一、Read and tick. (划线部分读音相同的打√,不同的打×8 分)
  1. uncle student ( 3 twelfth twentieth( ) )
  2. March card (
  4. twelfth twentieth( ) )
二、Look and match (连线 15 分) doing the dishes drawing pictures cooking dinner reading a book answering the phone 三、Make phrases (选词填空 15 分) hiking, sports, up, shopping, kites, trees, the piano, a snowman, dinner, grandparents
  1. 进行体育运动 play
  3.吃晚饭 eat
  5. 弹钢琴 play
  7.购物 go
  2. 起床 get
  4. 种树 plant
  6.放风筝 fly
  8.去远足 go A. 做晚饭 B. 洗盘子 C. 读书 D. 接电话 E. 画画

  9. 看望祖父母 visit
  10.堆雪人 make 四、Read and choose.(选择,将正确答案序号填入括号 10 分) ( )
  1、What is the date today? A. Sept. ( B. Sept.10th
  2、is March 8th. A. New Year’s Day B. Women’s Day
  3、--What is your favourite season? A. Spring B. Oct.
-- .
  4、 is Uncle Bill’s birthday? A. What B. When
  5、We usually eat lunch at 11:30 noon. A. at B. in
  6、-- When is National Day?-- It’s. A. March 8th B. Oct.1st
  7、do you go to school? A. When. B. What.
  8、- What is the weather like in Jinan in summer? A. It’s red. B. It’s hot.
  9、I like spring best. I can . A. skate. B. plant trees.
  10、It’s spring now, I can wear my . A. dress. B. sweater.
五、Read and fill in the blanks.(阅读对话,填空 12 分) Mike: What is the date today? Aunt: Mar.10 th. What is your favourite season? Mike: Spring. I can fly kites and plant trees. How about you? Aunt: Winter. Mike: Why? Aunt: Because I can skate.
  1. What is the date today? .
  2. Which season does Mike like best? .
  3. Which season does Aunt like best? .
  4. What can Mike do in his favourite season? .
  5. What can Aunt do in her favourite season. .
六、选择合适的句子,补全对话(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) Where is your father? And you? Hello,what are you doing? Is your sister reading? What is your father doing? A: Hello. B: . A: I’m cooking, ? B: I’m reading a book. A: ? B: No, my sister isn’t reading. She’s playing. A: ? B: My father is working. A: ? B: He’s in the study. Hold on ,please. A: Thank you.
七、阅读理解(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) Welcome to the Children’s Centre. Happy Children’s Day! You can do many things here. Look at these people. They’re very active. This is Chen
jie. She’s drawing picrures. Mike is watching insects. Amy is reading a story book. Wu Yifan is playing chess with a man. Who’s the man? He’s Mr Black, Wu Yifan’s math teacher. He’s a smart man. John and Sarah are taking pictures. Where’s Bai Ling? Look! She’s over there, she’s writing a report on the Children’s Day. Her sister is singing and playing the piano. ( )
  1、Is Bai Ling singing? A.Yes, she is . ( )
  2、What’s Mike doing? A. He’s watching TV. ( )
  3、What’s the date? A.It’s June 2nd .B. It’s June 1st . ( )
  4、What is Wu Yifan doing? A.He’s playing chess. ( B. He’s playing sports. B. He’s watching insects. B.No, she isn’t.
  5、What is Bai Ling doing in the Children’s Centre? A.She’s singing and playing the piano. B.She’s writing a report.
八、短文选词填空(共 10 空,每空 1 分) having playing student reading Saturday under fruits near happy students writing beautiful It’s today. The and their teacher are a picnic. They are sitting a river. Some are games. Some are eating . Some are singing and dancing. Who’s books
the trees? Oh, that’s John. And the teacher is a report. How they are! 九、根据答句写问题(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分)
  1、A: ?
B:Chen jie is playing the piano.
  2、A: B:They’re playing sports.
  3、A: B:I’m climbing mountains.
  4、A: ? ? ?
B:My sisters are catching butterflies.
  5、A: B:No, she’s dancing. ?



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