一、找出画线部分读音不同的单词,并把标号填入题前括号内。(5 分) ( )
  1. A. banana ( )
  2. A. happy ( )
  3. A. much ( )
  4. A. seat ( )
  5. A. pen B. cap B. any B. bus B. see B. great C. glass C. hurry C. mug C. the C. desk D. father D. yellow D. ruler D. evening D. leg
二、单词与短语。(10 分)
  1.写出下列词语的适当形式。(5 分) (
  1)long (反义词) (
  3)white (反义词) (
  5)fat (反义词)
  2.英汉互译,将答案写在横线上。(5 分) (
  1)Sit down, please. (
  3)How are you? (
  5)请打开窗户 三、句型。(10 分)
  1.用所给动词的适当形式填空。(5 分) (
  1) My name (be)Li Dong. I (be)twelve. (
  2) (be) you her friend? (
  3) Peter and Jack (be) classmates. (
  4) There (be) many goats on the grassland.
  2.单项选择。(5 分) ( ( ) (
  1) Five and seven twelve. A. be B. are C. is D. am ) (
  2) -- is your toy car? -- It’s on the desk. A. Who ( B. What C. How D. Where ) (
  3) -- , please? -- It’s eight o’clock. A. What’s this ( ( B. What is the time D. What about it D. / C. What’s your name A. a B. an (
  2)a red flag (
  4)一只蓝色的鸟 (
  2)hare(同音词) (
  4)they are (缩略形式)
) (
  4) Mike is not at school. C. the ) (
  5) ? What’s six three? -- It’s nine.
A. but fridge medicine upstairs park touch
B. and 停放 楼上 冰箱 药 触摸
C. or
D. for 吸烟 吐,吐痰 访问者 中心 危险的
四、用直线连接下列英文字母和对应的中文意思。(10 分) 用直线连接下列英文字母和对应的中文意思。( 用直线连接下列英文字母和对应的中文意思。( dangerous smoke spit visitor centre
五、连词造句。(10 分)
  1. the, have, take, good, a, medicine, and, rest(.)
  2. to, Zhongshan Park, get, I, can, how(?)
  3. help, me, my, could, lesson, you, with(?)
  4. yesterday, where, they, did, go(?)
  5. came, at, to, we, last, school, night, nine(.) 六、阅读下面短文,选出最佳选项,将其序号填入提前括号内。(10 分) In George’s __1__ there are thirty __2__. There is a clock __3__ the wall. The clock is __4__. There are __5__ student, 18 boys and __6__ girls. __7__ is their teacher. She is a good teacher. She is a good teacher. Look __8__ here! George is near the __9__. He is cleaning __10__. ( )
  1. A. room B. bedroom C. washroom D. desk and chairs C. at C. old C. 50 C. 32 C. to C. that D. of D. much D. 60 D. 42 C. Teacher Wang D. Wang Teacher D. / D. flowers D. those D. classroom ( )
  2. A. desk and chair C. desks and chair ( )
  3. A. on ( )
  4. A. well ( )
  5. A. 30 ( )
  6. A. 12 ( )
  8. A. at ( )
  9. A. door ( )
  10. A. it B. in B. same B. 40 B. 22 B. in B. them B. desks and chairs
( )
  7. A. Mr Wang B. Miss Wang B. brooms
C. school
七、填词(5 分) 根据句意,填入所缺单词,使句子完整,每空只填一词。
  1. Mr and Mrs Brown live in Beijing with their.

  2. Mr Brown works in a bookshop. The shop opens at 9:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m.
  3. Mrs Brown stays at home. She does all the
  4. They have two children. One is a boy, the other is a . They are at . 八、综合填空。(10 分) 阅读短文,根据短文内容补全单词(首字母已给出) An old woman is going shopping with a basket. She is going by bout. The boat is going across(穿过) the river. Her basket is e__1 now. Oh dear! Look! Her basket is in the w__
  2. “Help! My basket is in the river.” A boy sees the basket. He says, “Don’t worry! I can g__3 it!” He takes off his shirt and shoes. “Look a 4 them for me, please!” he says, and j__5 into the river. A duck sees the basket. “I can go by b__6,” it thinks. It gets into the basket. The boy is swimming in the river. “Where’s the basket?” He asks. “It’s over there!” answers the woman. “It’s behind you! It’s under that d__
  7.” The boy gets to the basket. “Go away!” he says to the duck. The duck comes o__8 of the basket and swims away. The b__9 takes the basket back to the woman. “Oh, thank you very much,” says the woman. “Not at all!” says the boy. “Do you have my shirt and shoes, please?” “Yes, here you are. Oh! What’s this in the basket?” “It’s the duck’s e__
  10.” 请在横线上填写出答案:
  6.b 参考答案 一、B D D C B 二、
  4)a blue bird
  5)Open the window, please. 三、
  1)is, am 四、略 五、
  1. Take the medicine and have a good rest.
  2. How can I get to Zhongshan Park?
  3. Could you help me with my lessons?
  4. Where did they go yesterday?
  5. We came to school at nine last night. 六、D B A C A ABDAA
  2.C D B D B
  2. w
  3. g
  4. a
  5. j
  7. d
  8. o
  9. b
  10. e
  1. children
  2. nine, six 八、
  1. empty
  8. out
  9. boy
  10. egg

  3. housework

  4. girl

  5. school

  2. water
  3. get
  4. after
  5. jumps
  6. basket
  7. duck



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