fitness instructor. Woman: No, I just love you, and I want you to be around for a long, long time. Task 4 答案】 【答案】
  1) T,
  2) T,
  3) F,
  4) F,
  5) F,
  6) T,
  7) F,
  8) F 原文】 【原文】 Malc: Bye, Mum, we’re off. Mum: Off where? Boy: Break dancing. Mum: Break dancing? Whatever’s that? Malc: It’s great. Boy: Yeah, it’s great. Mum: I daresay it is. But what is it? Malc: It’s break dancing. You dance on your shoulders and on your back and on your head when you are good enough. Mum: It doesn’t sound much like dancing to me. Boy: It is. It’s great!
Malc: Yeah. Mum: More like some competition in the Olympic Games. Malc: Yeah. It’s good exercise. Keeps you fit. But not like school athletics. It’s great. Mum: And where are you off to do your break dancing? Malc: Oh, we do it in the street. Anywhere! You don’t have to go to a dance hall to do it. You just do it ? where you feel like it. Boy: It’s great. Mum: But you can’t just start dancing in the street like that. Boy: Why not? We take the portable cassette recorder and when we find a nice street, we turn the music up really loud and start dancing. Mum: And don’t the neighbours and police complain? Malc: No. They’re too interested watching us dance. Mum: On your back, shoulders and heads? I see. It sounds fascinating, I must say. I’m not surprised they watch. Very amusing. Boy: Yeah, it’s great. We have competitions to see who can do it the fastest without falling over. Malc’s the winner so far. Malc: Yeah, I’m the best. I teach the others but they can’t do it like me yet. Mum: I suppose that explains the conditions of your clothes lately. Boy: What do you mean, Mum? Mum: All these tears and holes I’ve suddenly been noticing in unusual places. That explains it. If you’re dancing on your shoulders and backs, you’ll be wearing your hair out next, I suppose. Malc: On, come on, Mum. It’s great. Mum: Oh well, off you go. But in future wear all your old pullovers and shirts, will you? It’s not very great sitting up late at night sewing up holes in your new ones. Go on, off with you. Task 5 【答案】 答案】
  1) c,
  2) a,
  3) c,
  4) b,
  5) b 原文】 【原文】 Hello everybody, and welcome back to a thrilling game at the Tokyo Dome with the US Team taking a drumming at the hands of the Japanese national team going into the second half, 51 to
  26. The US Dream Team is made up of NBA veterans ? supposedly the best we have to offer ? but they need a miracle to dig themselves out of a hole and come back at this point. Unfortunately for the Dream Team, their leading scorer, High-Fly Wilson, was ejected one minute into the second quarter after climbing into the stands and fighting with a spectator who had continually heckled Wilson for shooting three airballs in a row. Another unuaual moment came late in the second quarter when the Japanese center, Tomohiro Suzuki, suffered a concussion and was knocked out cold as he lunged for a ball and collided with the knee of one of his own teammates. There also have been several other injuries, including the loss of starting forward, Masa Harada. Some of the coaches on the US team are attributing the team’s slow performance to some raw fish they had last night while attending a banquet in their honor. Next thing we’ll know, they’ll be blaming their players’ cement hands on a demonstration class on Japanese paper folding earlier in
the week. Who knows what’ll be next? OK, it looks like we’re ready for the second half. Task 6 答案】 【答案】 A. 80 hectares, 470,000 square meters, 17,600, 760-hectare, 14, 15, less than a 30-minute drive B.
  1) It is located in the western part of the Village and consists of apartment buildings, dining halls, and other facilities.
  2) It is located in the eastern part of the Village and will provide leisure facilities and cultural activities for athletes.
  3) After the Games, it will become a residential area. 原文】 【原文】 Olympic Village With a land area of 80 hectares and a total building floor area of 470,000 square meters, the Olympic Village, located within the Olympic Green, will accommodate 17,600 athletes and team officials. A 760-hectare “Forest Park” will also be created within the Olympic Village. 14 venues will be used to hold 15 sporting events within the Olympic Green. These venues are in walking distance from the Olympic Village. All other Olympic venues in Beijing will be less than a 30-minute drive from the Village. The Olympic Village will provide safe and comfortable facilities to help athletes achieve their peak performance during the Games. The Residential Quarter located in the western part of the Village consists of apartment buildings, dining halls, and other facilities. The International Quarter located in the eastern part of the Village will provide leisure facilities and cultural activities for athletes. After the Games, the Village will become a residential area. Task 7 答案】 【答案】
  1) The sheer physical nature of football.
  2) The physical movement of the man: a man who can jump to a height and then get the power behind a ball with his head.
  3) Well-timed tackle and a ball hit well on the run.
  4) When you’ve played the game yourself, you can really appreciate the skills involved. 原文】 【原文】 Two football enthusiasts talk about what they appreciate about the game. Interviewer: When you… when you go to a match, what do you actually look for? Is it the movement, is it the tactics? What I... or is it just the sheer... 1st enthusiast: I think... Interviewer: Sheer exercise? The activity? 1st enthusiast: For me it’s the… it’s the sheer physical…erm… the whole, the physical nature of the thing, you know. Interviewer: Uhm. 1st enthusiast: For me, I... I like nothing better than to admire a good First Division side running out onto the pitch and you look at these men and their physical condition, every
muscle in their body is completely toned up, you know. And these men are running and I mean running for ninety minutes. Interviewer: Um. 1st enthusiast: And they are really… the... 1 think there is a beauty in it. Interviewer: Uhm? 1st enthusiast: The... the physical movement of the man… a man who can jump to a height and then get the power behind a ball with his head. Interviewer: Uhum? 1st enthusiast: Which I can just about get out of kicking a ball with my foot. Interviewer: Uhum? 1st enthusiast: You know, that is the enjoyment for me. 2nd enthusiast: Or a well-timed tackle. 1st enthusiast: Yes. 2nd enthusiast: Or a... a ball hit well on the run. Interviewer: Uhum. 2nd enthusiast: These



   Unit 14 Task 1 【答案】 答案】 Name Andrea Photos Yannis Claude Steward Age 28 31 15 50 38 Teaches skiing Runs a water-skiing school Student Owner and manager of a wind-surfing club Bank manager Work Free time activity Trains for the Olympics Plays chess ...

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