小六练考测试题 Units2 and 3 (A)
班级 姓名 选择填空 10% 选择填 are you going to the park? At three o’clock in the afternoon.. ( )
  1.--A. How B. Where C. What D. When pictures very much. ( )
  2. Linda A. like drawing B. like to drawing C. likes drawing D. like draw ( )
  3. Is there a cinema near your school? A.Yes,it is B. Yes, there is C.No, there is D. No, it isn’t football on the playground yesterday ( )
  4. Peter and John A. plays B. plaied C.played D.play ( )
  5. your brother know the traffic rules ? Yes,he did A. Is B. Do C. Does D. Did ( )
  6.You can’t here on foot . It’s far. A. getting B. get C. get to D. go to ( )
  7.We can take bus to the park. ( )
  8.Dad wants to buy a pair A.from shoes B.of shoes C.with shoes D.of shoes ( )
  9.Our classroom is onfloor. A .5 B.the 5th Cfive Dthe five ( )
  10.The post office is norththe cinema A.on B.from C.at D.of 短文填空。根据短文意思,从方框中选择合适的单词填在相应的横线上。每空一词。 Sunday weekend park make water swimming tike swim ice cream plant take train
On the,I often qo to ride a in the .Ia tree there. I alwaysit. It grows fast. Tomorrow is .My mother says she says she is going to a trip with me. Its wonderful. We are going by and go the sea. I can eat , too. Its my favourite food. I can’t wait. 句型转换
  1. There were some desks under the tree.(改为一般疑问句并否定回答 )
  2. My home is near the post office. ( 对划线部分提问 )
  3. Jim’s sister likes going shopping on the weekend. (对划线部分提问 )
  4. in, a, cinema, of, there, front, is, the,bank, ( 连词成句 )
  5. We saw a film last week. ( 对划线部分提问 )
  1. Peterto the park by bike the day before yesterday.(go)
  2. Shea comic book in the bookstore tomorrow.(buy)
  3. Mr.Black the students English in the classroom now.(teach)
  4. Please give a ruler, Jenny.( I )
  5. September 1th is Day.( teacher )


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