小升初英语测试题、 小升初英语测试题、答案 1
Ⅰ.词汇(5 分)
  1.(Japan)come from Japan.
  2.We teach (they)English.
  3.My cousin (have)a new dictionary.
  4.There are four (tomato)on the table.
  5.My mother often(buy)some nice food on weekends. Ⅱ.选择填空(20 分)
  1.I don’t like thrillers playing baseball. A. watching; or B. watching; and C. to watch; or
  2.I like you, Tom. Let’s good friends. A. do B. be C. have
  3.?Who are your parents talking ? ?I don’t know. A. for B. to C. on
  4.Can Lily French? A. say B. speak C. talk
  5.! Tom. It’s 7: 00 o’clock. A. Go to bed B. Get on C. Get up
  6.Classes are over. The students are now. A. having breakfast B. leaving school C. sitting down
  7.?? ?It’s six o’clock. A. What time is it B. What day is it C. How old are you
  8.?Where does the man ? ?In a room near here. A. come B. go C. stay
  9.Football is game. A. boys’ B. a boy’s C. boy’s
  10.The teacher and the students talk English class. A. in; in the B. in; in C. with; in the Ⅲ.情景对话(5 分) A: Good morning. Can I help you? B: 1 I want to buy a shirt for my son. A: The shirts are e over there. This way, please. 2 . B: Hmm, I like the style(样式), but I don’t like the color.
A: OK. 3 How about this one? B: That’s my son’s favourite color. A. 35 yuan. B: OK. 5 . Here’s the money. A: Thank you. A. I’ll take it. B. Let me show you another one. C. Yes, please. D. How much is it? E. Do you like this shirt?
Ⅳ.句型转换(10 分)
  1.His family are from Japan. (对划线部分提问)
  2.He likes English and math. (改一般疑问句)
  3.I have some books in my backpack. (改否定句)
  4.Does your father like sport? (做肯定回答)
  5.The little boy goes to school at 7:
  30. (对划线部分提问) Ⅴ.动词填空(10 分)
  1.It (be)seven o’clock in the evening now. Mr. and Mrs Smith (have)supper.
  2.?What Kevin(do)on weekends? ?He sometimes clean) room. Sometimes he wash) clothes. ( his ( his
  3. Jeff (like) (live) China very much. He (say) in China is great.
  4.Listen! The girl (sing)now. She often (sing) at this time of day. Ⅵ.翻译句子(20 分)
  1.他是个安静的男孩,但有的时候他很有趣。 He is a boy, but he is very .
  2.希望她会成功的。 I successful.
  3.你通常几点起床? do you usually ?
  4.你爸爸最喜欢什么颜色?蓝色。 is your father’s favourite ? Blue.
  5.你周末看电视吗? you TV weekends?
  6.李先生在日本教中文。 Mr Li in Japan.
  7.我最喜欢的学科是科学。 My favourite science.
Mr Brown Canada. Ⅶ.完形填空(10 分) Dear Li Ming: How are you? I miss(想念)you very much. Let me 1 you something about us. My brother and I are in 2 school. We have classes 3 Monday to Friday. 4 weekends, we don’t have 5 classes. We 6 many American friends now. We often play games together (一起) 7 school. They help us with our English. How many classes do you 8 9 week? Do you like it? Please 10 me soon. Jeany
  1.A. say B. speak C. tell
  2.A. different B. same C. the same
  3.A. from B. on C. between
  4.A. In B. On C. Between
  5.A. some B. many C. any
  6.A. are having B. have C. has
  7.A. behind B. after C. from
  8.A. teach B. play C. have
  9.A. every B. the C. an
  10.A. speak to B. tell C. write to Ⅷ.阅读理解(20 分) A Mr and Mrs Smith come from Sydney. They teach English in a middle school in China. They like their work. They have a son and a daughter, Jim and Sue. They are all in China now. Mr Smith can speak Chinese. He likes swimming and reading. Mrs Smith likes swimming in the afternoon and cooking. Jim and Sue like playing chess. They often play games with Chinese boys and girls. Jim’s uncle, Green, works on a farm(在农场里)near Sydney. He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in China. But he can’t speak Chinese. So he is still there and goes to Chinese classes every week.
  1.Where are Jim and Sue from? A. America B. Canada C. Australia
  2.What does Mr Smith like? He likes . A. cooking B. reading C. playing games
  3.What does Jim’s uncle like? He likes . A. reading B. playing games C. swimming
  4.Where does Sue’s uncle work? A. On a farm. B. In a school. C. In a club.
  5.Who works in different countries(国家)now? A. Mr and Mrs Smith. B. Mr Smith and his uncle. C. Mr Smith and his brother.
B Brain is a school boy. He’s twelve. He lives in Shanghai now. He is from England. He studies in a junior middle school. He gets up at half past five every day. He has breakfast at seven after that, he goes to school with his friends. They have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the evening he does his homework at home, but he often watches TV on Saturday evening. Brain likes drawing. He joins an art club. He likes reading story books. Now he is reading an English book in his room.
  1.Brain is a . A. student B. girl C. teacher
  2.Brain gets up every day. A. at seven B. early C. at six
  3.Brain does his homework . A. every evening B. at school C. at home
  4.Brain likes . A. English and Chinese B. playing football C. drawing and reading
  5.Brain has classes at school every day. A. four B. six C. five
参考答案 Ⅰ.
  5.buys Ⅱ.1~5 ABBBC 6~10 BACAB Ⅲ.1~5 CEBDA Ⅳ.
  1.Where are his family from?
  2.Does he like English and math?
  3.I don’t have any books in my backpack.
  4.Yes, he does.
  5.What time/When does the little boy go to school? Ⅴ.
  1.is, are having
  2.does, do, cleans, washes
  3.likes, living, says
  4.is singing, sings Ⅵ.
  1.quiet, sometimes, funny
  2.hope she’s
  3.When, get up
  4.What, color
  5.Do, watch, on
  6.teaches Chinese
  7.subject is
  8.is from Ⅶ.1~5 CCABC 6~10 BBCAC Ⅷ.A)1~5 CBCAC B)1~5 ABCCB



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