Unit 9 That’s not mine!教案 教案
Period 1
教学目标: 教学目标:
  1. Able to grasp new words : mine, hers, ours, theirs, yours, art exhibition,
  2. Able to understand and speak the dialogue.
教学重点及难点: 教学重点及难点: 重点:The usage of noun objective pronouns. 难点:The difference of adjective and nounable objective
教学方法:解释法, 教学方法:解释法,比较法
教学准备: 教学准备: handwork and writing works, word cards, teaching picture, etc.
教学步骤: 教学步骤: Step
  1. Warming up
  1. Greetings
  2. Free talk, revise adjective pronouns. Write “my, your, her, his, our, their” on the Bb.
  2. Presentation and drill
  1. T: Have you brought your works? I’ll collect some works here and have an Art Exhibition. T: Is it yours? Yours is very good. T: Are these yours? Ss: No, they aren’t. They are their works. T: Oh, they are theirs. Theirs are very good. Write “theirs” Ss: No, they are yours.
  2. Teach “ hers, his”
  3. Listen to the tape, and teach to read. T: Right, they are ours.
  3. Practice
  1. Show Part A T: Today is a school open day. Anne’s mother is visiting her school to look at their Art Exhibition.
  2. Listen to the tape, answer the questions.
  3. Listen to Part A, and follow to read.
  4. Consolidation
  1. Create the situation, free talk.
  2. Give assessment.

  3. Practice.
  4. Homework.
板书: 板书: my mine your yours his his her hers our ours their theirs
Period 2
教学目标: 教学目标:
  1. Able to use pronouns to describe people’s relation.
  2. Able to comprehend “ belong to, spot, same”
教学重点及难点: 教学重点及难点: 重点:Use noun pronouns 难点:Finish Part C.
教学方法: 教学方法:对话法
教学准备: 教学准备: Some handkerchiefs
教学步骤: 教学步骤: Step
  1. Warming up
  1. Greetings.
  2. Act out the text opera : An Art Exhibition
  2. Presentation and drill
T: I have a beautiful handkerchief. Look! This is mine. Mine has spots. What do your handkerchiefs look like? Show me yours. S: Yes, mine has spots, too. T: Mine is the same as his/ hers. But mine is blue, his/ hers is not. Collect some handkerchiefs. T: Whom do these handkerchiefs belong to? T: It belongs to me. T: Does it belongs to me? Ss: No, it belong to …..
  3. Practice. Text Part C.
  1. T: What’s this? S: It’s tie. T: What does it look like? S: It has spots. T: Whom does the tie belong to?
  2. Talk about it for the same desk.
  4. Consolidation.
  1. Group work. S1: I have a new handkerchief.
S2: Really? May we have a look? S1: Sure. S2: Mine is as beautiful as yours, but it is different from yours. Mine has spots.
  2. Give assessment.
  3. Homework.
板书: 板书: Is that / this yours? Yes, it’s mine. No, it’s not mine. It’s his.
Period 3
教学目标: 教学目标:
  1. Understand the words: a police station, purse, lucky
  2. Able to read Part D, and finish the exercise
  3. Cultivate students’ reading ability.
教学重点及难点: 教学重点及难点: 重点:Read Part D according to the developing order 难点:Understand Part D
教学方法: 教学方法:操练法
教学准备: 教学准备: Tape, etc.
教学步骤: 教学步骤: Step
  1. Warming up
  1. Greetings. GameGood luck T: Who does the purse belong to? S2: Is it his?
S1: Is it hers?
  2. Presentation and drill Part D
  1. T: What’s this man? T: Who’s this boy? T: Where are they? S: He’s a policeman. S: He’s Peter. S: They’re in the police station.

  2. Read the short passage quickly, then answer the question.
  3. Listen to the tape and read it.
  4. Discuss and write down the answers.
  3. Practice Rewrite the story into a dialogue, and act it out.
  4. Consolidation
  1. Do the puzzle in Part E.
  2. Finish the game
  3. Give assessment.
  4. Homework.
板书: 板书: Was that / this his/ hers? Yes, it was his/ hers. No, it wasn’t his/ hers.


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