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小学英语六年级毕业综合练习题(PEP 版) 小学英语六年级毕业综合练习题 Class Name No. Score
Listening Part(听力部分)40% 一、Listen and circle. 听音,圈出听到的单词。10%
  1. play plane plate
  2. wait want
  3. talk take tell
  4. work walk
  5. feel fall fail
  6. angry hungry
  7. skate skirt shirt
  8. watch water
  9. stop shop drop
  10.seed seat 二、Listen and tick. 根据听到的句子,选择正确的图片。10%
what wake hurry wash said
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A B A B 三、Listen and choose. 听问句,选择正确的答句。10% ( )
  1. A. I’m 40kg. B. I’m 154cm. C. I’m
  12. ( )
  2. A. She’s fine. B. He has a cold. C. He feels happy. st st ( )
  3. A. Oct. 1 . B. June 1 . C. Jan. 1st. ( )
  4. A. I’m going to Hong Kong. B. I’m going there by plane. C. I’m going to buy a book. ( )
  5. A. She likes watching TV. B. She watches TV every evening. C. She is a TV reporter. 四、Listen and match. 听短文,连线。10%
Wei Wei
Liu Xi
Li Ping
Zheng Jing
Wu Yifan
Writing Part(笔试部分)60% 五、Writing(正确抄写句子,并圈出其中的元音字母)5% LET US GO SKATING
六、Read and arrange.将下列人名按照英汉字典中的先后顺序标号。5% Mike Mary Jack John
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( ) ( ) ( ) 七、Read and number. 拼读音标,给图标号。5%

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 八、Read and circle. 圈出不属于同类的单词。10%
  1. older younger taller other
  2. company shelf factory shop
  3. rain wind kite cloud
  4. grow dig add flower
  5. bookstore post card cinema park
  6. month week day tail
  7. tomorrow magazine dictionary newspaper
  8. subway bus vapour train
  9. visit sun read buy
  10.lamb tiger lion sprout Think and write. 根据要求写字母或单词。7%
  1.Canada→CAN (照例写) China→
  2. let us(缩写形式)
  3.isn’t (完全形式)
  4. swim(doing 形式)
  5. by (同音词)
  6. big (形容词比较级)
  7. old (2 个反义词) 九、Read and write. 看图,将句子补充完整。8%
  1. They go to school .
  2. Where is the cinema? It’s to the hospital.
  3. I like best. Because I can a snowman.
  4. I often pictures on the weekends.
  5. I like .leaves.
  6. What is he doing? He’s .




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十、Read and choose. 选择正确的答案。10%
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( ( ( ( (
  1. Lucy is ten. Kate is nine years old. So Lucy is than Kate. A. older B. younger C. fatter )
  2. They like to music. A. listening B. listens C. listen )
  3. You can go to the moon by .
A. car A. stop
B. plane B. wait
C. spaceship C. go
  4. The traffic light is yellow, you may . )
  5. My throat sore, my nose .
( (
( ( (
A. is, hurt B. are, hurts C. is hurts )
  6. When are you going to Hong Kong? I’m going . A. this weekend B. by plane C. yesterday )
  7. The woman is seventy, but she looks so . A. tall B. young C. thin
  8. I like . Because it’s hot, I can eat ice-creams. A. fall B. summer C. spring )
  9. Teacher’s Day is in . A. October B. November C. September )
  10. Where does the rain come from? It comes from the .
A. clouds
B. water
C. sun
十一、Make sentences. 连词成句。10%
  1. go, usually, school, I, to, foot, on (.)
  2. to, are, going, weekend, the, you, what, do, on (?)
  3. look, so, you, excited (.)
  4. birthday, June, her, in, is (?)
  5. writing, grandma, the, study, is, a, in, letter (.) 十二、Read and judge. 阅读判断。10% Today is Saturday. It's fine. My parents and I go to the zoo. First, we come to see the monkeys. Look at those monkeys! Some are playing with each other, some are swinging on the trees, some are making faces, and some are eating bananas. Then we go to see the peacocks(孔雀). How beautiful they are! They have long tails and small mouths. They are all wearing colorful clothes. They look like pretty princesses(公主). They are dancing together happily. At last, we come to see a very big animal. It has a long nose and two big ears. Its ears look like
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two big fans. What is it? Ha-ha, it's an elephant. It's very friendly. My father takes a photo for it. Today, I am very happy because I have seen many lovely animals. I hope people can get along well(与……友好相处) with the animals forever.
  1.I go to the zoo with my dad and mum. ( )
  2. The monkeys are playing, swinging and dancing. ( )
  3. The peacocks are beautiful. ( )
  4. The elephant has a long nose and two big eyes. ( )
  5. We should love animals. ( )
一、Listen and circle. 听音,圈出听到的单词。10%
  2. wait
  3. take
  4. walk
  5. fail
  6. angry
  7. skate
  8. wash
  9. shop
  10.seed 二、Listen and tick. 根据听到的句子,选择正确的图片。10%
  1. How does he feel? He has a toothache. (B)
  2. What are they doing? They’re swinging. (A)
  3. What are you going to do this weekend? I’m going to plant trees. (B)
  4. What’s your hobby? I like playing the piano. (A)
  5. How does your uncle go to Shanghai? He goes there by ship. (B)
  6. Turn right at the second traffic lights. You can see the bank. (B)
  7. My mother teaches math. (B)
  8. I’m going to buy a dictionary this afternoon. (B)
  9. You can see the hospital on the left. (A)
  10. My aunt is a salesperson. (B) 三、Listen and choose. 听问句,选择正确的答句。10%
  1. How heavy are you? (A)
  2. What’s the matter with Mike? (B)
  3. When is the National Day? (A)
  4. Where are you going on your holiday? (A)
  5. What does your mother do? (C) 四、Listen and match. 听短文,连线。10% There are many different places in China. Students in different places do different things on weekends. Let's have a look at these students: Li Ping is in Harbin. Now she is skating with her friends. They often skate on weekends. They can skate very well. Liu Xi is in Yunnan. He is swimming in the river near his home with his classmates. Swimming is his favourite sport. They often swim and play in the river. Wu Yifan is in Hangzhou. He is doing his homework at home. He is a student of Zhongshan Primary School. He is a good student in his class. He studies very well. He has a lot of
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homework every weekend. He has no time to do other things. Wei Wei is in Ningbo. He is doing housework with his mother. They do housework nearly every weekend. Wei Wei's father is very busy with his work. He has no time to look after(照顾) his family. Zheng Jing is in Shanghai. He is watching TV at home with his grandmother. He's laughing and dancing. He wants to have a good rest on weekends. What do you do on the weekend? (连线略)
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