Project Technical English 项目技术英语
Training Material Yueyang Paper 400,000t Project 岳纸40 40万吨项目英语培训材料 岳纸40万吨项目英语培训材料 February, 2009 2009年 2009年2月
PART 1 Oral English 第一部分 日常口语
Greetings 问候
Good morning/afternoon/evening! 早上/下午/晚上好! 今天天气真好! It sure is. (是不错啊。) It‘s a nice day! What a sunny day!今天天气晴朗! You look very fresh! You look energetic! 你看起来很有活力!你看起来精力充沛! 睡得好吗? Did you sleep well? Yes, I slept very well. (嗯,睡得挺好。) No, I couldn't fall asleep. (哪儿啊,几乎没睡着。) 昨晚你熬夜了? Did you stay up late last night?
Introduction 介绍
Self introduction自我介绍 Hi, nice to meet you!嗨,很高兴认识你! My name is ***. I'm glad to meet all of you ...I want to make friends with you. 我名叫***。很高兴认识你们。希望我们能成为朋友。 Introduce others 介绍他人 Hello, let me introduce someone to you!你好,让我介绍一个人给 你认识。 This is Mr./Ms. ***.这是***先生/女士。 He/She will be shift supervisor/operator/laboratory worker in this plant. 他/她以后将会是车间的工长/操作工/化验工。
Discuss work 谈论工作
It‘s time for work! (该开始工作啦!) I‘m coming. /I’ll be right there. (我马上就去。) What are you going to do? (你准备干什么呢?) What do you want me to do? (我能帮你做什么呢?) How soon can you get it ready? (还要多久才能做好?) How long does it last? (一共需多长时间?)
Well done! (干得好。) Good job! (太棒了!) I've learned something new. (我学到了一些新东西。)
Conversation 交谈(
  1) 交谈(1
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 能够稍微介绍下你自己吗? How long have you worked in China? 你在中国工作了多久? How many times have you been to China? 你到中国来过多少次了? What is your impression of our company? 你对我们公司的印象怎么样? Where were you born? 你是哪里人? Where do you live? 你住在哪里? How long have you been there? 你在那住了多久?
Conversation 交谈(
  2) 交谈(2
What do you do in your free time? 你业余时间都喜欢做些什么? What sort of music do you like? 你喜欢什么样的音乐? How often do you see your parents? 你多久去看望一次父母? What’s your favorite place in the world? 你在世界上最喜欢的地方是什么? What’s your favorite sport? 你最喜欢的运动是什么? Do you like watching TV? 你喜欢看电视吗?
致谢和夸奖 Acknowledge and Praise
非常感谢您给予我们的合作。 Thank you very much for your cooperation. 。 谢谢您提醒我们注意此事。 Thank you for calling this matter to our attention. Thank you for your kindness.对贵方的友好表示感谢。 辛苦了。Thank you for your hard working. You have been very helpful! 您帮了我们的大忙。 You are really experienced. 您确实非常有经验!
几点能完? What time will it be over? What time will it end? Shall we go? (我们可以走了吗?) Okay, let's go. (好了,走吧。) 回头见。 See you 你几点能来? When can you come over? Sweet dreams! Have pleasant dreams. (做个好梦。) It is nice to know you. 很高兴认识您.
Making appointments 订计划
你什么时候有空? When are you free? what time do you want to go fishing? (你想什么时候去钓鱼?) Whenever. I'm free all day. (什么时候都可以。我一整天都有空。) Thanks for the invitation, but... (谢谢您的邀请,可是……) Let's take a walk for a change. (我们去散散步换换心情吧。) 只会工作不会玩的人是没意思的人。 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. How about a drink? (去喝一杯怎么样?) That‘s a great idea. (好主意。)
Have dinner 就餐
您推荐哪家饭馆? which restaurant do you recommend? 喝什么呢? what do you drink? 请自便吧! Please help yourself! 我喝得太多了。I drank too much. 喝酒要适可而止。 Drink moderately. Please don't drink too much. 我的酒量小。 I get drunk easily. 这是送给你的。This is for you. 希望你会喜欢。I hope you will like it. 干杯! Cheers! Bottoms up! It was very delicious. Thank you. It was a wonderful dinner. (谢谢您的款待。谢谢您丰盛的晚餐。)
Part 2 Technical English 第二部分 技术英语
Training (
  1)培训 (
I beg your pardon?/Pardon? 请复述一遍。 Can you repeat (this part) please? 请重复(这部分内容)。 Sorry, I don’t understand your meaning. 对不起,我没听懂。 we could not catch your words. 我们没听太懂您的意思。 Can you explain the process of pulping stage in detail /more clearly? 请详细解释碎浆工段的生产工艺? What is the feature of Andritz HD cleaner/ Rotowash/ flotation …… ? 安德里兹高浓除渣器/洗灰筛/浮选的特点是什么? Can you explain the group start-up sequence of …? 请解释…设备的组启动程序?
Training (
  2)培训 (
Is there any special requirement for the operation and maintenance of …? **设备的操作和维护有什么特殊要求吗? How is the lubrication interval for …? **设备的润滑周期是怎样的? Is there any interlock between these two machines? 这两台设备之间有连锁吗? How much is the maximum production capacity of this machine? 这台设备的最大生产能力是多少? Sorry, we need a translator. 对不起,我们需要翻译的帮助。
  1)安装 Installation(
Is it the right (erection) position for the pneumatic/ electric motor……? 这台气动/电动电机……正确安装位置在哪? Can you tell/show me how to install this flange/ coupling/ gearbox/ pipe…? 请告诉我/示范如何安装这个法兰/连轴器/齿轮箱/管道…..? Can you bring me a wrench/ vice/ torch/ ruler/theodolite/? 你能给我一个扳手/钳子/手电筒/尺子/经纬仪吗? I need a vernier caliper/ micrometer to check the evenness of the foundation surface. 我需要一个游标卡尺/千分尺检查基础表面的平整度。
  2)安装 Installation(
What is the required minimum preciseness for the bearing play? 轴承间隙要求的最小精度是多少? How much torque is needed to tighten this support wheel? 紧固这个支撑辊需要多大的扭矩? We can only use non-shrink concrete for grouting. 灌浆只能使用非收缩水泥来做。 The pipe support/hanger is not strong enough. 管道支架/吊架不够牢固。
Commissioning (
  1)调试 (
Do you think when should we start test run with water/waste paper? 你认为我们什么时候开始串水/带料试车? This is not correctly installed. We need to realign it. 这个没有安装正确。需要重新找正。 Please remote / local start the gravity table at crawl/running speed for half an hour。 请在爬行/运行速度下远程/就地启动重力床半个小 时。
  1)调试 Commissioning(
Can you bring a walky-talky to communicate with the operators in the control room? 请你拿一个对讲机与主控室的操作员联系。 How to adjust the plate gap of disperser? 如何调节热分散的磨片间隙? Try to run this conveyor in reverse direction. 请试着反向运行输送机。
  1)开机 Startup(
It’s scheduled to start up the whole line by June 18th. 我们计划6月18日全线开机。 We are delay in schedule. We should hurry up. 我们的进度已经延后了。必须加快进度。 The hydraulic pipes are broken due to overhigh pressure. We need to repair them. 由于压力太大液压管道破裂,需要维修。
  2)开机 Startup(
There is an interlock in program. If the chain conveyor is not running, we can’t start can’ the Drum Pulper. 程序有连锁。如果链板输送机没有运行的话,转鼓 碎浆机不可能启动。 There was a web break in press section. 压榨部刚才发生了一次断纸。 Let the system keep running for 24 hrs continuously. 让系统连续运行24小时。 让系统连续运行24小时。
Optimization/Fine tuning(
  1)优化 tuning(
Try to keep the system as stable as possible. 尽量保持系统稳定。 Don’ t change the process parameters/recipe unless necessary. 除非有必要否则不要更改工艺参数。 The production line is running well. The only problem is consumption (water/power/ raw material) figures are too high. 生产线运行良好。唯一的问题是消耗值太高。
Optimization/Fine tuning(
  2)优化 tuning(
The specific consumption of the equipment must be optimized. 必须优化设备的比能耗。 How much is the final stock Shopper Riegler/ fold/tensile/ tear/ dirt/ ERIC? 成浆叩解度/耐折度/抗张强度/撕裂指数/尘埃/残余油墨是 多少? Please keep smooth internet connection. We will provide you with remote technical support. 请保持畅通的网络联系, 我们会提供远程技术支撑。
Thanks for your attention! 谢谢大家!
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