五年级英语期中试卷 一.选出发音不同的一项。 (10 分) ( )
  1. A. wait B. rain C. train D. piano ( )
  2. A. hair B. wear C. here D. pear B. chair C. check D. shop ( ) 3 .A. cheap ( )
  4. A. warm B. farm C. garden D. park ( )
  5.A. brown B. now C. how D. snow 二.单项选择。(20 分) ( )
  1. When do you get up ? A. I get up in 6:30 B. I get up at 6:30 C. 6:30
( )
  2. I’m pictures. A. drinking B. writing C. drawing.
  3. Do you like summer ? ? A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don’t
  4. Can I speak your mother? A. with B. to C. and
C. Yes, they are.
( ( ( ( (
( ( (

  5.When is your birthday? A. At 6:30 B. It’s in November C. I often go shopping. )
  6. What do you do ? A.I watch TV. B. I like apples. C. I am a student. )
  7. ??What’s the date today? ??. A. Monday. B. Saturday. C. Apr.1st. )
  8. ??What’s your favourite color ? A. Blue B. I like summer. C. I don’t like blue. )
  9. What do you usually do on the weekends ? A. I usually like playing football. B.I usually watch TV. C.I like weekends. )
  10. Is his birthday in March ? A. Yes, she is. B. No, he is. C. Yes, he is. )
  11. January is the month of a year. A. first B. one C. a )
  12. Which season do you like best? A. April B. Spring C. Monday
  13. Hello! This is Chen Jie. Who? A. is that B. are you C. is she
( (

  14. Thank you telling me about you day. A. to B. at C. for )
  15.Amy is playing
A. piano B. the piano C. a piano ( )
  16. you like summer? A. Are B. Is C. Does D. Do ( )
  17. Amy often on the weekend. A. go hiking B. goes hiking C. is going hiking D. going hiking ( )
  18. How’s everybody doing? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. Just fine. D. Thank you. ( )
  19. Can I ask you questions? A. a B. some C. an D. any ( )
  20. I can’t climb mountains, A. too B. together C. to D. either 三.请为问句选择答句,将序号写在括号里。( 10 ) ( )
  1.Why do you like spring? A. He’s sending Grandpa an e-card. ( )
  2.Which month do you like best? B. Usually I do my homework. ( )
  3.What do you do on Saturday? C. Because I can plant trees. ( )
  4.What’s Zoom doing? D. He’s drawing pictures. ( )
  5.What is he doing? E. November. 四.用括号内的词填空。 (10 分) ( computer, morning, breakfast, friend, get, school, music, lunch, afternoon, home, student, dinner ) Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a ( ) . I usually ( )up at 6:50a.m.. Then I eat ), Amy. After school we go ( ) . I go to school with my best ( ( at 4:30p.m.. We do our homework together. We have four classes in the ) and two classes in the ( ). I like ( ) class, but Amy ) at likes ( ) class. Because I often play computer. I have ( 6:20p.m.. I watch TV at 7:
  50. Then I go to bed. 五、将节日与所在的月份连起来。10 分 National Day August 1st Christmas Day Match 12th Teachers’ Day October 1st Army Day December 25th Women’s Day September 10th 六.根据中文提示写出下列单词。 (
  1.My birthday is in ( 七月) . ( 晚上).
  2.We usually watch TV in the

  3. (有时候 )I visit my grandparents.
  4.My (叔叔) is a policeman.
  5.My mom (正在洗衣服)。
  6.I like (春天) very much. (正在听音乐) in the living room.
  8.I often (滑冰)in the summer.
  9.Zoom likes to ( 睡觉) in winter.
  10.My father is (正在写电子邮件) in the study. 七、连词成句,注意标点符号。10 分
  1.speak, please, Can, to, mom, ?, I, your
  2.doing, is ? Amy’s, what, brother
  3.season do like Which ? best you
  4.has in Who a ? August birthday
  5.you on weekend ? do What the do 八.补全对话。根据对话内容从所给的七选项中选出能完成对话的五个选项,并 将其字母代号写在对应的横线上。 (10 分) Zhou Yan:Mr Ou, Can I interview you for the school newspaper? Mr Ou: Yes, certainly. Zhou Yan: (
  1) Mr Ou: I’m a doctor. Zhou Yan: (
  2) Mr Ou: I go to work at 5:00 in the morning. Zhou Yan: (
  3) Mr Ou: I go home at 3:00 in the afternoon. Zhou : (
  4) Mr Ou: (
  5) Zhou Yan: Thank you very much, Mr Ou. Mr Ou: You’re welcome. A. When do you go home? B. How are you? C. What do you do ? D. When do you get up? E. I often play pingpong. F. When do you go to work? G. What do you do on the weekend? 九.阅读并判断(
  10) (正确的填 T,错误的填 F)
Hello! I’m Wang Wei. I have a happy family. There are six people in my family. My mother’s birthday is in January. We usually go hiking on her birthday. There’re three birthdays in August. My sister’s and my birthday are in August. My grandma’s birthday is in August, too. We always have a good time, because August is in summer. We can go fishing and swimming. My father’s birthday is in December. It’s very cold, so we can go skating. My grandpa’s birthday is in March. I like spring best because we can fly kites in the park. ( )
  1. Wang Wei likes spring best. ( )
  2. His mother’s birthday is in January. ( )
  3. There are three birthdays in April in his family. ( )
  4. Wang Wei’s birthday is in fall. ( )
  5. They can fly kites on Wang Wei’s father’s birthday. 十、阅读理解,选择正确的答案,把编号写在前面的括号里。 It is a sunny day this Sunday. I usually go shopping with my mother on Sunday. Sometimes I climb mountains. That’s fun. But not this Sunday. Because the weather report says it’s going to rain next Sunday. I can’t climb mountains in the rain. I can’t go shopping either. So I want to read books at home. ( ) 1 What is the weather like this Sunday? A It is Sunday. B It is fine. C It is rainy. ( ) 2 What do you do on Sunday? A I climb hills. B .I go hiking. C I read books. ( ) 3 Can you climb mountains this Sunday? A Yes, I can. B No, I can’t. C No, I’m not. ( ) 4 Do you go shopping on Sunday? A Yes, I am. B Yes, I do. C No, I’m not. ( ) 5 What do you want to do next Sunday? A I want to read books. B. I want to watch TV. C . I want to go shopping.



   ( ) 4. A. Sorry. B. OK . C. You’re welcome. B. I am a teacher . 五年级英语期中 一、听读音,选择正确选项,把字母编号填在题前的括号里。 (10分) ( ) 1. A. peach B. beach C. meat ( ) 2. A. sheep B. sleep C.cheap ( )3. A. brown B.grow C. bowl ( )4. A. glass B.grass C. pass ( )5. A.ski B. ...


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   PEP 五年级下册单词、句型 第一单元 This is My Day 单词: 单词: do morning exercises have Engllish class climb mountains play the piano go hiking evening at weekend sometimes 句子: 句子: When do you eat dinner? I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening. When do you get up? 你几点钟吃 ...


   英语试卷 总分:100 分 时量:90 分钟 Ⅰ听力技能(三部分,共 20 题,计 20 分) 听力技能(三部分, 第一节 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。听每段材料前,你将有时间阅读各个小题, 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。听每段材料前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟。听完后你将有 5 秒钟的作答时间(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 秒钟。 秒钟的作答时间( 小题, 。 1. 88855754 88619270 88572963 A 2. B C A 3. B C A 4. B ...


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   高一英语下学期期中考试专项训练 单项选择) (范围 必修 3 单词拼写 完成句子 单项选择) Ⅰ. 单词拼写 (35 分) 1. Even a small success gives you a sense of (成绩,成就). 3. Perhaps if they had an (紧急情况,突发事件)they could not reach a doctor. 4. 5. That was a (一代,时代)when girls' education was always placed ...


   Unit1 This is my day 第一课时 一、教学目标 1. 能够听、说、 读、 写以下动词短语: breakfast, do morning exercises, have eat English class, play sports, eat dinner. 2.能够听懂问句: When do you do morning exercises / …? 并能用所学动词短 语替换句型“I usually … at …”中的关键词回答问句。 3.能理解并说唱 Let’s chant ...


   五年级英语 第二学期中段检测 听力部分 听录音,选出你所听到的选项,本题听两遍。 (每小题 一、 听录音,选出你所听到的选项,本题听两遍。 每小题 1 分,共 10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. say )2. A. great )3. A. sky )4. A. chair )5. A. work )6. A. jeep )7. A. 11:30 C. November 1st )9. A. play sports C. play planes )10. ...


初一英语上学期学案Unit 4 My name is Gina

   初一英语上学期学案 Unit 4 单元导读: 单元导读: My name 's Gina 本单元主要围绕认识新朋友,讨论学习并掌握用英语表达姓、名和电话号码,以及如何用英语进行简单的问候、 自我介绍和介绍他人。 重点在于区分中英文在姓、 名先后位置上的差异。 语法学习形容词性人称代词 (my, your, his, her etc.) 以及 be 动词主谓一致。 第 1 课时 Unit 4 My name 's Gina Section A 1a?2c ? 课型:读说课 主备:孙燕 审核:初 ...

初一英语Unit5 Is this your pencil

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   1、思维能力的强弱,特别是与口语有关的思维的条理性、敏锐性与灵活性,这 是关键。 2、准确、迅速地组织言语(选词、造句、组段、构篇)能力的强弱,这是基础。 3、运用语言的能力的强弱,这是前提。 根据口语表达循序渐进的一般规律, 口语训练的重点应是培养敏锐的思维和强烈 的语感。具体包括: 1、语音。学会科学发声方法,能用准确、响亮、流畅的英语进行口头表达。 2、语调。能借助声音高低升降、抑扬顿挫的变化来表达复杂的感情,掌握停连 和轻重、抑扬和明暗、快慢和松紧等一般的朗读技巧。 3、词汇。能掌握 ...


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