1.字母:(大小)辨认、书写顺序;元音字母:A a , Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu
  2. 数字:1~999 的基数词和序数词的运用,如计算、购物、时间、日期 等。 句型:①What's your number?②What’s the time?③How many pens are there?④How old are you?⑤How much is it?⑥How tall are you?⑦How heavy are you?⑧What time do you get up?⑨When's your birthday?⑩ What time did you see him?
  3. 颜色: 单词: red, pink, yellow, brown, blue, purple, orange, black, white, green. 句型:①What colour is it? ②What’s your favourite colour?
  4. 时间: 季节、 星期、 时刻: Season( spring, summer, autumn, 年、 月、 日、 winter) Month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Day: 1st May (the first of May), May 2nd ( May the second) 句型: 见话题
  5. 食品与饮料:人对食品与饮料的喜好;东西方食品。句型:①I like biscuits.②I’d like a cold drink.③Would you like some buns?④Do you want some rice? ⑤This isn’t my food.

  6. 服装:服装的颜色;人对服装的喜好;某人的穿戴; 所属关系;位 置等。句型:①I like the green T-shirt.②Where’s my new cap?③Who’s shirt is this?④Is this your hat?
  7.物品:名词的单、复数;特点、颜色、所属关系;存在的位置(in, on, under, beside, behind, in front of, above, near, inside, outside)。玩具(toy car, doll, )文具(desk, book, bag ,pen, pencil, pencil-box, ruler, pencil sharpener,)句型:①What’s this?②What colour is it?③Whose is this?④ This is my brother’s painting.⑤I have a puppet.⑥There's a car near the hospital.⑦Was it in the wardrobe?⑧Is there a book on the desk? ⑨That's not mine.
  8.动物和植物: dog, duck, fish, sheep, bird, panda, monkey, rabbit, hen , cat, cock, chick, tiger, lion, pig, cow , mouse (mice), elephant, ladybird, puppy, tree, flower, rose,
  9. 建筑与场所: factory, hospital, park, house, library, museum, office, farm, post office, bank, police station, railway station, bookstore, school, classroom, skating rink, café, house(bathroom, living-room, sitting-room, bedroom, kitchen),garden…
  10. 身体:head, hair, eye, nose, ear, mouth, neck, hand, finger, foot(feet) ,toe…外貌: fat, thin, tall, short, old, young, two big blue eyes, long hair, short hair, black hair. 句型:①This is my nose. ② Touch your head. ③Raise your arm.

  11. 个人情况: 姓名、 年龄、 地址、 特点与爱好。 句型: ①I'm twelve years old.②My hobby is reading.③I like music.④I'm interested in space.⑤My name is Peter.⑥I'm tall and thin. ⑦Do you have any hobbies?
  12. 家庭、亲属和朋友:姓名、年龄、地址、职业、特点与爱好、与你 的关系 family, grandfather(grandpa/granddad), grandmother(grandma/grand mum), father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend. 句型: ①Who's he? He's my father.②He's a doctor③He likes playing games.④My father helps me.⑤Is he a soldier?⑥What’s he?
  13. 学校:学校建筑和学校生活。school, classroom, library, playground, Chinese, maths , English, music, computer, PE, art, science, 句型:①When do you go to school?②What time do you have English?
  14. 情绪和身体状态: happy, sad, tired, angry, shy, sorry, well, sick, 句型: ①I'm sick.②I'm happy.③We are sorry.④ I feel sad.
  15. 社交礼仪:礼貌用语;询问与应答。句型:问候 问候①Hello./ Hi.②Good 问候 morning/afternoon/evening.③How are you?④How do you do? ⑤Glad to meet you./ Nice to meet you. 介绍 介绍①My name is…②I’m a pupil.③I’m
  12. ④This is our teacher, Miss Chen. ⑤He is from Japan.道别 道别① 道别 Goodbye./Bye.②See you.③Good night. 道谢 道谢①Thank you./Thanks.② You’re welcome. 道歉 道歉①Sorry.②I’m sorry.③Excuse me.请求 请求①Can I 请求 have a puppy?②Can I borrow a pencil?③Yes, please.④Of course. 祝愿 祝愿① Happy birthday.②Merry Christmas. 提供帮助 提供帮助①Can I help you?②What
can I do for you?③What’s the matter? 寻求帮助和建议 寻求帮助和建议①What can I do? 用餐①Do you want some soup?②Would you like some rice?③I'd like a 用餐 cold drink. 购物 购物①Which one do you want?②Can I look at it?③I want a red one, please.④It's too expensive.⑤Have you got enough money? ⑥ How much is it?
  16.国家与国庆日:China, Japan, America (the USA), English( the UK), Australia, Russia, Canada, Singapore, India, France, 句型:①When’s your country’s National Day? ②I come from China.
  17.天气与气候特征:hot, cold, cool, warm, sun, sunny, rain ,heavy rain, rainy, wind, strong wind, windy, snow , heavy snow, cloud, cloudy, …句 型:①What's the weather like?②It’s a cold day.③Spring is warm and nice. ④Tomorrow will be rainy. ⑤I like a sunny day.
  18. 节日:节日的特点;节日的活动。New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Children's Day, Mid-autumn Festival, Teachers' Day , National Day, Christmas Day, Dragon Boat Festival.
  19. 正在发生的事情:现在进行的动作和发生的事。句型:①Are you making a kite?②Peter is writing.③What's Anne doing?④Where are you going?⑤What are they doing?⑥Is he running?
  20.日常生活:日常生活、工作、学习的活动。句型:①I come to school by bus.②Your homework is good.③What time do you get up?④She always get up early.

  21. 计划与打算:计划和将要进行的动作 be going to do … 句型:① I’m/You’re /He’s/She’s /We’re/They’re (not) going to swim.②Are you going to swim?③Is he/she going to visit Anne?④What are you going to do? ⑤What is he going to do?⑥When are they going to swim? ⑦Tomorrow will be rainy. ⑧ I'll stay at home.
  22. 能力和可能:能做某事或可能进行某事。句型:①Can you read and write in English?②Can I have a puppy?③What can you do?④She can run fast.
  23. 过去发生的事情或过去的打算:过去式。句型:①Where were you? ②Who was first?③Was it in the wardrobe?④Benny took my ball.⑤Where did you go?⑥What did you do?⑦I came by plane. ⑧Anne wanted to skate.
  24. 对事物的比较:比较级和最高级。句型:①My singing is louder than yours.②I’m taller than you.③There more shops in Picture One.④Some stories are more interesting than others.⑤The most interesting stories.⑥ Who is fatter?
  25.提醒与告示:①What does that sign mean?②Draw a cat on the roof.③ Don't put your feet on the seat.④No speaking.⑤Do not go in.
  26.擅长和喜欢的事情:①I'm/ You're/ He's good at drawing.②I like playing basketball.
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   非谓语动词 语法讲解 洪外 黄蓓蓓 I.非谓语动词时态、语态形式对照表: 及物与不及物 语态 类别 时态 一般式:(与谓语动词同时 一般式 与谓语动词同时 making 发生) 发生 完成式:(先与谓语动词之 完成式 先与谓语动词之 having made 前发生) 前发生) (不作定语) 不作定语) 不作定语 being made having been made (不作定语) 不作定语) 不作定语 going having gone (不作定语) 不作定语) 不作定语 vt. vi. 主 ...


   更多中考试题 www.docin.com/zhongkao 2009 年 河 北 省 初 中 毕 业 生 升 学 文 化 课 考 试 英 语 试 卷 本试卷分卷Ⅰ和卷Ⅱ两部分.卷Ⅰ为选择题,卷Ⅱ为非选择题. 本试卷共 120 分,考试时间 120 分钟. 卷错误!未找到引用源. 错误!未找到引用源. (选择题,共 85 分) 错误 注意事项:1.答卷Ⅰ前,考生务必将自己的姓名,准考证号,科目填涂在答题卡上.考试 结束,监考人员将试卷和答题卡一并收回. 2.每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答 ...


   冀教版小学英语单词汇总 表示人称、 表示人称、人物关系及职务的词 aunt 阿姨;姑母;婶母;伯母;舅母 舅父 cousin 表 / 堂 兄 弟 姐 妹 uncle 叔叔;伯父;姨夫;姑父; baby 婴 儿 children 孩 子 们 表示食物、饮品的词 表示食物、饮品的词: chicken 鸡 meat 肉 noodles 面条 dumplings 饺子 fish 鱼 rice 米; 米饭 soup 汤 vegetables 蔬菜 donut 面包圈 hot dog 热狗 pizza ...


   浅谈小学英语多媒体课件的 素材获取与处理 龙海市颜厝中心小学 洪毅辉 摘 要 随着教育体制改革的不断深入和计算机技术的飞速发展,教育信息化日益普及,多 媒体计算机辅助课堂教学(简称 CAI)得到了较快的发展,并给教学带来了新的革命。 CAI 已成为当前课堂教学的热点,在课堂中得到广泛的运用。 文中笔者针对小学英语多媒体课件的制作特点,通过实例操作图文结合,详细讲解 小学英语多媒体课件制作中的文本、声音、图像和视频素材的获取与处理。向一线小学 英语教师介绍小学英语课件制作过程中的素材处理思路及 ...


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