选择正确答案( 一、 选择正确答案(每题 1 分,共 20 分) ( )
  1.Mr. Hyde’s possible full name is . A. Emma Hyde B. Hyde K.John C. Hyde Bill D. Peter A.Hyde ( )
  2.???Tom, are those girls ? ???No, they are . A. Japanese; America B. Japaneses; American C. Japanese; Americans D. Japans; Americas ( )
  3.The Whites usually go to Beijing car. A. by B. to C. from D. across ( )
  4. ???Why don’t you like English? ??? Because it’s to learn. A. interesting B. fun C. exciting D. difficult it be? Is it the postman? ( )
  5. ???There’s somebody at the door. Who ???No, it be him. It’s just seven o’clock. It’s too early. A. may; can’t B. will; won’t C. may; mustn’t D. must; may not in spring. ( )
  6.The flowers start to A. come in B. come out C. come from D. come to ( )
  7. ???I’m afraid no one will agree with you. ??? I don’t think it . A. minds B. matters C. works D. took ( )
  8.Mother said that cooking much time every day. A. paid B. spent C. made D. took ( )
  9. Don’t forget to return the library,? A. will you B. can you C. do you D. are you ( )
  10. ???Is that boy swimming in the lake? . ??? I can’t find out A. if it’s a boy and girl B. that it’s a boy or girl C. whether it’s a boy or girl D. if he is a girl or not ( )
  11.The number of people present at the concert was than expected. There were many tickets left. A. much smaller B. much more C. much larger D. many more ( )
  12.After supple, she would sit down by the fire, sometimes for an hour, thinking of her young and happy days. A. as long as B. as soon as C. as much as D. as many as ( )
  13. More than a dozen students in that school abroad to study medicine last year. A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent ( )
  14. The purpose of new technology is to make life easier, it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make ( )
  15.Everybody in the village likes Jack because he is good at jokes. A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up ( )
  16.Does John know any other foreign language French? A. except B. but C. besides D. beside ( )
  17. If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week, better it??you’ve got some big bills coming. A. forget B. forgot C. forgetting D. to forget ( ) The road is covered with snow. I can’t understand they insist on going by

motorbike. A. why B. whether C. when D. how )
  19.??Suan, will you please go and empty that drawer? ??? A. What for B. What is it C. How is it D. How come )
  20.Mr. White at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn’t show up. A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving
二、阅读下列短文,选择正确答案(每节小题 2 分,共 10 分) 阅读下列短文,选择正确答案( John is an American boy. His family is in China now. John likes chocolates very much. But his mother doesn’t give him. They are not good for him, she thinks. But John has a very nice uncle. He loves John very much, and sometimes he buys John some chocolates. Then his mother lets John eat them. She wants to make John’s uncle happy. One Sunday evening John says in his room, “ Please, God, give me a big box of chocolates tomorrow, because it’s birthday.” John’s mother says, “ God can’t hear you, my boy.” “I know, but my uncle is in the next room, and he can hear.” John says.
  1. John likes very much. A. watching TV B. eating C. chocolates D. bread

  2. Who sometimes buys John chocolates? A. His mother B. His uncle C. His father D. His aunt

  3. When is John’s birthday according to the passage(根据文章)? A. On Saturday B. On Sunday C. On Monday D. On Tuesday

  4. Where’s John’s uncle that day? A. At school B. In the shop C. On a farm D. In the next room

  5. Where is John from? A. America B. England C. China D. Canada



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   09 小升初英语模拟测试题(一) 小升初英语模拟测试题( 听力部分 Ⅰ. 听录音,选出你所听到的字母(大小写). 1. 2. 3. 4.. 5. Ⅱ. 听录音,选出你所听到的单词. ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. color )2. A. tall )3. A. hair )4. A. nose )5. A. light B. red B. short B. here B. phone B. bright C. green C. fat C. where C. note C. write ...


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   小升初英语模拟测试题(五) 一、按要求写单词。(10 分) 按要求写单词。(10 。( 1. she (宾格) 2. country (复数) 3. close (现在分词) 4. three (序数词) 5. China (形容词) 6. I (名词性物主代词) 7. boy (复数) 8. swim (现在分词) 9. photo (复数) 10. mouse (复数) 二、选择填空。(10 分) 选择填空。(10 。( ( ) 1. Look! Lucy is a new red dr ...


   小升初英语模拟试题(答案在下面) 小升初英语模拟试题 一, 下面每组单词中划线字母的读音有一个与其他二个不同,请将这单词的标号填入题前括号内. ( ( ( )1. A. take B. bad B. bed C. have ( )2. A. fish B. run B. find C. us C. give )3. A. me )5. A. night C. red ( )4. A. glue C. daughter B. ghost 二. 找出下列英文单词所对应的中文意思. (1)unde ...


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七年级下新目标英语Unit 1 单词反馈

   Unit 1 单词反馈 一,单词: 1,加拿大 4,英国 7,悉尼 10,居住 13,法国人;法语 2,日本 5,新加坡 8,纽约 11,语言 14,世界 Name 3,美国 6,国家 9,多伦多 12,日语;日本人 15,讨厌;不喜欢 16,说一点儿法语 17,给某人写信 二,句子 1,你的笔友来自哪里?他来自澳大利亚. 2,你的笔友住在哪里?他住在东京. 3,她讲什么语言?她讲日语. 4,巴黎在哪里?在法国 5,她有兄弟或者姐妹吗? 6,我喜欢和小朋友一起去看电影和做运动. 三,词汇 1 ...


   圆圆工作室 http://bz10.5d6d.com 内部版本:仅供学习,禁止传播! 旺旺:韩圆圆 1 1 绝密 2012 考研英语全国高校巡回讲座讲稿 ??宫东风 一、 考研从&a开始 在人生的道路上,我们难免会遇到一些挫折、困难和烦恼,但这并不意味 着你注定要被打败。如果你有真诚的信念,勇敢地面对人生,也许好运就会降 临在你的身上。 ??奥运跳水冠军郭晶晶 二、从数字了解考研 1. 2012/1/14 or 21/3-5/3 2. 52/3 3. 1/20/0.5/10/20 4. 2- ...

2011年 张剑_曾鸣编著《英语阅读理解150篇》

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