2010 小升初英语练习题及答案解析
Dear Mary,
I have just m to a new house in a new town and am f very lonely. I have a very good j but no real friends, so every evening I s at home al and watch television. I find it difficult to m friends and don’t know where to meet new people. Can you give me some a ? I'm looking forward to h from you.
What is language for? Some people seem to think it's for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words? The longer the lists, the better. That’s wrong. Language is for the exchange of ideas and information. It’s meaningless knowing all about a language if you can’t use it freely. Many students I have met know hundreds of grammar rules, but they can't speak correctly or fluently (流利地). They are afraid of making mistakes. One shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes when speaking a foreign language. Native speakers make mistakes and break rules, too. Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Foreigners often speak English too correctly.’’ But the mistakes that native speakers make are different from those that Chinese students make. They’re English mistakes in the English language. And if enough native speakers break a rule, it is no longer a rule. What used to be wrong becomes right. People not only make history, they make language. But a people (民族) can only make its own language. It can’t make another people’s language. So Chinese students of English should pay attention to grammar, but they shouldn’t overdo it. They should put communication first.

  1. Generally, when an American or all Englishman speaks English, he .
A. never makes mistakes
B. often makes mistakes
C. can’t avoid (避免) making mistakes
D. always makes mistakes

  2. The sentence “Foreigners often speak English too correctly.” means that .
A. foreigners speak correct English
B. foreigners speak incorrect English
C. foreigners speak English according to the grammar rules
D. foreigners never make mistakes when they speak English

  3. When we speak a foreign language, we should .
A. speak in the Chinese way
B. speak according to the rules
C. break the rules
D. not be afraid of making mistakes
2010 小升初英语练习题及答案解析 小升初英语练习题及答案解析(
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2010 小升初英语练习答案及详细解析
Moved,feeling,job, stay, alone, make, advice, hearing
解析:本题难点在于最后两空,advice 是不可数名词,不能用复数;look forward to doing sth,要把 hear 变成动名词。

  1. C 解析:文中第六句说到,即使是本民族与的使用者也会犯错误,四个选项中只有 C “不能避免犯错 误”最符合意思。

  2.C 解析:从最后一句可以看出,作者强调外国人要学语法,但不能过分遵循,所以本句是说说外语 时过分遵守语法了。

  3. D 解析:本题从第五行最后及第六行开头可以得出答案。



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