一、判断下列画线部分的发音是否相同,相同用"√",不相同用"X"。 (10 分) ( ) five thin
  1. ( ) use
  2. usually ( ) lake wait
  3. ( ) phone bottle
  4. ( ) me
  5. he ( ) lot
  6. note ( )
  7. over old ( )
  8. tree eat ( ) slow down
  9. ( )
  10. horse work 二、根据首字母和句意将句子补充完整。 (10 分)
  1. An elephant is h than a monkey.
  2. T right at the first crossing and you can find it on your right.
  3. What are you g to do this weekend?
  4. I am going to take part in the singing c .
  5. Can I have some w paper?
  6. Tom is my p , and we often write letters to each other.
  7. I would like to see a Beijing O .
  8. Liu Tao likes making m planes.
  9. The boys run f than the girls.
  10. Can you t me the way to the post office? 三、情景匹配。 (10 分) I II ( )
  1. What's the weather like in summer? A. No,I can't. ( )
  2. What are you going to do tomorrow? B. They are girls. ( )
  3. Are you a student? C. I don't know. ( )
  4. Where's Lucy's bike? D. She is my friend. ( )
  5. Are they American or English? E. It's a map of China. ( )
  6. How old is your uncle? F. They are American. ( )
  7. Are the twins boys or girls? G. Yes, I am. ( )
  8. Who is Kate? H. It's under the tree. ( )
  9. What's that on the wall? I. It's usually very hot. ( )
  10. Can you see the car on the hill? J. I'm going to watch TV. 四、选择填空。 (15 分) ( )
  1. Whose bag is bigger, or ? A. your; I B. yours; my C. yours; mine ( )
  2. The cap isn't mine. It's , I think. A. Mary's B. Mary C. Marys ( )
  3. your kite high in the sky! A. Put B. Let C. Fly ( )
  4. How many can you see in the picture? A. man B. child C. people D. woman ( )
  5. A: the weather in Nanjing?
B: It's very hot in summer. A. What's; like B. What; like C. What's; is D. What's; / ( )
  6. it often in winter? A. Do; snow B. Does; snows C. Do; snows D. Does; snow ( )
  7. A: season in Beijing you like best? B: I like autumn best. It's cool and sunny. A. What; does B. Which; are C. Which; do D. What; are ( )
  8.A: What you do today, Nancy? B: I'm going to see a movie with my family. A. do; going to B. are; going to C. do; to D. are; want ( )
  9. A: Where's the shopping center? B: It's Zhongshan Road. A. at B. on C. in D. of ( )
  10. like to join us? A. Can you B. You would C. Do you D. Would you ( )
  11. All the students are very . A. excited B. exciting C. excite D. excites ( )
  12. Su Hai wants to some photos. A. talking B. take C. talk D. talking ( )
  13. It here now. A. wasn't B. weren't C. isn't D. aren't ( )
  14. They there just now. A. were B. are C. was D. is ( )
  15. Mrs Smith can piano. A. played the B. played C. plays the D. play the 五、看图完成对话,每空一词。 (10 分) 。
  1. A: Can you me the way to the ? B: Yes, Go the street and turn at the crossing. A: Thank you.
  2. A: season do you like ? B: Autumn is my favourite season. A: ? B: Because it's cool and usually sunny. We can go and picnics. 六、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 分) (5
  1.The boys over there (be) my classmates.
  2. I eat a big cake and (drink) some water last night.
  3. A: What is Yang Ling going to do tomorrow? B: She (take) part in a singing contest.

  4. Which program did you (watch) yesterday evening?
  5. (do) Nancy often (visit) her grandparents at the weekends? 七、选择单词或词组填空(每个只能用一次)(5 分) 。 under white play cards in bed speak to
  1. The book is the bed.
  2. Could I Mike, please?
  3. Don't read .It's bad for your eyes.
  4. It is a pencil.
  5. I will with Mike this week. 八、读短文并按要求答题。 分) (5 David's birthday was on a snowy day in December. He got lots of presents from his family and friends. His father and mother gave him a red box with a storybook in it. His mother said, "There are a lot of funny stories in it, it's good for you." Mike, David's best friend, gave him a large box. A toy car is in it. David's sister gave him a round box. "It is a birthday cake," he thought. But it was a basketball. David likes playing basketball. David's brother gave him a big yellow box. David opened it and there was another box in it. The box was green. He opened the small box and saw the third box. This one was blue. There was a short letter in it. "Go to your study. You can see three boxes there, a black one, a grey one and a white one. Your birthday present is in one of them." David ran to his study and found them on the desk. The black one is bigger than the grey one, and the white one is the smallest. He opened the grey box, but found nothing in it. Then he opened the biggest one. He was very glad to see a model plane in it. 根据短文内容选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. David's parents put their present in for his birthday. A. a yellow box B. a lot of boxes C. a black box D. a red box ( )
  2. Who is Mike? A. A friend of David's father's B. One of David's best friends. C. David's brother. D. David's sister. ( )
  3. What colour was the biggest box? A. White B. Black C. Grey D. Blue ( )
  4. How many boxes did David's brother give him? A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Seven ( )
  5. What was in the biggest box? A. A book B. A letter C. A model plane D. A small box. 九、完形填空。 (10 分) Dear Susan,
How are you? It's very nice of you to write 1 me. 2 your letter I know a lot 3 you and your school now. I will tell you 4 about me and my school. I am eleven 5 old. I'm in 6 at Jinling primary School. My mother is a 7 .She teaches Maths. My father is an 8 .He's good at his work. There 9 1,500 students and 100 teachers in our school. Our classrooms are big and bright. Please come and have a look 10 our school if you have time. Yours, Wang Ying ( )
  1. A. for B. to C. from D. in ( )
  2. A. For B. To C. From D. About ( )
  3. A. in B. about C. with D. at ( )
  4. A. anything B. something C. sometimes D. someone ( )
  5. A. year B. / C. years D. age ( )
  6. A. Grade Five, Class Three B. Grade five, Class three C. Class three, Grade Five D. Class Three, Grade Five ( )
  7. A. student B. teacher C. doctor D. worker ( )
  8. A. farmer B. teacher C. doctor D. engineer ( )
  9. A. am B. is C. are D. be ( )
  10. A. in B. about C. at D. on



   小升初英语试卷 一、判断下列画线部分的发音是否相同,相同用"√",不相同用"X"。 (10 分) ( ) five thin 1. ( ) use 2. usually ( ) lake wait 3. ( ) phone bottle 4. ( ) me 5. he ( ) lot 6. note ( )7. over old ( )8. tree eat ( ) slow down 9. ( ) 10. horse work 二、根据首字母和句意将 ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...



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   Unit1 化学工业的研究和开发 One of the main 发达国家化学工业飞速发展的一个重要原 因 就 是 它 在 研 究 和 开 发 方 面 的 投 入 commitment 和 投 资 investment。通常是销售收入的 5%,而研究密集型分支如制药, 投入则加倍。要强调这里我们所提出的百分数不是指利润而是指 销售收入,也就是说全部回收的钱,其中包括要付出原材料费, 企业管理费,员工工资等等。过去这笔巨大的投资支付得很好, 使得许多有用的和有价值的产品被投放市场,包括一些合成 ...


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