选择不同类的单词 ( )
  1.A.need B. tomorrow C. next week D. today ( )
  2.A.post office B.pet shop C. post card D.theme park ( )
  3.A.CD B. post card C. story book D. cake ( )
  4.A.shop B. shoe C. hospital D. supermarket ( )
  5.A.train B. bus C. buy D. ship 根据提示写出所缺单词 Where are you going this ?(o i n m r g n ) I’m going to the .(b o k o r e s o t) What are you going to ?(y u b) I’m going to buy a (o l r o c) book. What are you to do ? (n i g o g) 选出下面各组单词中划线部分字母读音不同的单词 ( )
  1. A. path B. father C. apple D. asking ( )
  2. A. nut B. put C. thumb D. must ( )
  3. A. supermarket B. sun C. run D. hungry ( )
  4. A. can. B. family C. fat D. bathroom 选择正确答案 ( )
  1.What are you going to do this afternoon? A. I’m going to buy a book. B. I’m a student. C. I go to school by bike. D. Are you a teacher? ( )
  2. Excuse me. Where is the library? A. Where’s the museum? B. Where’s the school? C. Where’s the hospital? D. It’s next to the post office. ( )
  3. I’m going to buy an English book. A. Do you have comic book? B. What are you going to buy? C. This afternoon. D. I’m going to plant trees. ( )
  4. 当你去商店时,售货员通常首先会说: A. How are you ? B. What are you going to do? C. Are you a student? D. Can I help you ? ( )
  5. Where are you going this afternoon? A. I’m going to buy some comic books. B. I’m going to the bookstore. C. Can I help you? D. I’m going to visit my aunt. ( )
  6. How do you go there? A. I’m going to buy a magazine about plants. B. By bus. C. I’m fine. D. I’m going to the shoe store. ( )
  7. This afternoon. A. Where are you going? B. What are you going to do? C. When are you going? D. What’s your name? ( )
  8. What are you going to buy? A. By a trin. B. I’m busy. C. A book. D. Good idea.
  1. What are you going to do? A. By train.
  2. When are you going? B. Take a trip.
  3. Where are you going? C. Yes,I am.
  4. How do you go to the zoo? D. At 3 o’clock.
  5. Are you going to use any books? E. I’m going to Beijing. 读句子,排序 ( )Good morning. Where are you going this afternoon? ( ) At 3 o’clock. ( ) Buy a pair of shoes. ( ) When are you going? ( ) Good morning. ( ) What are you going to do? ( ) I’m going to the shoe store. 阅读理解,判断文后句子的正(T)误(F) My name is Amy. Tomorrow is Saturday. We have no classes. My parents aren’t going to work, but we are going to be very busy tomorrow. My mother is going to buy something for next week. My father is going to visit my aunt and uncle. I’m going to the bookstore by bus. Then I’m going to buy a dictionary. Tomorrow evening we are going to visit my grandparents and have a big dinner. After that we are going to the cinema. I think we are going to have a nice weekend. ( )
  1.Tomorrow is Saturday. ( )
  2. Amy’s mother is going to buy something for next week. ( )
  3.Amy’s father is going to visit his grandparents in the morning. ( )
  4.Amy is going to play computer games with his sister. ( )
  5. Amy is going to the bookstore by bike. ( )
  6. Tomorrow evening Amy is going to watch TV. ( )
  7.Tomorrow evening they are going to the cinema. ( )
  8. Amy is happy!
参考答案 一.
  5.MEC 二.BDAAC 三. BCBAD 四.
  1.T t
  2.n P
  3.j l
  4.x Y
  5.F f 五. ACDBC 六.
  5.going 七. CBAD 八. 1-5 ADBDB 6-8 BCC 九. BDEAC 十. 2756143 十一.1-5 TTFFF 6-8 FTT



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