小升初英语冲刺测试题 2
  1. Tom often goes to the l to borrow books.
  2. This book cme 28 yuan, so I don’t have money to buy aone.
  3. I need to tell you that it’s too dto cthe road while the tlight is red.
  4. Go a the road, you will find the supermarket on the o.
  5. the afternoon, we don’t need to go to school, but Thursday afternoon we have to.
  6. You are right. I can’t a you more!
  7. Yesterday I b 58 apples, but athem 20 are broken. I’m very a.
  8. I have a Guilin a, where are you?
  9. I need to go to the chemist’s to get some m.
  10. Every Tuesday night, he would like to go to the to e movie. 二.选择题 ( )
  1. Your pen is newer than . A. mine B. me C. her ( )
  2. Zhuhai is than Guangzhou, I think. A. most beautiful B. beautiful C. more beautiful ( )
  3. I learned pictures on the computer. A. to draw B. draw C. drew ( )
  4.How she go to school in the morning ? A. is B. does C. do ( )
  5.That is American national flag. There fifty stars on it. A. a , is B. an , are C. an , is ( )
  6. What film are you going to ? A. see B. watch C. look ( )
  7. Rome than Paris. A. are warmer B. is warmer C. is warmmer ( )
  8. My grandfather usually the flowers in the morning. A. watering B. is watering C. waters ( )
  9. Listen! Xiaoling in her classroom. A. sings B. singing C. is singing ( )
  10. Yesterday my parents and I our house. A. are cleaning B. cleaned C. are going to clean 三.完形填空
  1.Zhang Xia likes ( read ) books very much. She often ( read ) books in the evening.
  2. he (eat)many ice-creams last Sunday?
  3. Nancy is going to ( play ) the piano at the concert.
  4. Listen! Nancy ( sing ) an English song now.
  5.It’s a (rain, rainy) day today.
  6. How many (foot) does a monkey have?
  7. My birthday is on (three) of July.
  8.Shall we (start, starting) our lesson now?
  9. (who) comb is this? It's (she), I think.
  10.Mr Green is very (excite).
  11.Ben an Benny are good at (skate).
We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright.Johann Wolfgong von Goethe, Faust

  12. She wants
(buy) a new pen.
四.根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最最佳选项,并将答案标号填写在本题下面相应 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最最佳选项, 题号后的横线上。选项中有两项多余选项。 题号后的横线上。选项中有两项多余选项。 Part I
A: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the B:Go along this 2 , and then turn . You can’t it. your A: is it from here? B: About two kilometers . A: Thanks a lot. B: You’re . Part II
? at the crossing. It’s on
S:Hi,Bob.Do you want to go out to dinner tonight? B:Of.Where would you like go? S:Well,what do you think Indian food? B:I love it,but I'm not really in the mood(状况)for it today. S:Yeah,I'm not .It's a bit spicy. B:Hmm,do you like Chinese food? S:Oh,it's cheap and delicious.I like it a . B:Iit,too.Chinese Jiaozi is my .And I know a nice Chinese near here,its name is Iroha. 单词读音练习。选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词 五.单词读音练习。选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. hand )
  4. A. car )
  5. A. start )
  6. A.head )
  7.A.sell )
  8.A.wash )
  9.A.up )
  10.A.want B. gave B. father B. car B. lesson C. C. map C. weekend C. warm C. father D. plan D. meet D. hard D. swam ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  11.A.glass )
  12.A.student )
  13.A.blue )
  14.A.those )
  15.A.warm )
  16.A.Sunday )
  17.A.calm )
  18. A.word B.fast C. father D.watch B.open C. moment D.these B.ruler C. super D.Tuesday B.close C. old D.shop B.quarter C. towards D.farm B.foreign C. monkey D. day B.also C. salt D. almost B.worker C. worse D.short ( ) A. heavy B. sleep
B. bread C. pleasure D.leave better D.receive
B.hat C. map D.mad B.supper C. lunch D.June B.what C. watch D.plant

  1. math teacher, could, said, I, my, better, do
  2. my party, would, Lily, she, on, night, said, come, Friday, to
  3. Thailand, next summer holiday, she, Denis, visit, told, would, me
  4. hard-working, I, the, was, English, said, teacher
  5. homework, I, she, own, think, should, do, her
  6. hard, history, I, a, had, time, with, really
  7.teschers are park there any the in (?) We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright.Johann Wolfgong von Goethe, Faust

  8.go we there shall play and (?)
  9.happy eache other to see They are again (.)
  10.get it to is up time (.)
  11.Shall we now learn the song(?)
  12.there in the school any reading rooms Are (?) 七.就划线部分提问。 就划线部分提问。
  1.He was born in Beijing in 20
  2.Tom's father was a professer two years ago.
  3.They were in the waiting room just now .
  4.Her mother was in the chicken at that time .
  5.Mr Liu was a scientist long ago.
  6.She was ten years old last year.
  7.Mike was over there a moment ago.
  8.Mrs Wang was at home an hour ago.
  9.We were in Huhhot in 20
  10.Mr Li was my first teacher . Keys:
  1.When and where was he born?
  2.Whose father was aprofesser two years ago?
  3.Where were they just now ?
  4.Where was her mother at that time ?
  5.What was Mr Liu long ago?
  6.How old was she last year?
  7.Who was over there a moment ago?
  8.When was Mr Wang at home ?
  9.Where were you in 2005?
  10.Who was yoor first teacher ?
We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright.Johann Wolfgong von Goethe, Faust
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We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright.Johann Wolfgong von Goethe, Faust



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