1. What useful dictionary it is! A. a B. an C. the D. /
  2. Mr. Green has little time today, ? A. have he B. hasn’t he C. does he D. doesn’t he
  3. They will go to the Great Wall if it tomorrow. A. isn’t rain B. rains C. doesn’t rain D. won’t rain
  4. This box is heavy for me carry. A. too … to … B. to … too … C. to … to … D. too … too …
  5. There an English film tomorrow evening. A. will have B. will has C. is going to have D. is going to be
  6. Hurry up, we’ll miss the train. A. but B. or C. and D. so
John sent for a doctor because his wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they __41__ meet at five. He arrived at the doctor’s at twenty __42__ five. He thought, “ It’s a little bit earlier. I’ll wait for a moment. It’s good __43__ there on time.” __44__ he stopped his car in front of the doctor’s. He __45__ and saw a noisy square not far from here. He went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last light of afternoon sun and __46__ himself quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other happily. Suddenly he __47__ a girl crying. He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find out her __48__ and took her home. The girl’s parents were very thankful. Then John hurried to the doctor’s. When the doctor saw him, he was very __49__ and said, “You’re late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?” John said __50__ except one word?sorry.
  41. A. should B. shall C. would D. will
  42. A. past B. to C. of D. after
  43. A. to arrived at B. to get C. to leave D. to ride
  44. A. Every time B. From now on C. Before D. Then
  45. A. looked for B. looked after C. looked at D. looked around
  46. A. made B. let C. had D. felt
  47. A. hears B. was hearing C. heard D. would hear

  48. A. name B. school C. age D. address
  49. A. polite B. angry C. happy D. kind 50 A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing
  1.My brother plays??football very well. A.a B.the C. all D. /
  2.Birds ?? when there isn’t enough food for them. A. starve B.are starving C.starved D.starves
  3.I can see an apple the apple tree and a bird the banana tree. A.on, in B.in,in C.on,on D.in,on
  4.I have a red box.It’s full toys,so it’s very . A.of, light B.for,big C.like,small D.of,heavy
  5.Your football shoes are under the chair.Please . A.put away it B.put it away C.put away them D.put them away
  6.Mom’s in a bad ,so be nice to her. A.time B.trouble C. manner D.mood 二、 阅读理解 Mr.White looks out of his window.There is a boy at the other side of the street.The boy takes some bread out of a bag and begins eating it.There is a very thin dog in the street, too.The boy says to it, “I’ll give you some bread.” The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but he does not give it any bread.He kicks the dog.It runs away, and the boy laughs. Then Mr.White comes out of his house and says to the boy.“I’ll give you a shilling ( 先 令 ).”The boy is happy and says , “Yes.”“Come here.” Mr.White says.The boy goes to him,but Mr.White does not give him a shilling.He hits him with a stick. The boy cries and says, “Why do you hit me? I do not ask you for any money.” “No,” Mr.White says,“And the dog does not ask you for any bread,but you kick it.”
  1.Where is Mr.White at first? A.He is in the room B.He is in the street. C.He is in front of the house.
D.He stands close to the boy.
  2.Why does the dog go to the boy? Because. A.it wants to eat B.the boy asks it to do so C.the boy is the dog’s owner D.the boy is friendly to it
  3.Why does the dog run away? Because. A.the boy gives some bread B.the dog doesn’t like bread C.the dog doesn’t like the boy D.the boy kicks the dog
  4.Why does Mr.White tell the boy to come up to him? Because he wants to. A.give him a shilling B.give him a good lesson(教训) C.give him some more bread D.help the boy
  5.What kind of man do you think Mr.White is? He is a man. A.cruel (粗鲁的) B.sympathetic (富有同情心的) C.friendly D.polite (有礼貌的)



   小学升初中英语毕业试题及参考答案(人教版) 班级姓名分数 听力部分 一、听音标判断哪个单词的元音字母或字母组合与听到的音标相符,把序号写在括号里(10 分) ( )1.A. bag B. same C. jacket D. cap ( )2.A. see B. tea C. tree D. pen ( )3.A. bike B. kite C. sit D. five ( )4.A. let B. bee C. pen D. desk ( )5.A. dog B. so C. hot D. ...


   一、找反义词或对应词。(5 分) ( ) 1. hot ( ) 2. mother ( ) 3. winter ( ) 4. girl ( ) 5. cheap A. father B. boy C. cold D. dear E. summer 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5 分) 1. Pass ( I ) the knife, please. 2. Please give (we) the scissors. 3. Can I use (you) bike? 4. (it)are ...


   2010 小升初英语练习题及答案解析 一、阅读短文,补全单词 Dear Mary, I have just m to a new house in a new town and am f very lonely. I have a very good j but no real friends, so every evening I s at home al and watch television. I find it difficult to m friends and don’t kn ...


   外研版(一起) 外研版(一起)六年级小升初英语试题 1 一、根据所给字母写出其相邻字母。 根据所给字母写出其相邻字母。 1. Dd 2. Gg 3. Ii 4. Ll 5. Ff 6. Yy 二、单词辨音。 单词辨音。 A B ( ( ( ( ( )1. )2. )3. )4. )5. map pen is my good C D bag name can me yes pencil this it nice your you yes goodbye book afternoon 栏各句的答 ...


   小升初英语试卷及答案(人教版 小升初英语试卷及答案 人教版) 人教版 一、找出在意义上不属于同类的词,将字母代号写在括号内。(5 分) 找出在意义上不属于同类的词,将字母代号写在括号内。 ( ) 1. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. weather ( ) 2. A. bread B. meat C. apple D. butter ( ) 3. A. cupboard B. desk C. window D. chair ( ) 4. A. sunny B ...


   小升初英语模拟测试题 一、根据图片写单词。 (10 分) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 二、根据括号里的提示,把下列句子补充完整。 (10 分) 1. Tom is (高)than Tony. 2. - Where (be) you born? -- I (be) born in Beijing. -- When (be) your birthday? -- It (be) on the tenth of June. 3. Last Sun ...


   一.句型转换: 1.what's the girl's name?(根据上句完成下句,意思不变) what's the girl? 2.he likes green best.(同义句) is green. 二.中译英: 1.你的白色连衣裙看上去多好看啊! your white ! 2.琳琳看上去像谁,她爸爸还是她妈妈? who lingling ,her father her mother? 3.公园看守走向那个戴墨镜的老人。 the park to the old man . ...


   小升初英语模拟测试题(五) 一、按要求写单词。(10 分) 按要求写单词。(10 。( 1. she (宾格) 2. country (复数) 3. close (现在分词) 4. three (序数词) 5. China (形容词) 6. I (名词性物主代词) 7. boy (复数) 8. swim (现在分词) 9. photo (复数) 10. mouse (复数) 二、选择填空。(10 分) 选择填空。(10 。( ( ) 1. Look! Lucy is a new red dr ...


   姓名 施畅 班级六年级 班级 分数 一,找出句子中错误的部分.将序号写在题前的括号内.并将正确的答案 找出句子中错误的部分.将序号写在题前的括号内. 写在横线上. % 写在横线上.(10%) ( )1.The scores is two to four . A ( B C D )2.Nancy's friend live in a small city . A B C him a day . C D D ( )3.I want to meet A B ( )4.How many peop ...


   一、语法精练 1.My brother plays??football very well. A.a B.the C. all D. / 2.Birds ?? when there isn’t enough food for them. A. starve B.are starving C.starved D.starves 3.I can see an apple the apple tree and a bird the banana tree. A.on, in B.in,in C.o ...



   (目前 xuwei540022 用户以为广大师生准备一系列中考英语突破系列-语法-听说-阅读-写作基础 unit1~unit20,欢迎下载) (本系列资料非课本仅供中考复习)谢谢 中考英语写作突破讲义 第一课 了解英语写作与中考中的英语写作 1.1 浅谈英语写作 英语的各项技能: 听; 说; 读; 写; 译 译 ?? 语言转换过程 听; 读 ?? 信息输入 说; 写 ?? 信息输出?? 表达= 口才+文笔 写作??语言的最高端 写作对于语法的精确程度要求最高。 “阅读使人充实,会谈使人敏捷, ...

牛津小学英语6A Unit单元基础试卷

   牛津小学英语 6A Unit 2 Ben’s birthday 单元基础试卷 听力部分( 听力部分(30 分) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。 (听一遍) (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. January )2. A. on Monday ) 3. A. Feb. 1 ) 4. A. take ) 5.A. twenty ) 6. A. away ) 7. A. down ) 8.A. little ) 9 A.2:40 ) 10. A. come B. ...


   班主任队伍建设新论 班主任专业化发展 普陀区德研室 陈镇虎 浩瀚的宇宙里, 浩瀚的宇宙里 , 太阳照耀着蔚蓝色的 地球。 地球养育着有51 亿人口的人类。 51亿人口的人类 地球 。 地球养育着有 51 亿人口的人类 。 人 类中有五分之一是伟大的中国人民。 类中有五分之一是伟大的中国人民 。 中国 人中有近百分之一是光荣的教师。 教师中 人中有近百分之一是光荣的教师 。 有近二分之一, 494万位中小学班主任 万位中小学班主任。 有近二分之一,即494万位中小学班主任。 班主任同其他教师共 ...


   四年级第三单元测试题 学号: 班别: 姓名: 得分: 一、写出下列字母的笔画书及笔顺。 (12 分) 1. X 共( 3.t 共( 5.y 共( )笔 )笔 )笔 2. U 共( 4. W 共( 6. j 共( )笔 )笔 )笔 二、要求写单词。 (20 分) 1.she’s(完全形式) 3.let’s (完全形式) 5.I(宾格) 7.her(主格) 9.new( 反义词) 三、翻译。 (18 分) 1.音乐 4.绘画 7.学生 2.科学 5.安静的 8.动物园 3.运动 6.教师 9 游 ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 2011 届高考英语总复习名师全程导学案: 届高考英语总复习名师全程导学案: Unit4 名师点津 新 ( 人教版必修一) 人教版必修一) Ⅰ. 单项填空 1. ,the headmaster rose to indicate that the conversation was . A. At an end;in an end B. In the end;at an end C. In a ...